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ACNielsen – Corporate Homepage
Marketing research company that compiles television ratings details its services, lists office locations, and provides contact details. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Active Media Research
The Insider’s eBusiness information Source. – (Added: 06.02.2002 )

By Country Comparisons
Compare different countries. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Caslon Analytics Pty Ltd
Caslon Analytics Pty Ltd is an Australian internet research, analysis and strategies consultancy. – (Added: 06.02.2002 )

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
Informative site from University of Texas that includes links to resources, research centers, publication and conferences. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Center for Strategic Technology Research
Summary of EC and other tech research being undertaken by Accenture (formerly known as Anderson Consulting). – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

Center for Virtual Organization and Commerce
From Louisiana State University (USA), University College Dublin (Ireland) and the University of Melbourne (Australia). – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

CommerceNet ‘
Industry trade group that also makes available several E-Commerce research reports including monthly reports to members. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

Cyber Dialogue
We are pleased to announce that, effective December 10, 2001, Cyber Dialogue is now Fulcrum Analytics. We have changed our name to better reflect our core capabilities: providing customer intelligence technology and services to help clients leverage their customer relationships and improve profits. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Internet research is delivered through articles addressing fields like broadband, advertising and traffic. Subscribe to a biweekly newsletter. – (Added: 03.02.2014)

Demographic Data Mining
CommerceNet brings together leading business, government, technology, and academic minds into one community to focus on the advancement of eCommerce worldwide. – (Added: 03.02.2014)

Demographics of Web Users
Find articles on who is using the Web. Collected from a variety of sources by Wilson Internet Services. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Demography Links
Coombsweb.The pioneer site for Asia-Pacific research and electronic publishing. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Find out who’s making money on the Web, how much goes toward advertising, and who the users are. From eMarketer. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Since its beginning in 1994, the GVU WWW User Survey has accumulated a unique store of historical and up-to-date information on the growth and trends in Internet usage. – (Added: 03.02.20142 )

Internet Traffic Report
Find charts and graphs and a world map that illustrate traffic and connection speed around the world. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

ISWorld Net
Primarily for academics seeking to learn and discuss issues related to electronic commerce. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Jupiter Communications
Marketing firm emphasizes the use of research and market data to develop client Web strategies. Register to sample research reports. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )
Free service queries Infoseek, AltaVista, and HotBot for the total number of links indexed to a specified domain. Explore alternative ad sources. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

List of Surveys
GVU WWW User Survey – Other Resources. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

MA – Forrester Research
Cambridge-based company conducts research for its clients in Internet commerce, corporate technology, and technographics data and analysis. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Newsletter covers cross-network issues. Offers one sample issue and some sample articles. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Media Metrix
Jupiter Media Metrix is the global leader in Internet and new technology analysis and measurement, combining data and analysis to provide businesses with unmatched resources for understanding and profiting from the Internet. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

NUA Survey (newsletter)
The world’s leading resource for Internet Trends & Statistics. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Open Market – Internet Index
Find an interesting collection of facts and statistics about the Internet and related activities. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Project 2000
Vanderbilt research program on marketing in computer-mediated environments. Explore the collection of Web resources in the links section. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Real-time source for Internet statistics and user trends gives raw data and free analysis. Find stats of the week, forums and research methods. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

US Census Bureau
Official resource for social, demographic, and economic statistics. Includes news releases, a subscription service, and a search facility. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Various Metrics
Internet Usage Snapshot from – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

W3C Electronic Commerce Interest Group
Another forum for the discussion of topics related to electronic commerce. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Web Characterization Project
Annual report estimates the size of the Web. Check out the raw data, or read about their methodology. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Wharton eBusiness Initiative
University of Pennsylvania’s research program site includes access to several e-commerce related research studies. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )


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