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About.com – Human Resources
Link to HR resources for companies of any size. Find federal regulations, tips, how-to guides, and trends. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

Hodes.com http://www.findly.com/
Some useful links and info for the HR professional.This site is from Bernard Hodes Advertising who developed Career Mosaic. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

HR hub.com
Community for human-resource professionals details employee relations, health and safety, and information technology. – (Added: 11.04.2014)

HR Hub.com – Buyer’s Guide  http://www.hrhub.com/
Find benefits, HR development, outplacement, and labor relations companies and request a quote. Browse the human resources directory at this HR-industry marketplace. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

HR Online
A popular and developing page which presents the services of a good range of HR consultants.Some 90% is offered free. – (Added: 11.04.2002 )

HR Resources – BrassRing
Discusses common human resources policy issues such as workplace diversity, hiring, recruiting, and retention. Also read about employment law basics. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

HR.com is the largest web destination in North America for HR experts, advice, resources, products and services. – (Added: 11.04.2002 )

An extensive set of websites,HR-Guide provides links to websites of interest to Human Resources professionals and students. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

HRIM Mall Resources
Your Internet Portal to Human Resources. – (Added: 13.04.2002 )

A UK portal for HR matters. – (Added: 13.04.2002 )

HRNext.com is designed as a homepage for HR professionals offering HR news, discussion forums, job listings, consultant and product directories, and general resources such as Web-based email, search, world news, stocks, weather and more. All services are free and there is no registration required. – (Added: 13.04.2002 )

HRWORLD is an information service for human resource management.It includes a buyer’s guide,job opportunities,productivity and technology issues,links to other HR sites and more. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

The Human Resource Professional’s Gateway to the Internet
An attractively presented and growing set of US HR links by E.Wilson. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

Yahoo Human Resource
Yahoo Human Resources. – (Added: 11.04.2002 )




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