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10K Wizard  http://www.tenkwizard.com/
10K Wizard – Was formed in April of 1999 when Harvard Business School graduate and investment advisor Martin Zacarias,and former high-speed game software developer and chief systems architect, Kee Kimbrell recognized the need for expanded coverage and advanced search capabilities of the SEC database. 10K Wizard developed a proprietary software to search through the myriad of information available to the public via the SEC’s EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system. The results? Real-time access and the unique ability to perform keyword searches on up-to-the-minute SEC filings. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Abix Australasian Business Intelligence
Abix – Australien Business Intelligence Web Site. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Allied Business Intelligence, Inc
Allied Business Intelligence – Provider of published research & consulting services to the telecommunications & wireless industries. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Aware competitive-intelligence
Aware- Has a lot of links to other interesting Web sites concerning competitors and marketing intelligence.Here is another Web site which is a part of Business Intelligence- – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Better Management.com http://www.sas.com/en_us/insights.html
BetterManagement.com is the authoritative Internet portal for information on cost management, business intelligence, planning and budgeting, scorecarding, and value chain collaboration. – (Added: 07.03.2014 )

Bishops Services
Bishops Services – Background investigations and research which includes due diligence profiles, litigation support, intelligence gathering and asset searches. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Business Intelligence Associates – conducts research for clients on a project-by-project basis. We use a variety of research professionals who specialize in primary and secondary research on an as-needed basis. That way, we can offer our clients information through the most economical means possible. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Business Intelligence Advisor
Business Intelligence Advisor – Monthly newsletter that provides in-depth assessments on the products, vendors, technologies, and trends that are transforming data warehousing and business intelligence. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Business Intelligence Associates
Business Intelligence Associates – Conducts custom business research. Learn about the method and resources we utilize to achieve quality research results. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Business Intelligence Program
SRI – Provides research and market intelligence tools, monthly and quarterly reports, and consulting services to a worldwide client base via a annual subscription fee. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Business To Business Marketing Sources
Business To Business – Resources, databases, magazine. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

California Business Intelligence
California Business Intelligence – Personal and business investigations, asset locating, and competitive intelligence. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency – With information on intelligence programs, activities, organization and functions. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Competitive Intelligence – Small Business Information Net Links
About.com – Competitive intelligence resources to help you search for and find information about competitors and the market. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Competitive Intelligence Research on the Web
About.com – Competitive intelligence resources provide exceptional business analysis, market research, and other key competitor intelligence information. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Competitive Intelligence Services
Competitive Intelligence Services – Offering confidential research on the competition, markets and customer attitudes, using primary and secondary sources. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Business Intelligence (BI) – Software helps corporations collect, organize, analyze and report information on the performance of their business. The objective of Business Intelligence is to provide a more detailed information to enable managers to make better and more timely decisions. Business Intelligence involves tools including Data Marts, Data Warehousing,On-line Transactional Analysis, On-Line Analytical Processing OLAP, Ad-hoc and Prepackaged Query tools, Enterprise Reporting Tools, Templates, and Reports. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

CORDIS (the Community Research and Development Information Service)
CORDIS – Community research and development Information services Europe. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

CRM Portal European
CRM Portal European – For more recommendation http://www.eccs.uk.com/resources/reco.asp – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency – Web site of the Defense Intelligence Agency, a combat support agency of the Department of Defense. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

DmReview – The 2001 Online Resource Guide is your direct connection to key industry decision-makers. As an extension of DM Review magazine’s Resource Guide, the online version offers links to company Web sites, links to relevant product reviews published in DM Review magazine, and additional product and vendor information. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Dow Jones Interactive
Dow Jones Interactive – Comprehensive business intelligence service, offering breaking news, a publications library for in-depth research on companies, industries and people in the news, company financial reports and market. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Dw-Institute  http://www.sas.com/en_us/insights.html
Dw-Institute The Data Warehouse Institute. The Data Warehousing Institute™ (TDWI), a division of 101communications, is the premier provider of in-depth, high quality education and training in the data warehousing and business intelligence industry. TDWI is dedicated to educating business and information technology professionals about the strategies, techniques, and tools required to successfully design, build, and maintain data warehouses. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

E-Business Intelligence
E-Business Intelligence – E-Business and Intelligence in Organizations. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

E-Business Webring portal
ebiztrends.com – The mission of the Electronic Business and Commerce Webring is to join together those professionals, visionaries, and site developers who see or promote the future of electronic commerce and who desire to be on the cutting edge of this medium of commerce. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

EDGAR database
EDGAR database – The SEC requires all public companies (except foreign companies and companies with less than $10 million in assets and 500 shareholders) to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

EIU – The Economist Intelligence Unit is the world’s leading provider of business analysis and intelligence covering 185 countries, strategic industries and management best practice. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

E-learningeurope.com – The aim is to create a pan-European online learning forum aimed at helping everyone involved in online learning to explore current and future trends and developments. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

EuroFerret – Directory of Resources in Europe. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Gale – A world leader in information solutions. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Global Business Intelligence Corp.
Global Business Intelligence Corp. – A Vancouver, Canada based company providing comprehensive financial services research. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

How to Conquer the World
How to Conquer the World – export, import, trade, international trade, global, webcast. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

