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Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 10

Business Objectives and Strategies 


Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

10.1 Focus on the Market Place

10.2 One to One’s Objectives

10.2.1 General

10.2.2. One to One’s Strategic Internet Marketing objective

10.3 One to One Marketing’s Business Strategy

10.3.1 New Customer Values

10.3.2 One to One Marketing should ask the right questions

10.3.3 One to One Marketing’s customer needs should drive One to One Marketing’s business positioning and inter linking.

10.3.4 One to One Marketing’s strategic questions should be.

10.3.5 Appropriate One to One Marketing Internet strategic objectives

10.3.6 What’s in it for One to One Marketing’s customer?

10.3.7 The essential steps for One to One Marketing’s Internet strategy

10.4 Different articles to strategy

10.4.1 Lead Generation in Today’s «New Media» Environment

10.4.2 Webtomorrow.com

10.4.3 Nettgain.com

10.4.4 Simbanet

10.4.5 Different ones




Different Articles to Strategy


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000


10.4.1 Lead Generation in Today’s «New Media» Environment


By Cliff Allen, President, GuestTrack, Inc. Introduction

Your success in a competitive industry requires market superiority, and market superiority requires carefully planned, budgeted and implemented marketing program. Since all marketing activities are connected, your marketing dollars work most effectively when marketing strategies are coordinated to establish a desirable image of your company, produce high quality leads, and support your sales staff in closing sales.


It will be the companies that target industry leadership positions that will be the winners in tomorrow’s competitive marketplace.


To accomplish this, it is strategically necessary to position your line of products properly so prospects can distinguish your brand from competitors’ products. First identify the features prospects use to differentiate your product from other products and promote the benefits your customers will receive. In other words, learn how prospects gather and process information about your line of products.


Whether it’s a Web site, a direct mail campaign, or a corporate brochure, serious prospects read every piece of information you provide. That’s why it’s important for all of your material to grab attention, tell your story well, and present a consistent graphic image. Your material should reflect your corporate stability and direction, your superiority in the field, and always illustrate how your product benefits the customer. Public Relations

Building and maintaining productive relations with the variety of key publics that have an interest in your company and products is the essence of effective public relations. By educating the media on how your products are significantly different from others, you can obtain effective news coverage in the trade and general business press read by potential customers.


With the acceptance of e-mail and the Web, contacting the right editors – at the right publications – has become more challenging. The key to having a successful public relations program is having professionals on your team who understand your products and know who to contact. This doesn’t mean you must hire an expensive outside public relations firm, but sometimes those firms are worth the cost. Of course, sometimes your in-house marketing staff has experienced PR people, or you may need to hire a small, specialized firm that focuses on your area (e.g., engineering, Web commerce, software, etc.). One-to-One Web Marketing

We’ve all seen those static Web sites that just sit there and leave us cold. I’m not talking about Web sites that need animations – those are usually counterproductive.


The hottest trends in Web marketing today are the use of basic database technology to deliver customized Web pages, and the use of personalization systems to deliver a true one-to-one experience for the Web audience. While writing our book Internet World Guide to One-to-One Web Marketing, we were surprised at how many existing Web technologies could be used to build a tighter relationship with prospects, and encouraging them to return – any make a purchase!


The other hot trend in Web marketing is the addition of commerce features that allow the prospect to make a purchase while online, without having to call an 800 number or call their sales representative.


Adding these functions to your Web site, as well as implementing high-value customer service functions, can increase the number of leads generated, while reducing overall sales and marketing costs. Advertising

Advertising is an essential ingredient in gaining and maintaining leadership in the minds of prospects and in generating a steady supply of quality leads for salespeople. In order to achieve these goals, it is important that your advertising be properly designed and coordinated with all other marketing activities.


The three key aspects of advertising include the sales message, creative design, and effective media selection. These elements, when applied appropriately, will deliver a significant return on the advertising dollar by attracting serious prospects and help develop them into customers.


You have probably noticed that practically every television commercial and every print ad now has the URL of the advertiser. Unfortunately, most of these URLs point the prospect at the home page, where they have to figure out for themselves how to find the product they saw advertised, how to make an inquiry, etc.


Help your prospects by providing a unique URL that is tied to the message in the ad. This not only helps your prospects, but it gives you an easy way to measure the effectiveness of each ad. Direct Mail

Direct mail support is essential to support all other marketing communications programs. The literature used in direct mail differs from other sales literature in the physical format, writing style, and message theme. The typical use of direct mail literature is to generate quality leads by raising awareness and causing potential prospects to investigate your product. The most important part of this process is an effective qualification process which identifies people who have a genuine interest in your product. The critical part of this sales process is effective self-qualification by prospects. Telemarketing

Using telemarketing techniques to sell complex products or to qualify prospects requires a shift in focus from traditional sales practices, and it used to be a productive use of salespeople’s time, but the practice at most companies of using voicemail has made telemarketing less beneficial than it once was. If you are going to use telemarketing, then one essential tool in implementing an effective telemarketing program is a computerized lead tracking system. A good lead tracking system will schedule telephone call-backs, keep notes of conversations and meetings, and automate much of the administrative work that supplies information and literature to prospects – and qualified leads to salespeople. Marketing for Success

It is important to develop and continually refine a 12-month plan that meets your specific marketing needs and budget. Your marketing activities should help position your company as a rising market leader with a strong, realistic vision of value for prospects and customers.


