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1.2 Statement of the problem


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The E-Business, the E-Customer, their Relationship and Interactivity



KunnskapskildenE-Business –
E-Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity


The E-Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity 

Jan Vig


Dissertation  av Jan Vig om E.Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity  (286 sider) i forbindelse med Masterstudie i Information Technology and Communication Juni 2000.


The E-Retailer Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity

Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction to the study

Chapter Two Business in Cyberspace

Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

Chapter Four E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity

Chapter Five A Successful Case study – Amazon.com

Chapter Six The Future, Critical Success Factors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion




Chapter 1

Introduction to the study 


Chapter One Introduction to the study

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Statement of the problem
1.3 Significance of the problem
1.4 Definitions
1.5 Overview of the dissertation


Statement of the problem 


Today’s retail companies that are online have mostly a management and product oriented approach to their customers, instead of a customer focused E-Business approach where the emphasis is on service and support.  What this has meant is that web sites have been developed with the retailing of the product as the focus instead of ensuring that the customer remains loyal and a business relationship is developed.  Developers of E-Retail sites have not fully understood what compels Internet consumers to go online and at the same time master the new business models made possible by the Internet.

The fundamental objective of this guide, therefore, is to discuss and evaluate the current E-retailer business concept and development and examine how these concepts have to be developed in order to meet the needs and demands of the new E-Customers. Associated with this is the identification of the critical success factors and effective strategies that must be developed by E-Retailers in the new digital world of the E-Customer. The aim is to develop a practical guide for retailers, who want to build and develop an E-Business, showing how electronic commerce will evolve in the future and the impact it will have. The guide also suggests a practical and complete E-Retailer commerce development process in ten steps. In this way the E-Retailer as client and the development team is helped to build an E-Customer focused E-Business.


This guide is also focused on the following questions:

  • What are the requirements of the E-Customer?
  • What is the impact of E-Commerce?
  • What implications will this have for innovation?
  • How will the E-Retailer commerce web site development process be affected and influenced through an E-customer oriented approach?
  • What are the lessons learned and success factors of an E-Retailer customer-led web site?
  • What are the future trends concerning E-Retailing, E-Customers and technology?



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