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Expert’s View on XHTML
Learn how an expert sees how XHTML will transform the world of the Web. – (Added: 18.02.2002 )

Following the XHTML Path
Learn some of the differences between XHTML and HTML. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )

Introduction to XHTML
Here is a good tutorial on how XHTML works and what it is. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )

Module Based XHTML
Learn more about how what it means that XHTML has been «modularized» and how it can be used. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )

Why Did They Create XHTML?
And why do we need it? HTML has become a huge unwieldy beast, and XHTML is the tool that will tame it. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )

XHTML 1.0 Specification
The specification for eXtensible HyperText Markup Language. From the W3C. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )
An information packed site on XHTML. – (Added: 18.02.2014 )


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