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Academic Library Network of Indiana
Private Academic Library Network of Indiana – linkages to other libraries around the world. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Aeronautique and Aerospace Virtual Library
Offers links to numerous aerospace pages, including manufacturers, NASA and international space agencies, publications, and academic and research institutions. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

American Library Association (ALA)
ALA – provides leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )
For older versions of web sites. Descriptive and comparative reports on search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

ASLIB is a world class corporate membership organisation with over 2000 members in some 70 countries. Promoting best practise in the field of information management. – (Added: 13.11.2014 )

Beyond General WWW Searching
Beyond General WWW Searching – Guides to Subject Guides: Rich sites for finding information on many topics, often inaccessible by keyword searching in most search tools – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

British Library
British Library – Further descriptions can be found from the British Library website. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Copac – A unified access to the online catalogues of some of the largest research university libraries in the UK and Ireland, has an author/title, subject and a periodical search. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Digital Librarian
Digital Librarian – WWW reference for librarians including scholarly Internet resources, public library resources, dictionaries, quotations, and more. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

D-Lib Forum/Magazine
D-Lib Forum – Facilitating and supporting the community developing the technology of the global digital library. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

European National Libraries
European National Libraries – Consider Gabriel as a way to find and search the websites of a list of European National Libraries – (Added: 08.01.2002 ) is a vast archive of published articles that you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals. – (Added: 17.11.2014 )

Free marketing resources for libraries
Free marketing resources for libraries – (Added: 17.11.2014 )

Harvard Libraries
Useful information such as address, phone number, access information, hours and circulation policy for each library. Direct links to the libraries and their resources. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Infomine – Scholarly Internet Resources Collection. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Internet Library Catalog
Keyword-searchable library catalogs from around the country and world. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Internet Resources for Librarians
Internet Resources for Librarians – A comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for librarians to locate Internet resources related to their profession. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Internet School Library Media Center
Internet School Library Media Center – Provides access to selected resources of professional and curricular use in K12 schools. – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Knowledge Quest
Knowledge Quest – An online companion to the journal of the American Association of School Librarians – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Learning Page
The Library of Congress – Provides collections and services for researchers, libraries, and the public. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Libarian’s Index to the Internet
Libarian’s Index to the Internet – A searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 7,000 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

LibDex The Library Index
LibDex – Worldwide directory of library homepages and library online catalogs with Web interfaces. – (Added: 08.01.2014)

Librarian’s Guide to the Best Information on the Net
Librarian’s Guide to the Best Information on the Net – Information on services and policies, as well as a guide to relevant Internet resources for students, teachers, and librarians. – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Library Catalogs Local and Worldwide (via Yale University)
Library Catalogs Local and Worldwide – Comprehensive list of library online catalogs, including links to the catalogs. – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

Library Journal
Library Journal – Combines news, features, and commentary with analyses of public policy, technology, and management developments. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Library of Congress Online Catalog
Library of Congress US – Search the online catalog of the Library of Congress. the new Library of Congress Online Catalogue – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Library Research Service – Statistics
The Library Research Service (LRS) – Is a market-driven public-private partnership that generates research and statistics to inform decision-making in library and information management. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Library Spot
Library Spot – A free virtual library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Libweb – Is one of the better global lists of library catalogues on the web, particularly if you know a name. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Loughborough University Library
Library resources.Keeping your research up to date. – (Added: 24.10.2014 )

Magportal Search for the full text of magazine articles freely available online or browse by subject category. – (Added: 17.11.2014 )

MIT Libraries
Search the MIT collections for articles, conferences, government documents, patents, technical reports, theses and much more. Some resources are restricted to MIT community only. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

National Library Catalogues Worldwide
National Library Australia – Is maintained at the University of Queensland. – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

National Library of Australia
National Library of Australia – Has their catalog online. – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

National Library of Canada
National Library of Canada – Has a Web-based catalogue online 14 hours a day and on weekend . They also have a variety of other search tools and leads.( – (Added: 08.01.2002 )

National Library of Medicine
The world’s largest biomedical library. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

OCLC PICA – Is a new organisation which comprises of the previous organisations, OCLC Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Pica. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

O’Keefe Library Resources
O’Keefe Library Resources – A collection of librarian resources. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

QuickStudyLibrary Research Guide
QuickStudyLibrary Research Guide – An interesting study guide from the University of Minnesota Libraries. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is the international association representing the interests of thousands of information professionals in sixty countries. Special librarians are information resource experts who collect, analyze, evaluate, package, and disseminate information to facilitate accurate decision-making in corporate, academic, and government settings. – (Added: 28.10.2014 )

Tales from the Terminal Room
RBA – Free, monthly electronic newsletter. – (Added: 30.11.2014 )

The Dow Jones InfoPro Resource Center
The Dow Jones InfoPro Resource Center has a «Marketing the information center. – (Added: 17.11.2002 )

The WWW Virtual Library
Excellent place to locate pages of collected links that can lead to associations and experts. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

US Libraries
US Libraries – Many of the OPAC US libraries are listed by the [US] Library of Congress. – (Added: 08.01.2014 )

Using Internet for research
FAQ for Internet and Research. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )


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