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@-Web – German Web Site search portal – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

About Websearch
Mischellaneous. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

AllSearhEngines.com – has links to an extensive number of search tools – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

Arnold IT International Search Engines
International Search Engines. – (Added: 03.07.2002 )

Mischellaneous.. Beaucoup lists over 2500 specialisted databases and directories and also serves as meta search tool. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Business Web
Mischellaneous. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Debriefing – Is a meta-search engine of choice. Use this to find names and named websites. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Direct Search
This page compiles links to over 800 specialized and other interactive tools for finding information traditional search engines can’t uncover. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

EINet Galaxy Directory:
EINet Galaxy: subject catalog and search tools. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Search engine directory. Comprehensive listings of other speciality search engines on the web – (Added: 19.10.2002 )

Tips on how to conduct an effective search using web search utilities (Excite), meta search utilities (MetaCrawler), Usenet search utilities (AltaVista), web directories (Yahoo) and internet resource directories (e-mail addresses). – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Go to
Mischellaneous. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Google Search Uncle Sam
Specialized Search Engine. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

High Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Blog
High Search Engine Ranking Search Engine Blog – A look at search engines and search engine marketing from down under. – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

Inference Find
Mischellaneous. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

The world’s largest online resource for the search and delivery of research articles. Global research gateway. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )

Internet Resource Guide Directory
The Argus Clearinghouse is a categorized rated directory of business, technical and personal sites on the Internet. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Internetbrus – Swedisk search portal – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

A very good compilation metasearch tool — translates your search syntax, doesn’t run searches on engines that can’t accept them, compiles search results and eliminates duplicates, assigns stars for number of appearances in top ten. FastSEARCH, NBCi, Hotbot, Alta Vista included. – (Added: 15.11.2002 )

An original Website that provides a summarized report on your query and regularly sends you updates on your research. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Kartoo – Visual Meta search Engine – (Added: 19.10.2002 )

Newest Internet Resources
The Scout Project. Highlights the newest internet resources and announcements . – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Meaning based search tool.Search for the meaning of the keywords rather than the literal text. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )

One Search
Meta search engine. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Pandia – Search Resources – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Meta search engine. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

QB search
Meta search engine. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

RBA – Search strategies for the Internet – (Added: 29.11.2014 )

Research Buzz
Is news and information about Search Engines and Databases. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

SBA – Pro net
Specialized Search Engine. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Search Engine Blog
Search Engine Blog – Peter Da Vanzo is focusing on the needs of search engine marketing. – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

Search Engine Colossus
Offers you links to search engines from 149 countries around the world! Conduct exhaustive web searches. Search the web using your choice of language. Locate your new favourite search engines. Make your own website submissions. – (Added: 03.07.2014 )

Search Engine Guide
Mischellaneous.The Guide to search engines. Portals and directories. – (Added: 18.05.2014)

Search Engine Showdown
Mischellaneous.. The users guide to Web searching – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch – Includes web searching tips; reviews, ratings, and tests; and search engine submission tips. – (Added: 14.12.2014 )

Search Engine World
Search Engine World Articles about searching the web, how search engines work, submitting your website and a useful search engine glossary. – (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Search engine world wide
Specialized Search Engine. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Search Idea
Search Idea – Search engine and directory. – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Searchability – Guide to specialized Search Engines – (Added: 20.01.2014 )

Chris Sherman’s daily column featuring news and analysis of search engine technologies. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Searchengines.com – A great reference for many resources such as directories in several countries, optimization and submission. Check this one out it is definitely good for at least one days reading. – (Added: 12.02.2002 )

This site is a business strategy information directory and search engine. Featured are categories such as competitive intelligence, journals, management news, executive education, – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Spider’s apprentice
Mischellaneous. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Teoma  http://www.ask.com/
Teoma – Fast results. A challenge to Google.. Teoma looks across the entire web to find pages that contains the search term. Determine the most popular ones and a list of experts links appears. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )

The invisable web
Specialized Search Engine. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

The Scout Toolkit
The Scout Toolkit – Is a useful collection of online materials compiled by the Internet Scout Project to help you «surf smarter». – (Added: 14.12.2014 )

Virtal Search Engines
Search engine directory.Over 1000 fully specialized search engines within 50 categories. – (Added: 19.10.2014 )

Virtual Acquisition Shelf
Virtual Acquisition Shelf – Daily electronic newsletter from Gary Price concerning search tools. – (Added: 23.02.2003 )

Virtual Chase
Virtual Chase – Offer up-to date information on search terms, legal tools, and techniques for conducting online research – (Added: 23.02.2003 )

w3 Search Engine
Mischellaneous. This documents collects some of the most useful search engines available on the WWW. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Web Search Newsletter
Weekly news on Web research and search engines from About.com. To subscribe, fill out form on Newsletter page. – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Web Search University
Conference launched in 2001 by Online, Inc. Focused on the specifics of the latest news and developments in Web searching. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

A competitor for Google. One of the largest databases on the Web.measures how populaar the sites are with other sites on the Web. Organizing the results into categories that are related to the words in the query. – (Added: 10.07.2014 )



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