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The E-Business, the E-Customer, their Relationship and Interactivity



KunnskapskildenE-Business –
E-Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity


The E-Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity 

Jan Vig 

Dissertation  av Jan Vig om E.Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity  (286 sider) i forbindelse med Masterstudie i Information Technology and Communication Juni 2000.


The E-Retailer Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity

Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction to the study

Chapter Two Business in Cyberspace

Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

Chapter Four E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity

Chapter Five A Successful Case study – Amazon.com

Chapter Six The Future, Critical Success Factors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion




Chapter 3

The E-Retailer Commerce 



Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

3.1 Introduction
3.2 The E-Commerce Opportunities, Barriers and Challenges
3.2.1 SWOT
3.2.2 Opportunities and benefits
3.2.3 Barriers and Treats
3.2.4 Challenges
3.3 E-Retailing
3.3.1 Online Retailing
3.3.2 Requirements and elements for E-Retailer commerce
3.4 Agents, intelligence agents and technology
3.5 The Customer led E-Business
3.6 The E-Retailer site development process and project management
3.6.1 The E-Retailer Web development process
3.6.2 Team and skills
3.7 The E-Retailer and Promotion
3.8 Competitive Intelligence and Market Research on the Internet
3.9 Summary






The E-Retailer has to build a strong customer relationship by providing a well-designed web site, fast and high-quality service, good customer support, and reasonable prices to succeed. The E-Retailer web site has to be interactive. An E-Retailer web site has to be built with the E-Customer in mind and that means it should be user friendly and simple.


To set up an effective E-Retailer business companies need to go through a complete process:

  • Understand the medium, its possibilities and limitation
  • Do business intelligence
  • Do a customer analyse, investigate what the customers want and not want of an
    E-Retailer web site
  • Prepare a strategic internet plan
  • Plan the web site,
  • Build the E-Retailer web site,
  • Make usability test
  • Promote the E-Retailer web site, online and offline
  • Analyse the results
  • Refine and maintain the E-Retailer web site




Today very few retailers are going trough the whole process as needed. The E-Retailer has also to understand that the rules are different in the online world and if they do not try to understand them they will not succeed. A lot of possibilities for acquiring information on the Internet are available and the E-Retailer should make use of all of these possibilities

The retailers should be aware of the often huge and uncertain costs of implementation, lack of proven benefits within the industry, lack of accepted standards, and the current low use of the Internet by customers and suppliers. Additionally, retailers should be aware of and monitor aspects as privacy, legal, taxation, and emerging intellectual property issues that their own E-Businesses are creating. It has to be warned that the cost of E-Commerce should not be underestimated as a lot of E-Commerce companies have experienced.


One of the most important and difficult decisions the E-Retailer has to take is which technology and what kind of combination it should choose. Today it is so many possibilities and the pace of change so fast that a lot of companies have to make sure that they get some good advises before starting. A scalable solution is a necessity otherwise the E-Retailer will have to invest a large sum of money to chose new suppliers.


As a customer-led business the retailer should have its eye on customer data and its emerging role in the company. Retailers who have tapped into the power of their data to create market knowledge, to cut costs and boost profitability, and to improve operational efficiency has a much higher opportunity to succeed in the new digital world.


Building strong, lasting customer relationships is critical to success. In fact, given that customers today have more choice and businesses more competition, building customer trust, loyalty and retention are proving far more important and profitable to the bottom line than attracting new customers. And customer relationship management is the key.


By comparing the different methodologies and advises which are mentioned in the literature the dissertation is coming to the conclusion that certain steps in the process either is undervalued or not integrated in the ‘complete’ process which a retailer need to go through to succeed with his/her E-Business initiative. The dissertation presents a model in 4 phases in the Chapter 6.4 Recommendation.


For the development of an E-Business it is quite interesting to see that the literature is not mentioning the necessity to integrate people with the following skills:

  • Customer relationship managers
  • People with skills in Business Intelligence
  • Online marketer or
  • People with survey experience




That shows the literature is neglecting skills and knowledge in a customer-led world, which is a necessity for developing an effective E-Business for the future.


It is critical for the E-Retailer both to be aware of all the opportunities and the treats described in Appendix 4 and efficiently make use of all the tools available. One of the most important things for the retailers is to do business intelligence before they think about how to build an E-Business. It is crucial to understand what is going on in the digital world. This point is unfortunately not stating strong enough in the literature. And most of the retailers are also doing a poor job here before they are starting going online.



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