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Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 6

Competitors Analysis



Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

6.1 General

6.2 Competitors Information Sources

6.2.1 Information supplied by the competitors, knowingly or unknowingly

6.2.2 Trade Sources

6.2.3 Published Sources

6.2.4 Other Sources of Information

6.3 Decision

6.4 The Industry

6.4.1 Overview through Hoovers

6.4.2 Internet & Intranet Software & Services Accrue Software, Inc.

6.4.3 Telemarketing, Call Centers & Other Direct Marketing – Companies mentioned

6.5 Providers of Customer Solution in Scandinavia

6.5.1 Million Handshakes AS

6.5.2 StroedeRalton

6.6 Peppers & Rogers Group

6.6.1 Search trough Search engines

6.6.2 Search on the Web site of Peppers and Rogers Group Inc.

6.6.3 Searching and spying for company information

6.6.4 Searching newsgroups or mailing lists

6.6.5 Testing how Rogers And Peppers group Web site is evaluated

6.7 One to One marketing keywords

6.8 Search trough different search engines for different keywords

6.9 Other Competitive Resources




Providers of Customer Solution in Scandinavia


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000


6.5.1 Million Handshakes AS

One of our competitors in Noway will be earlier Balder.no, now Million Handshakes AS. This company seems quite professional. As it is a Norway based company and most of the Information is in Norwegian I let this information aside in this situational analysis.


The company is offering a lot of solution for businesses , mentioned below:
http://www.balder.no/menu_about1to1.html .



Further information about the company look at http://www.balder.no

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Marketing Automation
  • Interactive marketing on the web
  • One-to-one in the call center
  • One-to-one by mail
  • Sales Force Productivity


Rating with http://siteinspector.linkexchange.com/results/10/25/1322342507940902801-summary.htmll Web Page Summary Detailed Report by SiteInspector, Powered by LinkExchange


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  • Load Time 5
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  • Spelling 4
  • HTML Validity 4


Information about the company: http://www.mediainform.no/bg/netscape/index.html

Søkeresultat                                         Antall firmaer funnet: 16 stk.

Dette er listen over firmaer som ble funnet ut fra de søkekriteriene du oppga.

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  • Omsetning:           Turnover:         6611000NOK
  • Egenkapital: Own capital     3673000 NOK
  • Aksjekapital:         Share capital   1700000 NOK
  • Gjeld : Liabilities        000NOK Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Surveys indicate that the cost of acquiring a new customer is somewhat between five and ten times higher than the alternative cost of ensuring that a good profitable customer stays. In banking and insurance it is a fact of life that up to 15% of all customers in practical terms leave or become inactive every year. In order to maintain market share, companies must continuously replace lost customers with new customers, all at a very high cost.


In most cases it is far more profitable for an established bank or insurance company to encourage good customers to stay, than to choose the alternative of attacking a competitors customer base. Customer retention, customer satisfaction and cross-sell ratios (customer share instead of market share) are the key measures of future success, and the key indicators of one-to-one marketing.


The secret of CRM is information. The key is effective management of information systems in order to capture and consolidate millions of customer transactions, and to transform this information with a view to individual customer relations. The challenge is to both consolidate transaction information, as well as to capture and manage information about marketing activities targeted at the individual customer.


Million Handshakes™ is a leading Database Marketing tool particularly designed for the support of Customer Relationship Management business programs aimed at increasing customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer care.


Customer Relationship Management – Enterprise Marketing Automation – Interactive marketing on the web – One-to-one in the call centre – One-to-one by mail – Sales Force Productivity Enterprise Marketing Automation


Most companies still dwell in the dark ages when it comes to automating and standardising marketing business processes. While considerable amounts are being spent on automating almost

any other business process, marketing is normally left with peanuts when information technology budgets are fought over.


This picture is however rapidly changing. For most service-oriented businesses the penny has dropped that the source of sustained revenue and profits lie in the sustained care of existing customers. While the delivery of products, services and quality are becoming increasingly standardised in a highly competitive international market, knowledge of and ability to care for the customer are becoming the most important prerequisites for competitive advantage.


While Business-to-Business sales and marketing facilitate personal sales and account management, only the very best customers in consumer markets generate a level of profits to justify

such luxuries. The sheer number of potential customers on consumer markets and modest customer profit margins call for tools for the automation of one-to-one marketing processes. Enterprise

Marketing Automation tools like Million Handshakes™ provide these automation facilities.


Enterprise Marketing Automation comprises:

The continuous consolidation of customer information from legacy transaction systems, building up to date consolidated individual customer portfolio views.  A shared Customer Contact database, where all customer interactions (not captured in transaction systems) are logged.  Campaign Management functions, with a view to the generation of, ordering and management of one-to-one marketing events through Mail, Web and Telephone.  Structured Response Management, capturing structured responses from named customers in applicable channels of communication (Telephone, Mail, and Web).

