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Den som tar utgangspunkt i gårsdagen
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tilhører raskt fortiden.


Jan Vig’s Résumé


Below you find examples of my work, which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the links.


The work include:

  • The books Practical Enterprise Risk Management http://www.risikoledelse.com  
  • Web sites
  • E-Business
  • CD Rom Production
  • Project Management
  • Internet marketing
  • Internet Marketing Intelligence
  • Other work examples



Portfolio and projects


Interactive Marketing and Internet Marketing Research
Web Development

CD – ROM Development
Project Management
Other Documents


My dissertation submitted in fullfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University June 2000.
The Retailer Business, the E-Customer, their relationship and interactivity

Interactive Marketing and Internet Marketing Research

One to One Marketing
Search Strategy
Situational Analysis One to One Marketing

Interactive Marketing . See the following Screen Shot. The site is not online at the moment.



Web Development


Following are the URLs of some web-sites which I have developed and/or worked on:

Everhard http://www.everhard.com.au/index.asp

1to1 Scandinavia: http://www.1to1.no
Where most of the content and ideas for the Design and navigation has been done by me.

ResourceGuide1to1: http://www.resourceguide1to1.com
A Web site, where all the content and web planning has been created by myself,

to help companies with information about Internet, tips and tricks for going online.

Intelligence1to1 http://www.intelligence.no
A Web Site with more than 7700 links to resources within Business Intelligence, E-Business, Search & Research, Marketing, Knowledge Management, Database Management, Web Development and Risk Management.


CD – ROM Development

I have produced an interactive CV on CD- ROM as a project for Authoring at the Griffith University, Australia. I was responsible for the entire process of production: developing the initial idea, collecting the content, completing the storyboard, putting it all together (using Director 7.0 , Photoshop 5.0 , Adobe Premiere 4.2 and Sound Forge 4.5), testing the final product and printing the CD- ROM.


Further I have developed in a teamwork the following Multimedia production.
Svalbard . Screenshot available below.



Team Project
Allowed 4 to 5 of us to take part, from beginning to end, in the creation of a multimedia production «Nidarosdomen» based on teamwork. Use of Flowchart and Storyboard. We used Scanner, CD «burner», video, moving images, still images, video, interaction and sound. We used Adoboe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director, Animation tools etc.
Screenshot not available at the moment.

Project Management


Project Documentation: Everhard Project Documentation

Other Documents

Personal marketing plan



For more information, please see my Electronic Résumé by clicking on a target one section at a time.




If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at ja-vig@online.no .



Hvis du har noen spørsmål eller ønsker å vite mer om Intelligence Resource kan du bruke kontaktmulighetene nedenfor:


ORG.NR: 977 505 992

Jan Vig
Daglig leder

Kirkeveien 35, NO-1710, SARPSBORG
Mobile : +47 414 43 727
e-mail: ja-vig@online.no
Web: www.slowdown.no ,www.intelligence.no , www.risikoledelse.com

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