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Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 10

Business Objectives and Strategies 


Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

10.1 Focus on the Market Place

10.2 One to One’s Objectives

10.2.1 General

10.2.2. One to One’s Strategic Internet Marketing objective

10.3 One to One Marketing’s Business Strategy

10.3.1 New Customer Values

10.3.2 One to One Marketing should ask the right questions

10.3.3 One to One Marketing’s customer needs should drive One to One Marketing’s business positioning and inter linking.

10.3.4 One to One Marketing’s strategic questions should be.

10.3.5 Appropriate One to One Marketing Internet strategic objectives

10.3.6 What’s in it for One to One Marketing’s customer?

10.3.7 The essential steps for One to One Marketing’s Internet strategy

10.4 Different articles to strategy

10.4.1 Lead Generation in Today’s «New Media» Environment

10.4.2 Webtomorrow.com

10.4.3 Nettgain.com

10.4.4 Simbanet

10.4.5 Different ones




One to One’s Objectives


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



10.2.1  General

The objectives of One to One’s Internet marketing strategy are based on simplicity, customer orientation.

Further on profitable goals, sales targets total sales and sales per enterprise customer, market share targets and service positioning.


First of all One to One has to be aware of the difference between objectives, strategies and tactics.


  • What is an objective? A goal One to One would like to accomplish with One to One’s Internet marketing plan


  • What is a stategy? An opproach to achieving One to One’s Internet marketing goals


  • What are tactics? Actions One to One will take during One to One’s Internet marketing program implementation.
 Electronic commerce – general – One to One will experience

  • that increased accessibility will help the user (customer) to find exactly the information they seek for , exactly when they want where in the world the information will be at the moment.
  • the customers will get direct accesses to the person or company who has a product or service to offer.
  • The customers expect a personal gain because much of the job will move from the person or company who is offering this product/service to the customer.
 One to One has to ask the following questions?


  • What does going online mean ?
    For One to One this should mean developing a presence on the World Wide Web in the form of an interactive Web site.
    It will serve as a Forum for people who has interest in One to One
    It will serves as a tool for marketing products and services from One to One companies
    It will serve as a sales tool
    It will serve to develop a community
  • Why should One to One go online?
    To reach new customers
  • It is a medium that will work for One to One, not against
    To market One to One services and products
    It’s a need for a One to One community online
  • How do One to One go online?
    One to One has to have a detailed list of services and products One to One need to provide on its Web site.
 One to One’s keys to success


One to One’s key to success is to understand and accept the following points:

  • Appreciate the new paradigms in online marketing and advertising (space, time, image creation, communication direction, interactivity and call to action)
  • Mass market is over – customization is in
  • Build relationships one at a time
  • Appreciate the long-term value of the customer
  • Advertising must be interactive
  • Providing reams of information, not persuasion
  • Create interactive dialogue.
  • Contribute to the community
  • Free products will generate interest
  • Adjust to the compression and distortion of time


For One to One the Internet is not about technology, it is about One to One’s customers.

One to One’s strategic Internet goal is delivering more value to the customer. Strategic Questions


In developing strategic Internet objectives One to One should try to avoid the following questions as they are the wrong questions to ask:

  • How much money can the One to One Industry make with the Internet?
  • Are One to One’s competitors making money with the Internet?



Instead One to One should ask the following strategic questions:

  • What innovative products and services can One to One offer?
  • Can One to One develop a more complete customer solution?
  • Who are the right inter linking business partners?
  • What relevant competence can One to One leverage for One to One’s Internet-based customers?
  • How can One to One exploit One to One’s current channels?




The reason that One to One shouldn’t focus on asking or understanding if One to One’s competitors are making money with the Internet is that this assumes that :

  • One to One know who the new Internet competitors are and will be
  • One to One can determine whether or not they are making money with their strategy
  • One to One’s competitors’ strategies are based purely on a public presence, not a more private environment and
  • One to One’s competitors know what they are doing with the Internet 


It is clear that the above mentioned points have relevance to One to One’s goals. But simply to ask this questions without focusing on One to One’s customers, understanding the qualitative reason for One to One’s case, and revisiting One to One’s strategic objectives is an ineffective approach to One to One’s marketing strategy.

