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This site provides a guide to 360 degree feedback complete with articles and useful links. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Center for Human Resource Management Studies (CHRMS)
Partnership between education, industry, and the community, committed to the development of knowledge and leadership in the management of human resources. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Classified Employee Guide (UT-Houston)
Useful guide to the contents of such employee handbooks. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Corporate HR Technologies
Australian website from Corporate HR Technologies providing valuable information and links. – (Added: 13.04.2002 )

Creighton University Staff Handbook
Extensive coverage of HR procedures can be found here. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

CUPA’s HR Links
Well presented,useful mega-list of HR sites. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Good Performance
This web site has been established to be a resource center for managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals. – (Added: 13.04.2002 )

HR Bookmark – Recruiter Bookmark
Designed to help employers create and post single job listings to multiple employment sites. With product and partner info and newsletter – (Added: 11.04.2002 )

HR Web from McMasters University- Canada
Attractively presented and valuable set of links. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

Guide to HR, HRIS, HRIM, human resources, payroll, benefits, compensation, employment, recruiting, EEO/AA, time, reporting, workflow, organization, research, consultants, jobs, associations, relocation. – (Added: 11.04.2014)

Access a comprehensive directory of HR tools and resources. Use the library to research job descriptions, state laws, and policies. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Human Resource Manual for SPA Employees
An extensive manual from the University of North Carolina. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Internet Guide to Human Resource Management
Internet Guide to Human Resource Management – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

MSU-Bozeman’s Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual
This electronic version of MSU-Bozeman’s Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual was created to provide an easily accessible online reference which can be updated when policies chang – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Personnel & Development Network (PDN)
Directory Human Resource. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

Salary and Compensation Resources
Resources for HR professionals and employees, such as guides to salary and compensation, employee benefits, wage policy, and stock options. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

Staff Handbook-University of Dundee
Extensive coverage from a Scottish university. – (Added: 13.04.2014 )

The Federation of European Employers (FedEE)
News and information for human resources professionals with operations in Europe. Topics include employment law, pay and benefits, industrial relations and EC directives. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )

Workforce Tools
Resources for HR professionals and personnel, featuring a variety of products and services for human resource training and recruitment. – (Added: 11.04.2014)

A valuable site,with well organised and annotated links,brought to you by Cornell University and Human Resource Executive magazine. – (Added: 11.04.2014 )


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