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100 Largest IT Companies
(Added: 28.05.2002 )

123Link Global Directory
123Link Global Directory is an international business directory, which is searchable by industrial divisions, category name and business names. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

1997 NAICS and 1987 SIC Correspondence Table – US Census
1997 NAICS and 1987 SIC Correspondence Table – US Census. Search the Standard Industrial Classification and review search terms and look up specific data. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

BUBL 5:15 Countries and Continents

Countries and Continents. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

BUBL 5:15 Updates.
Updates. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

BUBL 5:15 World Area Studies
World Area Studies. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

Business 2.0
Ecommerce-business directory targeted for hi-tech executives offers info on advertising, finance and market research, as well as general news. – (Added: 01.11.2002 )

Business culture, customs and etiquette
Very useful advices on international business culture and protocol. Tips on negotiating tactics. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Business Resource Directory
Business Resource Directory. Find B2B segmented news, industry profiles, and site resources for such industries as marketing, finance, software, and information technology. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

BusinessWorld. ompilation of business links covers finance, technology, industry, transportation, and shopping resources. Search the list by subject category. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Company Locator
Company Locator.Service allows users to locate a corporate web site or get contact details. Search by name or industry, and add a company to the listing. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Concept Marketing Group – The Directory of Associations
Concept Marketing Group – The Directory of Associations. Database of over 30,000 business, trade, and non-profit associations. All entries are searchable and downloadable. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Corporate Information
An excellent starting point to find companies and corporate information from around the world. Organized by country, this site offers links to corporate directories and other useful information. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Countries Information (Yahoo)
Select individual countries and then choose link to «Business». – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Country Studies: Area Handbooks Program
Political, economic, historical and social information on 85 countries in the world – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Ernst & Young
Doing business international. – (Added: 03.07.2014 )

Financial Times Directories
Financial Times Directories offers global business directories covering the areas of finance, insurance, mining, and energy. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Financial Times Surveys
Very useful country and industry surveys. The Financial Times publishes about 200 surveys each year. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Foreign Government Resources on the Web
Anthems, flags, history, politics and statistics on foreign countries. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Foreign Product Trade Directories
Foreign Product Trade Directories. Access trade directories to import and export leads from Hong Kong, Mexico and the Philippines. Other country sources are also available on disk. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Gary Price’s List of Lists
Gary Price’s List of Lists is designed as a clearinghouse of people, organizations and companies. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Global Business Centre

Provides an impressive array of links to directories and other business resources throughout the world. Organized by language and subject matter. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

Global Information Network
Global Information Network. Directory of global business and international trade offers a searchable database of regional profiles and references. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

Hoover’s Online

Hoover’s Online. Get company and industry profiles and capsules, read the latest business news, and check share prices or job listings. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )


IndustryLink provides links to many corporations in industries including manufacturing, science, technology, and construction. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )


A database managed by the UN that contains geographical, economic and population information and social indicators on over 185 countries around the world. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

International Business
Links to international banks, law firms, consultants, stock markets, real estate, and import/export web sites for over 80 countries. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

International Business Resources
Follow links to:International trade shows; region or country specific information. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

International Business Resources on the WWW
An international directory maintained by the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research, consisting of annotated links to global business resources on the Web. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

International Federation of Stock Exchanges
Links to stock exchanges plus a myriad of statistical, market and financial information, including contacts (by country). – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

International Organizations via Berkeley
Web links to numerous international organizations. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

International Trade Law Monitor
Searchable directory to international trade and law-related resources, including a subject index and links to web sites. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )
Developed by Oxford Analytica, this free site includes links to news sources and major policy organizations, organized by country and topic. Also includes links to major global statistical sources. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

ISI Emerging Markets
Database of full-text news, financial and economic statistics, and country and company information for emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe. Flat-fee subscriptions to this database are individually negotiated. – (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Key International Resources
Includes links to the international business research sites recommended by the librarians, particularly for the «Global Perspectives» course. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

