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3.1 Introduction


Intelligence Resource (IR)

Praktisk Intelligence (I)/Business Intelligence (BI)/

OmverdensOvervåking (OO)






Intelligence/Business Intelligence/ OmverdensOvervåking 


Internet Marketing Intelligence

Internett Marketing  

Web utviklingsprossen 

CD/Video utviklingsprossen 

Tips& Triks 



Kunnskapskilden –  E-Business





E-Business – Nøkkelområder

E-Business – Sjekkliste Strategi

E-Business – Sjekkliste for IT Infrastrukturen

E-Business – Sjekkliste Innhold

E-Business – Sjekkliste for E-Handelssystemet

E-Business – Sjekkliste Marketing

E-Business – Sjekkliste Kundeservicesystemet

E-Business – Online Community

The E-Business, the E-Customer, their Relationship and Interactivity



KunnskapskildenE-Business –
E-Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity


The E-Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity 

Jan Vig 

Dissertation  av Jan Vig om E.Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity  (286 sider) i forbindelse med Masterstudie i Information Technology and Communication Juni 2000.


The E-Retailer Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity

Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction to the study

Chapter Two Business in Cyberspace

Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

Chapter Four E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity

Chapter Five A Successful Case study – Amazon.com

Chapter Six The Future, Critical Success Factors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion




Chapter 3

The E-Retailer Commerce 



Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

3.1 Introduction
3.2 The E-Commerce Opportunities, Barriers and Challenges
3.2.1 SWOT
3.2.2 Opportunities and benefits
3.2.3 Barriers and Treats
3.2.4 Challenges
3.3 E-Retailing
3.3.1 Online Retailing
3.3.2 Requirements and elements for E-Retailer commerce
3.4 Agents, intelligence agents and technology
3.5 The Customer led E-Business
3.6 The E-Retailer site development process and project management
3.6.1 The E-Retailer Web development process
3.6.2 Team and skills
3.7 The E-Retailer and Promotion
3.8 Competitive Intelligence and Market Research on the Internet
3.9 Summary





The Internet is changing the foundation of the business world. The Web, the Internet and emerging technologies have redefined business, erasing traditional boundaries of time and geography and creating new virtual communities of customers and suppliers, with new demands for products and services. Web technology makes possible exciting new business models for marketing, communications, commerce, publishing, advertising, client/server applications, telephony, business-process optimization, entertainment, and eventually broadcasting.


The best E-Retailer commerce sites succeed not merely by expanding into new markets. They must also build a strong customer relationship by providing a well-designed web site, fast and high-quality service, good customer support, and reasonable prices. Because the Web is interactive, it can custom-tailor the information it delivers to each person for maximum impact. Having a quality brand name and good reputation are more important than having the lowest price


To set up an effective E-Retailer business this dissertation’s point of view is that companies need to go through a complete process:

  • Understand the medium, its possibilities and limitation
  • Do business intelligence
  • Do a customer analyse, investigate what the customers want and not want of an
    E-retailer web site
  • Prepare a strategic internet plan
  • Plan the web site,
  • Build the E-Retailer web site,
  • Usability test
  • Promote the E-Retailer web site, online and offline
  • Analyse the results
  • Refine and maintain the E-Retailer web site




Very few retailers are going trough the whole process. They are often starting in the middle by saying they need a web site and then outsource the work to a web design company, without spending too much time on the necessary steps before a web site could be build. Another aspect is that the organisation is often not prepared what kind of impact an E-Retailer web site will have on the whole organisation and the culture change, which is necessary.


Most of the literature is describing parts of the process, but seldom the whole picture, because the writers often come from certain professions and therefore are covering more from their own professions point of view than from other points of view. Further if we look at the literature eight or nine out of ten books are about strategy and only one or two about implementation.


A E-Retailer web site has to be build with the E-Customer in mind, but as a lot of studies have found out a lot of customers find that the web sites are too hard to use. A study found that 62 per-cent of online shoppers had given up at least once while looking for products, and 42 percent had turned to traditional channels to make their purchase.


The fundamental principle for the E-Retailer is to understand the E-Business principles and act in a proactive way to the challenges ahead. The E-Retailer has to understand that the rules are different in the online world and if they do not understand them they will not succeed. A lot of possibilities for acquiring information on the Internet are available and the E-Retailer should make use of these possibilities.


All this mean that it is a lot of opportunities for companies, who use time and money to do market intelligence, write an strategic Internet marketing plan, ask their customers what they really want and after that start to plan the E-retailer Web site.


This chapter describes, opportunities, barriers and challenges in E-Commerce. Further E-Retailer commerce and the customer led organisation. Last but not least the E-Retailer development process, project management, online marketing and business intelligence.

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