IM Europe – Home Page I*M EUROPE sitemap
CORDIS – Kindly advises users that the I*M Europe server (http://www.echo.lu/) has been divided in different sections. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Industry Canada Intellectual Property Rights Business Intelligence Express
Strategis Canada – Site was developed to demonstrate the value of Canadian patent and trade-mark records as a source for business technical information. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Infobroker Startseite Recherchedienste weltweit
Infobroker – We are relaunching our international website! You will find the main research services using the links in the navigation bar. New Services and layout is launched. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Intelligent Enterprise
Intelligent Enterprise is devoted to business software strategies that provide competitive advantage by improving business decision-making, enhancing business performance, and maximizing the lifetime value of customer relationships. Its mission is to be a strategic guidebook focused on showing IT and business managers how to collect, analyze, understand, and act decisively on enterprise business information in order to make their companies smarter, faster, and more profitable. – (Added: 06.02.2014 )

IntelliQuest – Welcome to Millward Brown IntelliQuest’s Resources. To the right are links to resources useful to technology marketing professionals, practitioners of marketing research or anyone else with an interest in technology branding and cutting-edge research methodologies. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

ITools Index of research
ITools – Quick access to the best Internet tools. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

ITtoolbox Business Intelligence
Ittoolbox – Portal for Business Intelligence offers forums for discussion, an integrated directory, daily news, and many other services geared towards BI professionals and users of BI products. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Jupiter Communications – Market Research on the Consumer Online Industry
Jupiter Research Center – To find out more about Jupiter Communication you can visit the corporate Web Site Jupiter Media Metrix http://www.jmm.com – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management in Canada
About.com – Knowledge management in Canada – harnessing technology to information in Canada – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Learned Information Europe
Learned Information Europe – In addition to organising and running the Online Information conference and exhibition(http://www.learned.co.uk/learned/online.asp), now in its 25th year, Learned Information publishes the information industry’s monthly newspaper, Information World Review.(http://www.learned.co.uk/learned/news.asp) – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Liberian’s Resource Center
Business, Finance and Economics. – (Added: 08.03.2014 )

Linkcount.com – Good for competitive intelligence.A cool new tool that will show you how popular your site is on the World Wide Web.LinkCount.com will tell you how many web sites are linking back to yours. It also lets you compare your site’s popularity to other sites you specify (like a competitor) – or to cool web sites like the WhiteHouse or StarWars.com.Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE! – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Montague Institute
Montague Institute – International center for information technology and management. Tools, training, and services for corporate knowledge base publishing teams. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Naked in Cyberspace
Naked in Cyberspac – Directory of Internet Resources and Links to Sites. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Onlineinc.com – In addition to organising and running the Online Information conference and exhibition, now in its 25th year, Learned Information publishes the information industry’s monthly newspaper, Information World Review. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Parking Network
Tremendous scientific and practical advances in Parking have taken place during the last decades. Today, Parking is an appropriate theme reflecting global attention. One of the biggest challenges Parking professionals will face the next century is the explosive growth in knowledge affecting their discipline. Therefore, Mobility Network Group started the development of this Parking Network as a new service to better serve the information and communication needs of Parking professionals in the field of Parking. – (Added: 08.03.2014)

Researchlink Information Centre
Researchlink Information Centre – Business Research Information Specialist.ResearchLink was established in early 1997 is an information spcialist in Asia that supplies local and international clients with comprehensive business-to-business research information that will help them make better business decisions. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

SCIP – Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Searcher – The Magazine for Database Professionals is a unique publication that explores and deliberates on a comprehensive range of issues important to the professional database searcher. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Southern California Intelligence Agency (SCIA)
Southern California Intelligence Agency – Specializes in blend of accounting and financial investigation such as audit supervision, fraud investigations, inventory losses, and acquisition reviews. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

SRI’s Business Intelligence Program
SRI’ – Business Intelligence Program (B-I-P) provides clients with a robust system of integrated research intelligence and customized services to help define new market opportunities, identify and communicate future challenges, formulate and implement business strategies, and develop innovative products, processes, and services. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Technical Intelligence Group
Technical Intelligence Group – Counter intelligence, counter espionage, and TSCM products and services. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

The Business Intelligence Authority
Business Intelligence Authority – Leading source for articles, white papers, case studies, web seminars and discussion about Business Intelligence. Invaluable resource for managing performance management initiatives. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

The Tenagra Corporation
Tenagra – Internet Marketing Resources. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

US Patent and Trademark Office.
US Patent and Trademark Office – Patent and Trademarkmark database. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

Vals Interactive Server Business Intelligence Center
SRI International – Is a pioneer in the creation and application of innovative solutions for businesses, governments, and other organizations. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Welcome to TIME.com
Time.com – News. – (Added: 04.01.2014)

Worldscan Internet Intelligence Services, Inc.
Worldscan – Offers Internet monitoring, analysis and marketing planning to businesses and organizations. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Worldwide Intelligence Network
Worldwide Intelligence Network – Personal protection, corporate and Internet security, and investigations. – (Added: 04.01.2014)

Yahoo Computers and Internet:Internet:Statistics and Demographics
Yahoo – Statistics and Demographics Yahoo. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )


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