10.4.2 Webtomorrow.com


Is one-to-one marketing part of your Web strategy? Well, maybe it should be.

What is one-to-one marketing?

Imagine this – You walk into the grocery store and there is a neat  little stack of products waiting exclusively for you on a separate  table. You take a closer look. Most of these products are exactly what you are looking for. You grab the products you were looking for and put  them in your shopping cart. You also pick up a couple of new products  (suggested by the store), put these in your shopping cart, then checkout. Total shopping time – 3 minutes.


The basic principle of one-to-one marketing is that the business «knows» each customer’s tastes and can customize each customer’s visit for  him/her.


Decades ago, one-to-one marketing worked well in small towns when the  shoe store owner called you immediately when he had a new shoe that he  just «knew» that you wanted. This nostalgic version of one-to-one  marketing has given way to the Walmarts who now serve thousands of  faceless customers. But faceless customer service has gotten worse with  the Web. Today, your Website can serve potentially millions of faceless  customers. Don’t let it happen.


The Trend Toward Customization

Customization is a growing Web trend. A recent Forrester Research report  stated, «As the general content of the Web gets broader, individuals  will cease aimless surfing activity and gravitate toward sites that  deliver products and services customized to their needs.» As the WWW  grows, surfers will do less aimless surfing and more portal surfing.  That is, surfers will be more inclined to go to a few select sites for their Web needs. By personalizing your visitor’s experience, you can  take advantage of this early trend. You can start by tailoring your  site’s content to an individual visitor’s preference and user profile.


Examples of Web One-to-one Marketing that Work

Peapod, the online grocery, knows your favorite brands of frequent  purchases. Pointcast knows how to personalize your screen saver. Amazon knows your reading taste and suggests new books that meet your tastes.


Should you attempt One-to-one Marketing?

  1. Yes, if you are trying to sell online (ecommerce).
  2. Yes, if you can identify your customers and differentiate them.
  3. Yes, if your customers repeat their buying habits.
  4. Yes, if you can find out specific information your customers leave
  5. behind during a visit to your Website – click stream, length of stay on
  6. specific pages, email addresses, country, etc.
  7. Yes, if you can customize each customer’s experience at your Website
  8. for future visits.

10.4.3 Nettgain.com


One to One marketing Why should I get excited over One to One Marketing?

Who are our best customers?


Questions you should be asking.

  1. Which customers are your most valuable ones?
  2. Which ones will give you more business by referring others to you?
  3. Which of your current customers are not worth catering to at all?
  4. Which prospects would you like to turn into customers?
  5. Who do you consider to be real prospects?



These questions are so basic that you would think every marketeer would already have conducted the research, and commited the time and energy necessary to answer them. But most companies can not really answer these questions at all. This is simply not the way current marketeers function.


One to One database marketing is not new, but very few companies have so far got it right. To get to grips with One to One, marketeers need to understand the logic of customers behaviour and build a dialogue with them


  • Profile your customer
  • Organizise content/product accordingly
  • Satisfy their need
  • Facilitate the transaction
  • Develop a dialogue on level of satisfaction




10.4.4 Simbanet


Internet Television: Opportunities & Strategies For Reaching The Mass Market Why did Microsoft invest $425 million in Web TV? Why did it invest another $1 billion in the owners of @Home? Because nearly 99% of American homes have televisions, compared to less than 40% that have PCs. Internet Television: Opportunities & Strategies for Reaching the Mass Market is the authoritative research study on this explosive new medium….. The Electronic Marketplace 2003: Strategies


Connecting Buyers & Sellers The Electronic Marketplace 2003 provides you with everything you need to understand and profit in the dynamic electronic marketplace. In the pages of this study, you will learn how marketers in various segments are utilizing interactive media to reach a new generation of consumers and their prospects for success with Simba’s exclusive forecasts through the year 2003…


10.4.5  Different ones

«Profiling Web Businesses» provides some interesting findings. http://www.webcmo.com/report/uap/Profil.htm




Business & Technology Strategies for Winning Customer Loyalty


E-Business Strategies and Solutions


Creating Tomorrow’s Business Models Today

Click and Model Approaches to Using Click-Stream Data to Model Customer and E-Business Information

Lynne Harvey September 16, 1999 Click-stream data are the mainstay of most Web-based analytic applications and agents. In this week’s Pulse we’ll explore how Web-based analysis tools use click-stream data to build predictive models.



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