Kidon Media-Link
A gateway to newspapers, magazines, television, radio and news agencies around the world. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Largest Executive Search Firms
(Added: 28.06.2014 )

Looksmart Company Directories by Country and Region
Company Directories by Country and Region. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

Looksmart Yellow Pages
Looksmart Yellow Pages.Find businesses in electronic yellow pages and directories worldwide. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

Market Access and Compliance
U.S. Department of Commerce site, formerly GEMS. Reports and publications on market developments, trade agreements, business opportunities. Lists of trade events – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Marketing and International Business Links  (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research
Searchable reference of international business sites. – (Added: 03.07.2014 )

Philadelphia University
Everything International. – (Added: 03.07.2014 )

Portals to the World
Well-organized links to collections of country-related sites — culture, embassies, government, history, and so on — maintained by the Library of Congress. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

Pricewaterhouse Coopers
International Briefings. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

Purdue University Libraries
The Online Resource for foreign Embassies. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

Rutgers University Libraries
Resources for International Business. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

The 2000 Forbes International 800
(Added: 03.07.2014 )

The Electronic Embassy
(Added: 03.07.2014 )

The Embassy Web
(Added: 03.07.2014 )

The Internationalist
An extensive source for everything involved with international business, including financial services, government offices, stock markets, legal resources and more. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

The World Bank Public Information Center
WorldBank publications, operational documents, International Finance Corporation documents, and more. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Thomas Regional
Thomas Regional. Searchable database of 480,000 industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service companies is indexed with more than 5,000 categories. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Top 1000 Global Manufacturers
(Added: 31.10.2014 )


Top 25 International Accounting Networks
(Added: 31.10.2014 )

Top Consulting Firms
(Added: 31.10.2014 )

Trade Easy
Trade Easy offers sourcing information from 56 countries worldwide to buyers and manufacturers. Search by keyword or product category. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

U.S. Census Bureau
Current Industrial Reports. – (Added: 03.07.2014 )

U.S. Census Bureau
American FactFinder—Industry Quick Reports. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

U.S. Chamber of Commerce International Division
Chambers of commerce. – (Added: 04.07.2014 )

Virtual International Business & Economic Sources. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

Websters Online
Websters Online. Search for a business by product, city, state and country. Or find an industry directory sorted by Standard Industrial Classification codes. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

World Access Network Directory
World Access Network Directory (WAND) allows users to locate company profiles or specific products and services from around the globe. Site is configured for multiple languages. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

World Bank
Current news available in several languages, country and region information, international business resources, and more. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

World Factbook
An alphabetical collection of country data containing maps. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

World Rulers
This site provides the names of the past and present Heads of State of the world and also their Chief of Government. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

World Stock Exchanges
Links to over 140 Stock exchanges in the world. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

World Trade Centers

World’s Best-Managed Companies
(Added: 28.05.2014 )

World’s Largest Steel Producers
(Added: 28.05.2014 )

World’s Top 50 Transnational Corporations International Business Directory International Business Directory includes 40 million companies, covering 200 countries and 3000 business headings. Try out a free trial and subscribe to search for companies worldwide. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

Worldbox Business Information Division
Worldbox Business Information Division offers an online database of business and marketing intelligence as well as credit information on European and other companies. Peruse the free financial reports. – (Added: 31.10.2014 )

Worldclass. Check out a guide to top global business sites, with 600 links to 70 countries. Business news and featured sites are updated each day. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

Worldclass Supersite
500 top business sites from 60 countries – (Added: 28.05.2002 ) Find a Web site, an email address or a phone number from more than 60 yellow and white page directories in over 35 countries, focusing primarily on the USA and Canada. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )

Source for worldwide news, information, products, and services. Includes separate portals for 220 countries with links to news sources, government agencies, travel and tourism, and cultural information. – (Added: 30.06.2002 )

Worldwide Business Club
Worldwide Business Club aims to create a network of importers, exporters, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and traders. Offers services in eight languages. – (Added: 31.10.2002 )


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