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1Blink – Search 11 sources. Retrieve Results From Each Site Separately. – (Added: 22.11.2002 )

Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves – goes a step further than most meta search engines because it maintains its own index of Web sites. In addition to searching Excite, Infoseek, AltaVista, WebCrawler, and Yahoo, Ask Jeeves tries to find a match for your query in its database answers to common questions. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Beaucoup Search Engines
Beaucoup – Lists more than 1000 search engines and directories. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )
Save your searches. C4 provides you with the opportunity to customize your searches. By customizing you may choose exactly which databases C4 will search and how many results to return. Build your own «Smarter» search parameters and search the way you want to search, every time. – (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Comet Way
Very fast searching. Business Intelligence. The Internet holds information that is critical to your business. Our Business Intelligence solutions gather and analyze this data automatically. Select a scenario to learn about our capabilities. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Meta search engine. Powered by Iquick. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Dogpile – Searches the major search sites, then gives you the option to continue searching Usenet Newsgroup archives, software archives or current news wire stories. Metasearch the web, audio/MP3, FTP, images, news, and more. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )
Links to over 300 search engines. Links to over 300 search engines. Links to over 300 search engines. subjects. – (Added: 24.10.2014 )

Exploratorius Exploratorius – The meta search engine includes search engines as Google, AllTheWeb, Northernlight and Altavista. – (Added: 17.11.2014 )


FastSearch – A very fast meta-search tool which claims to search the largest database of Web sites in existence. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Fossick – Chooses engines to metasearch dynamically, sometimes including Excite, Northern Light, Alta Vista. Great collection of specialty sites. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

GenieKnows – Searches several search services on the Web, and also offers specialty searches of downloads, multimedia, news, health, sports and other topics. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Go2Net Search
Go2Net – Features metasearching with MetaCrawler. Choose «any/all/phrase» to focus your search terms. Search results are collated to remove duplicates and ranked by relevance. MetaCrawler also returns directory listings, audio/MP3, images, newsgroups, and auctions. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )


iBoogie – Offers searches of the Web and multimedia, and supplies real-time concept clustering of results – (Added: 22.11.2014 )


Infonetware – Categorizes search results into component subtopics with options to select multiple topics for a new set of topics and a filtered results list – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Internets – A huge collection of searchable resources which include news feeds, archives, libraries, research databases, catalogs, and statistical data. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Invisible Web
Invisible Web – The search engine of search engines. The deep web. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Multi search engine, it uses several other search engines at the same time using your keywords. – (Added: 24.10.2014 )


Ixquick – A very good compilation metasearch tool — translates your search syntax, doesn’t run searches on engines that can’t accept them, compiles search results and eliminates duplicates, assigns stars for number of appearances in top ten. FastSEARCH, NBCi, Hotbot, Alta Vista included. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Kartoo – Visual Meta search Engine – (Added: 19.10.2014 )

Mamma – Metasearch by category: web, news, mp3, audio, images, and video. Click «Power Search» for more options, including an adult content filter and Boolean operators (phrase/and/or). Calling itself «the mother of all search engines,» Mamma searches the major search sites, and returns 20 results per page, each presented with with a relevance score from 1-100%. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )
An excellent site. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

MetaCrawler – Allows you to find what you’re looking for by simultaneously using the Internet’s leading search engines – (Added: 04.01.2014)

MetaEureka – Search at once more than 1.500.000.000 web pages. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Metasearch – Search multiple search engines and retrieve results separately. – (Added: 04.01.2014 ) – meta search tool. – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Metor Search
Metor – A great tool! Search capabilities are unsophisticated, but you can set your timeout, the list of engines searched is right up front, and they include FASTSearch, Google, Northern Light, Hotbot, and Lycos. Good relevance ranking, and get a load of the special Check, Analyze, and Browse features that allow you to see your words in context and easily navigate through your results. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Moonmist – metas search tool that choose from almost 200 search engines to get results. – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

One2Seek – meta-search tool with strong international links. – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Open Directory Search Engines
Open Directory Project – ODP’s listings of Internet search engines. – (Added: 04.01.2014)

Pandia – Search Central. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Pro Fusion
Pro Fusion – One of the best meta search engines. Search major search engines and retrieve collated results; store queries at the site and receive notification of new resources. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

A great meta search site. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Query Server
The Query Server – Is a powerful solution offered by Open Text that allows organizations to unify access to multiple internal and external information sources – including repositories, news feed systems, document management systems, intranets, and the Internet. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Researchville – Opens multiple browser windows with search results from the originating search service.Retrieve Results From Each Site Separately. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Search Engine Colossus
Search Engine Colossus – A guide to search engines around the world, organized by country and category. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Search Online
One of the best meta search sites. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Search.Com – Provides the user with direct access to hundreds of search engines. The engines are organized into different subject categories, allowing the user to narrow a search by selecting engines specializing in general topics such as art, science, health, news, sports, or entertainment. Strength is in the number of sites you can search at once and the metasearch subsets. Includes Excite and Alta Vista. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Search-22 – A meta-search engine, which also has a reference search facility. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

Search-It-All – provides a refined and well-organized collection of the best search engines and directories on the Web. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

SearchOnline.Info – Excellent meta-search tool – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

SearchTurtle – Simple remote control web search & navigation. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Starting Page
Starting Page – If you want «quick access to a few selected sites for a specific topic, try Staring Page. It is well-organized, making it easy to jump quickly to a high-quality site on a specific topic. It’s no substitute for a true meta search engine, but it’s a great way to start exploring a subject that interests you. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

SurfWax – A new meta-search tool which allows you to «sample» the site without leaving the search results window. – (Added: 04.01.2014 ) – meta search tool, very useful to select tools you want – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Virtual Learning Resources Center
Virtual Learning Resources Center – Searches several high quality directories; also offers its own directory. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Vivisimo catergorizes your search into folders. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

W3 Search Engines
W3 – An eclectic directory of search engines available on the Web, organized by category. – (Added: 04.01.2002 )

Webtaxi – Search multiple search engines and directories and access your results at each site. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

ZapMeta – Organizes results by relevance, popularity, title, source or domain – (Added: 22.11.2014 )


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