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A Web Librarian and Research Assistant
We perform the necessary research on the web to make your job easier. We serve as your personal Web Librarian and Research Assistant – (Added: 07.02.2014)
The internet guide by Encyclopædia Britannica. Contains a reviewed site index with an optional search link to AltaVista, original editorial content, and free search software. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

eMarketer provides statistical and demographic data about the internet marketplace. Products and services include reports, newsletters and discussions. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

European Internet Resources
European Internet Resources. Links to research, publications and organisations. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

International Market Research Mall
From this site, experienced information professionals and casual users alike can search, select, buy and view full text market research reports from more than 50 of the world’s market researchers. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Journalist’s guide to internet research
List of links arranged by topic especially of interest to journalists and other researchers – (Added: 07.02.2014)

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
Find the best resources on the internet, selected, evaluated, and described by those information professionals – librarians. A searchable and browsable database of thousands of useful web sites for research. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Online Reference Desk
Useful links to specific research areas online. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Price’s list of lists
Premier collection of research links by a professional research librarian. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Professional Internet Research
Online research conducted by a Ph.D. level researcher. General services with specialty in medicine & psychology. Offline (library) medical and psychology research services. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Professional Researcher
Portal for online information professionals, provides FAQs, reviews, training and research services. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Pro-Researcher web portal
Comprehensive web portal and research service for online information professionals. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Research Wizard
Personal homepage of a self-proclaimed «research wizard» who offers all internet research queries for free. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Researching Companies
A tutorial on how and where to find free information about companies and charitable organizations on the web – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The Commercial Intelligence Mall
The Commercial Intelligence Mall is an online provider of electronic market intelligence. Paid service. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The Internet Archive
Working to build a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, it provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The Research Pro
Provides news, insight, and links to the most useful free business research sites. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

WWW Search Tools
One simple, fast-loading web page with topically organized links to all kinds of search engines and resources on the net, including computing, Software, and Internet. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )


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