One to One’s team goal has to shift from determining the number of customers on the Internet to anticipating customer expectations, preparing One to One’s organization to better respond to these expectations, and getting One to One’s potential customers online.

One to One’s strategic focus should be on specific customer values, obtained through analysis of One to One’s customer’s habits, buying decisions and feedback. The focus should not be on the specific numbers of customers on the Internet. The feedback and recommendation should One to One get through e-mail and newsgroups and surveys. One to One’s customer needs


One to One’s customer needs should drive One to One’s business positioning and inter linking.

Before One to One establishing links, One to One should ask the following questions:

  • What business should One to One link with, and how should the links be structured?
  • Will inter linking address the customer’s changing values?
  • What needs to be done to One to One design in order to recognize and respond to these changes?
  • What value does One to One provide; how well situated is it to provide more complete customer solutions?
  • What compelling business functionality will One to One provide on the site?
  • Should One to One charge the inter linking partners for each customer forwarded to its site or should the link be a valued-added service provided to their customers?



Closeness is important for One to One. By knowing One to One’s customer’s business better allow One to One to create effective new products and services, foster a productive work environment, and make One to One attractive to One to One’s customers, employees, and potential business partners.

One to One should not focus on competitors, but focus on One to One’s own strategy.

One to One’s goal is to focus on anticipating customer expectations, preparing One to One’s organization to better respond to these expectations, and getting One to One’s customer online.

Today the average American works 160 hours more per year than in 1985. As people spend more time at work, one of their priorities becomes convenience.



10.2.2. One to One’s Strategic Internet Marketing objective General Objectives

  • One to One should be first and being unique by developing its own niche, regardless of the competition
  • One to One should establish a reputation for good customer service
  • One to One should pay attention to the market and learn to adapt appropriately.
 Specific Objectives Customer intimacy

Customer closeness or intimacy is independent of the Internet for One to One. It refers to One to One’s ability to be closer to customers in the sense of understanding and therefore anticipating their needs, interests, and expectations. One to One’s value proposition is build around One to One’s understanding of customers; therefore, getting closer to them increases the success of One to One’s proposition
Customer closeness can be enhanced or completed through the innovative use of Internet capabilities.

Customer closeness can build loyalty and brand equity as well.

The Internet can be used to get closer with all members of One to One’s organization: customer, business partners, and even employees.

One to One can get more direct customer feedback through reader respond card or e-mail. Mass customization and virtual products

With the Internet technologies, One to One can leverage the concept of mass customization. Mass customization, personalization and virtual products are those products that generate information tailored to individual customers. One to One should want to create personalized messages to reflect new products, services of particular interest to the customer. In this way, One to One can use the Internet to extend their relationship with customers. Making it easy for others to do business with One to One

One to One goal is making it easy for customers and partners to do business with One to One’s organization. Quick delivery and respons. Attracting new customers and partners with wider market  reach

One to One can use the Internet to reach wider customer base, as well as to target niche customer groups. Because the size of the overall market is so large, the niche size is often significant. Getting more from less: Increasing return on assets and individuals

Communications, distributions, rent, advertising, marketing, customer support, and sales all represent major business expenses. The Internet, however, provides an alternative to the traditional channels of performing these functions while significantly reducing expenses for One to One. Reducing time to market

The Internet allows One to One to come quickly to market. Customer acquisition and loyalty

One purpose in developing an innovative One to One Web site is as soon as possible get the target group familiar with the services One to One provide and has that customer incorporate, the better is One to One’s chances for keeping that customer. Once the customer has been acquired, the goal migrates to achieving his loyalty.
Beyond innovation, loyalty increases when customers’ needs, concerns, and preferences are integrated directly into the product planning process. Revenue-generating opportunities

One to One could see that for some segments of the population, trends seem to indicate that the Internet will be a preferred channel of distribution, one with attractive revenue-generating opportunities. Indications show that Internet users are more likely to actually buy a fund than those who call in by phone. Web strategies

Below are several web strategies mentioned, which are actual for One to One:




For One to One it is important to choose the best of these strategies, but first One to One has to think about why potential customers might come in for a visit.



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