Automation of the generation of appropriately timed proposals and automatic capture of orders and accepts. The triggering of marketing functions, allowing actions to be automatically launched when defined conditions in the database are detected, or a defined value contained in a response is detected. Interactive Marketing on the Web

The Web is a world-wide common infrastructure that can support a truly automated interactive communication between an individual and a corporation. This can be achieved at a fraction of the

cost compared to other interactive channels. The Web has the potential of becoming the channel for one-to-one marketing, allowing for mass customisation and one-to-one communications at a

justifiable cost.


The telephone has been out there for quite a while, but it is a fact that the options available for telephone communication are somewhat limited.


Firstly; automated interactivity options are limited, due to an unsophisticated user interface. Secondly; the telephone is limited to voice communication only, with no capability to display

and manipulate text and graphics.


These limitations place the telephone in a poor second place to the Web for interactive one-to-one marketing, provided that the Web channel is tightly integrated with an ongoing 1:1 marketing

program, and directly interfaced with the Marketing Database.


The Million Handshakes E-Marketing manager is an innovative solution that enables the marketer to create interactive dialogues with myriad customers, without software programming or costly custom Web design.


The E-Marketing manager simply builds the appropriate screens, forms, questionnaires and content «on the fly» as customers are interacting with personalised Web pages. The interactive dialogues are prepared by building templates and pre-setting criteria in the database, thus determining the content and the flow of the dialogue with each individual customer. 1:1 marketing in the Call Centre


The Call Centre business unit can contribute greatly to meeting one-to-one marketing business objectives. This is however only likely to happen if the Call Centre is regarded as an integral part of

the corporate marketing operation. This calls for structured business processes both on outbound and inbound customer interactions, which should be both co-ordinated and synchronised with the corporate one-to-one marketing programme.


If the customer by way of example has received a proposal from another unit, the Call Centre should know the content of the proposal when the customer calls. The Call Centre needs to be linked up to the corporate Marketing Database and be supported by a «Customer Look-up» application that supports inbound marketing actions.


Million Handshakes™ contains a Customer File application intended for this use in a Call Centre. The user interface gives the Call Centre agent a view into the customer’s portfolio, a consolidated log of relevant actions and events in the customer relationship, and a link to Document Management Systems.


The Call Centre can also be used in structured outbound one-to-one marketing activities. The marketer should be able to select a targeted audience by analysing customer records and to also be

able to prepare messages and response forms to be used in outbound communication. The Million Handshakes Tele Marketing Manager allows the Call Centre to be fully integrated with one-to-one marketing initiatives by Web or mail.


The solution allows the marketer to prepare target audience, script texts and hints, and response forms. The Call Centre agents connect to the database through a common Web-browser interface,

and incorporate responses directly into the corporate Marketing Database. 1:1 marketing by mail


One-to-one marketing by mail is creation of letters with individualised content. When planning a mail campaign one has to take into consideration that such a campaign may comprise several disparate messages aimed at individuals with widely divergent characteristics and needs, targeted directly to the individual.


This calls for a method of condition-programming messages, wherein the conditions determine the individual message.


For example: a hypothetical condition might state that persons under the age of 20 should be addressed with the greeting «Hi», whilst persons aged more than 20 would prefer a «Hello» even a

«Dear Sir/Madam». The conditions might also appear linked with multiple sets of advanced conditions: Say «Hello» only if income is less than $40.000, age is above 20 and no activity of type

«Complaint» has been posted during the last 2 years. If these conditions do not hold, and the person is aged 20 or over, address the recipient «Dear Sir/madam».


In addition to the composition of letters, a one to one marketing process normally includes the option of the retrieval of structured responses.


One to one Marketing by Mail consists of these steps:

  • Design of letters
  • Individualisation of content in letters (conditional text)
  • Design of response forms and questionnaires
  • Merging
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Scanning of received responses Sales Force Productivity

The latest industry surveys show that there are more than 600 Sales Force Productivity software and database tools on the global market. Without a doubt, there is a great need to improve the productivity of the sales force. No wonder – the salesman is probably the most expensive marketing tool at a corporation’s disposal, and the need for increased productivity will always be present.

However, there is a significant difference between an Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) solution and the Sales Force Productivity (SFP) software. The EMA solution, like Million Handshakes™ sees the marketing process from the viewpoint of the entire corporation. A valid question in conjunction with the implementation of the EMA solution is «How do we best utilise our sales, distribution, and communication channels, in order to serve our customers, grow profitable long term relationships, and increase sales or customer share».


