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Association of Web Professionals
Dedicated to enhancing the value and credibility of Web professionals through on-going development and communication of standards, a code of ethics and professional growth. Offers networking opportunities and AWP certification exams. – (Added: 10.02.2002 )

Developer Directory
Our Spotlight offers a great place to get a quick look at Web Host advertisers who have been given the opportunity to provide you with a description of their best features. Each Spotlight category has been created to highlight different Web Host strengths to make it easier for you to find a Web Host who may be right for you. – (Added: 12.02.2014 )

International Alliance of Web Developers
Dedicated to the global, economic, professional and creative advancement of the Web. Membership benefits include a professional certification program, access to industry reports, online seminars, and networking opportunities. – (Added: 16.02.2014 )

International Association of Web Masters and Designers
A worldwide association of students and professionals in all Internet-related fields. Promotes growth through polling, informational networking, and other activities. Presenter of the Golden Web Award. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

International Webmasters Association
A global network of official chapters dedicated to supporting the needs of its members. Educational, self-development, idea sharing, and professional contact development. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

International Webmasters Association
A global network of official chapters dedicated to supporting the needs of its members. Educational, self-development, idea sharing, and professional contact development. – (Added: 16.02.2014 )

Center for free high quality webmaster tools and search engines. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

Link Checkers
The Informed Webmaster’s Choice. – (Added: 12.02.2014 )

Metaplus.com – The Ultimate Web Resource. Directory and Portal. – (Added: 23.12.2014)

Moreover – One for webmasters – they offer a vast range of free newsfeeds for your site or application, which can be customised to blend in to your design, with no adverts. – (Added: 16.11.2014 )

Project Cool
You’ll find a great search engine here. – (Added: 10.02.2002 )

Reallybig Web Builder Network
Ressources for Web Master. – (Added: 09.04.2002 )

Search Engine Watch
Authoritative guide to searching at Internet search engines and search engine registration and ranking issues. Learn to submit URLs, use HTML meta tags and boost placement – (Added: 12.02.2014 )

Search Words
Most Popular 100 Internet Search Words. – (Added: 12.02.214 )

Siteinspector.com the web master’s ultimate resource. – (Added: 12.02.2002 )

Ultimate Web Design List
C|Net The Complete guide to Access, Hosting and ISPs – (Added: 12.02.2002 )

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

Web Design and Developers Association
Non-profit lobbying and legislative organization for ISPs, website and internet professionals. Focus is to protect the internet from entitities attempting to restrict, tax, censor, or otherwise control the internet. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

Web Master Resource King
Webmaster tools and resources for building a better website. – (Added: 10.02.2002 )

Web Site Garage
Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site. Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and analyze your traffic. – (Added: 12.02.2002 )

Webbies Coolmaps
Connects web developers to the global market through a geographic locator. – (Added: 10.02.2002)

Webmaster Resources
Articles about website design and promotion. Reviews of software services for webmasters. – (Added: 12.02.2014 )

The Webmaster’s Reference Library: Web Site Design Tips and Tutorials – (Added: 12.02.2014 )

World Association of Internet Marketers
Provides resources for search engine optimization, email marketing, banner advertising, and domain name strategies. – (Added: 16.02.2002 )

World Organization of Webmasters
Offers education, mentorship, online training, technical support, employment information, and Internet legal guidance. – (Added: 10.02.2014 )

World Wide Web Consortium
International industry consortium founded in 1994 whose purpose is to develop specifications, guidelines, software, and tools to promote the Internet’s evolution and ensure its interoperability. – (Added: 10.02.2002 )

AAA Web Design List
Find a web designer and save a TON of time. – (Added: 12.02.2014 )


Home / Web Development


Accessibility Programming Dynamic HTML
Awards Programming HTML
Blocking Software Programming Java
Browsers Programming JavaScript
Community Programming Perl
Cookies Programming PHP
Designing Guides Programming Portals
Domaine Names Programming SQL
Downloads Programming VBScript
Dreamweaver Programming Visual Basic
Extranet Programming XHTML
Flash Programming XML
Free Resources Resources
Guide Field Formats Search Engine Optimalization
Hits and Access Logs Search Engines and Directories
ISP Connection Security
Log Analayzer Spam Mail
Magazines and News Technology
Marketing Tools
Multimedia Tutorials
News Web Design Portals
Organizations Web Design Tips
Photoshop Web Master Resources
Portals Web Site Evaluation
Pricing and Salaries Web Site Statistics
Programming ASP Web Site Testing
Programming CGI Web Site Usability


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