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CIO Magazine KM Research Center
Free answers by KM experts, case studies, articles and news. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

CognIT offer products and services related to knowledge management, business intelligence and information services. The company co-operates closely with international research and development and is constantly pushing state-of-the-art in different areas of computing. We have developed an outstanding record of large scale systems development, ranging from ystems development, ranging from intelligent back-office systems to agent based text analysis and search tools. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

COMFIND Business Search
COMFIND Business Search – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

Companies Online
Companies Online is an U.S. public company information resource. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

Corptech has information of more than 50.000 US Technology Companies. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

DMOZ Knowledge Management
The Open Directory Project was created as an alternative to Yahoo! The Knowledge Management section has more than 1.200 references. – (Added: 26.10.2014 )

Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet are publishers of company profiles, credit reporting and market research – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

Glossary of Knowledge Management Terms
From the International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology, this site offers KM Case Studies and KM Resources, including a very useful KM Glossary. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Hoover’s Online
Hoover’s, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOOV) delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )

KM Resource Center
Useful resources as KM Websites, case studies, conferences, magazines and books. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Provides the user with KM news, events, and Industry Best Practices. Free online newsletter twice a week. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning – Access to knowledge management materials including a virtual library, online discussion forum, papers, articles, books and bibliographies – (Added: 14.12.2014 )

Knowledge Management Resources – List of resources on knowledge management, which is a systematic approach to managing and leveraging an organisation’s knowledge asset. Organised into books, articles, journals and reports. – (Added: 14.12.2014 )

The KM Resource Center
The gateway to the world of Knowledge Management. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

WWW Virtual Library Knowledge Management – Index of resources dealing with aspects of knowledge management. Includes articles, white papers, interviews, discussion forums, press releases and a knowledge management bibliography. – (Added: 14.12.2014 )

Yahoo Companies
Yahoo Companies resource page. – (Added: 01.11.2014 )


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