The Sales Force Productivity solution views the marketing process from quite another angle. The question asked when implementing an SFP solution is «how do we increase sales volume and sales efficiency through sales representatives?» The SFP software is focused mainly on Contact Management, Business-to-Business sales person-to-person, while the EMA solution is primarily focused at consumer market marketing, sales and customer care efficiency, and cost by contact.


The SFP software is built for supporting sales people. The EMA solution is designed to build one to one sales, marketing and customer care processes into the distribution and communication

channels that offer the best value by communicated message. This makes a great difference – you don’t do personal selling on the Internet or send a sales representative home to each of your 600.000 customers.


However, if a well designed EMA database is implemented, it can offer support for direct selling both on consumer markets and Business-to-Business markets. The opposite, building EMA capabilities into an existing SFP solution is not an obvious solution. The SFP database will by design suffer from the lack of a corporate view to the marketing process, and will not scale up to a EMA solution without a great deal of trouble.


The philosophy in Million Handshakes is to support both consumer market and Business-to-Business marketing within one data model. By design the database can offer many of the capabilities of a SFP system, while maintaining the flexibility to swap to the most efficient marketing channel by need or strategy.


The Enterprise Marketing Automation solution contains a series of Sales Force Productivity tools, both for Business-to-Business marketing and for Consumer markets marketing.


Copyright © 1999 Million Handshakes AS. PO Box 70 Bogerud. N-0621 Oslo. Norway.

Tel.: +47 2262 7300, Fax: +47 2262 7403, E-mail: mail@millionhandshakes.com

Million Handshakes AS


6.5.2 StroedeRalton

StroedeRalton is the leading company in the Nordic region within CRM, Customer Relationship Management. http://www.stroderaltopn.com http://www.stroederalton.com/no/summary.htm  Downloads.
As it is a Swedish based company and most of the Information is in Swedish I let this information aside in this situational analysis.  Background


  • Two companies with similar backgrounds that merged in 1999
  • Long experience of direct communication
  • From DM production with a technical/computer profile, to the leading CRM company in the Nordic region.
  • 260 employees
  • SEK 250 million turnover
  • Strong financial backbone – owned by Orkla The StroedeRalton business concept

StroedeRalton will grow by helping its customers achieve increased profitability. This will be accomplished by continuously offering qualified competence and IT support in the areas of customer information, customer communication and customer development. Operations

  • StroedeRalton injects insight into your company for customer development strategies, and adds specialist competence in the areas of customer information, customer communication and customer development.
  • StroedeRalton helps out with advice and guidance at a strategic level for planning and execution of a long-term CRM strategy. Market

  • Organisations with a large number of customers
  • Organisations prepared to invest in an overall CRM strategy
  • Customers can be found in both the private and public sectors, as well as interest organisations StroedeRalton’s role

To work from a long-term perspective and in an active way to build profitable, loyal customer relations by

  • Identifying and categorising customers
  • Identifying and defining the need for critical customer information
  • Gauging the effectiveness of the customer relation
  • Developing individual customer dialogue programmes
  • Developing infrastructure for customer development
  • Developing IT support for customer development StroedeRalton’s vision

  • To be Europe’s leading player in CRM – Customer Relationship Management. CustomerPilotCase


Background – the insurance industry

  • The insurance industry was deregulated
  • Focus on market shares, bad information on target groups
  • Bad information resulted in bad marketing results
  • High marketing costs, financed by raised premiums for existing customers
  • Local branches were closed down, and central CallCentres initiated in order to gather competence into one place and reduce operating costs
  • These were not accessible to the customer, nor did they take advantage of the unique knowledge the local offices had of each customer
  • Altered customer behaviour – high customer turnover in the companies which did not satisfy customer requirements

The customer’s situation

  • Costs for selling via sales staff too high
  • Concentration on customer service via telephone and mail
  • Halved the customer base
  • 1/3 of the customer base disappeared
  • 2/3 had only one insurance policy
  • Potential was enormous – the number of policies could be doubled
  • The potential within the existing customer base was around SEK 600 million


Results – Experienced

  • Halved customer loss
  • Business volume following DM activities increased by 600% on average
  • 10% increase in customer share
  • Over 50% submit information
  • Increased focus on accesssibility – and critical customer information increased sales by 25%
  • Better data quality
  • Increased customer familiarity


Results – In real terms

  • Significantly shortened pay-back time and increased effect in marketing work
  • Higher lifetime value = higher profitability
  • Individual direct dialogue possible with half of the customers
  • Increased sales along with more effective use of resources led to increased profitability. Improved service increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased level of customer service, clarification of requirements for change, and business development input



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