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Brain Research
This web site is an introduction to the brainresearch.com TM effort to explore the fundamental nature of the brain and to develop applications that provide insight for this research. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Brain Tricks
Brain Tricks is based on what science and rational observation have discovered our lives to be. If the characteristics of your brain/mind are such that they will allow this evidence to be absorbed, the concept of Brain Tricks can work to elevate your perspective. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Brain building tests and other interesting things concerning brain activities.BrainStorm Newsletter. – (Added: 13.05.2014 )

Buzan Centres Expand your mind
Buzan Mind map (www.mind-map.com/). You use LESS than 1% of your potential brain power (so research says!). To unleash the remaining 99% use the Buzan BrainFriendly processes..allowing you peak personal & professional productivity (as well as greater enjoyment in your life). – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Creativity Pool
This is an inspiring knowledge base full of creative and original ideas. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Creativity Web
The Creativity Web is the creation of Charles Cave in Sydney, Australia, and its aim is to be the most up-to-date resource centre for creativity and innovation on the Internet. – (Added: 05.03.2014)

Edward de Bono
Edward de Bono is regarded by many as the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.Edward de Bono’s web site is predominantly text based, but gives information on most of de Bono’s work in the teaching of creativity: Six Hats, Lateral Thinking and the CoRT program for schools. You will find information about certified trainers, the CoRT lessons CD, videos, the Creative Team and regular messages from Edward de Bono. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Enchanted Mind
Everyone has latent creativity waiting to unfold. Add flexibility to your mind with these simple techniques. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Frank Feather
The Webevolution of shopping to 2010. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Harvard University Mind Brain Behavior
Mind/Brain/Behavior (MBB) is a university-wide initiative created in 1993 by Harvard’s President Neil Rudenstine along with four other Interfaculty Initiatives. – (Added: 13.05.2014 )

InnovationTools is a new Web site designed to provide busy entrpreneurs with a focused collection of the best resources on innovation, creativity and brainstorming. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

Mind Tools
Mind Tools – Techniques for Memory, Creativity, Skills for high performance living and practical psychology. Techniques to help you think, skills for high performance living and shareware programs are available. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

A searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Internet: Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases – (Added: 13.05.2014 )

Odyssey of the Mind
The Odyssey of the Mind School Program fosters creative thinking and problem-solving skills among participating students from kindergarten through college. – (Added: 05.03.2002 )

Paul Wilson CalmCenter.com
Calm for Life. Paul Wilson. – (Added: 05.03.2002 )

Robert Alan Black
Creative Thinking Throughout the World. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

A weekly newsmagazine covering all areas of science. Use brain as a keyword search. – (Added: 13.05.2014 )

This website is devoted to improving memory, self-growth, creativity, time-management, and speed-learning software SuperMemo – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

The Calm Research Center -Sandy MacGregor
This web site has a wide range of articles on how you can learn to take control of your life. Everything from stress, anger, fear, bereavement, health to how to excel at learning, or sport, how to quit smoking and fight cancer and many more. It is intended as a guide for self help, just CLICK on a topic name to see the article. We also provide information about Sandy’s, books, audio tapes, CDs, videos and seminars, so that you can examine and learn the easy to use experiential techniques to enhance your life. – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

The Human Brain Project
The Human Brain Project. Launched in 1993. A wealth of brain information. – (Added: 13.05.2014 )

The Innovation Network
Joyce Wycoff’s site contains numerous articles on personal creativity and orginisational innovation in the article archives. You can subscribe to the weekly «Monday Wake up your Brain» message. Look for the superb DNA diagram showing the myriad factors of innovation – (Added: 05.03.2014 )

The Thinking Center
The Thinking Center for Creativity and Problem Solving. – (Added: 05.03.2002 )


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