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Home / Search & Research / Virtual Libraries / – Large collection of topical collections gathered by company-certified subject specialists. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Academic Info
Academic Info – Gateway to college and research level Internet resources maintained by former librarian Mike Madin and a volunteer group of subject specialists – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

AnswerPoint – Locally, the Central Rappahannock Regional Library has a virtual library as well, entitled. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Argus Clearinghouse
Argus Clearinghouse – Rated guides to high-quality subject collections on the Internet – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Best Information on the Net
These resources have been chosen by librarians at O’Keefe Library, st.Ambrose University. – (Added: 10.07.2002 ) – Free guide to books, periodicals, web and their encyclopedia. This encyclopedia is perhaps the best. Search from their search page.classified, rated and reviewed Internet sites from the Encyclopedia Britannica. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

BUBL – Bulletin Board for Libraries An academic-oriented subject directory .UK funded project of selective resources from the University of Strathclyde Library in Glasgow, Scotland. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Direct Search
Direct Search Gary Price – Links to catalogs and other searchable databases that are available free on the Internet. Includes federal, state and city and ready reference sites. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Education Resources. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

Electric Library
Electric Library – An online research library with access to magazines, newspapers, journals, and other periodicals, in addition to newswires, books, movie, and software reviews and a complete a complete encyclopedia and dictionary. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Science & Technology solutions for the global energy industry. – (Added: 24.05.2014)

FindIts – Locate Internet sites as well as books, journal articles and specialised informationon your subject. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Hardin MD
Directory of Internet Health Sources. – (Added: 23.05.2014 )

Infomine – Large collection of scholarly Internet resources collectively maintained by libraries of the University of CaliforniaLinks to over 14,000 scholarly resources on the Internet from University of California, Riverside Library. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

InfoSurf – Academic subject resources from the University of California at Santa Barbara – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Internet Public Library’s Reference Center
Internet Public Library’s Reference Center – Links to many Internet sources. You can send an e-mail to ask a reference question. – (Added: 23.12.2014)

Internet Scout Project
Internet Scout Project – More oriented toward academia, covers resources in business and economics, social sciences, and science and engineering. is one of the oldest and most highly regarded e-newsletters introducing internet resources. Residing at the University of Wisconsin, the Scout Report describes research, education & topical sites. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Internet Subject Directories – A more complete list of commercial directories may be found on this page.Interesting and useful Internet sites from the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
Librarians’ Index to the Internet – A subject page created by librarians that aims only to link to the very best Web sites. carefully chosen, organized, and annotated directory – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Librarians’ Resource Centre
Librarians’ Resource Centre – This is a selective collection of resources compiled to facilitate our informational research and retrieval. – (Added: 23.12.2014)

Library of Concress
Library of Concress – America’s national library online, compelete with online collections, texts of many of the Library’s publications, and access to bibliographic catalogs and legislative information (THOMAS) – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

LibrarySpot – The information spot of the best library and reference sites on the Web, a gateway to more than 2.500 libraries around the world – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Martindale’s The Reference Desk
Martindale’s The Reference Desk – Links to many interesting and useful sites. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

My Virtual Reference Desk
My Virtual Reference Desk – A family-oriented collection of online reference materials – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

National Libraries of the World
National Libraries of the World – Links to individual countries’ national and major libraries. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

PINAKES, A Subject Launchpad
PINAKES – Links to major meta-sites in topical areas; sites include AHDS (arts and humanities), Biz/ed, SciCentral, SOSIG (social sciences) and many more – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Reference Collection – Links to useful and interesting sites from University at Albany Libraries. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Research Resources A-Z – Links to many interesting and useful sites from University of California, Irvine Libraries – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

Resource Discovery Network
Resource Discovery Network – Searchable interface to major meta-sites in academic disciplines – (Added: 21.11.2002 )

Scout Select Bookmarks
Scout – Collection of meta-sites in several subject areas – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Subject Guides A to Z – Extensive collection of subject pages from the University of Delaware Library. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

The Internet Public Library
Internet Public Library – Large, selective collection from the University of Michigan. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)
MEL offers reference section and a well organized set of subject links. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )

The Scout Report Archives
Scout Report Archives – Searchable database of 10,000+ critical summaries of Internet resources for the academic and research community included in the Scout Reports – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

The Virtual Reference Desk
Virtual Reference Desk – Links to useful and interesting sites from Purdue University Libraries. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

The WWW Virtual Library
WWW Virtual Library – Each subject category is maintained by an expert editor . highly respected guides to many disciplines sponsored by the W3 Consortium – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

WebCats – Major list of library catalogs available on the Web – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

WWW Virtual Reference Sites
WWW Virtual Reference Sites – Links to over 2,500 useful and interesting sites. – (Added: 23.12.2001 )

It provides a gateway to more than 50 reference works. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )


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