6.5 Lessons learned


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The E-Business, the E-Customer, their Relationship and Interactivity



KunnskapskildenE-Business –
E-Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity


The E-Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity 

Jan Vig 

Dissertation  av Jan Vig om E.Business, E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity  (286 sider) i forbindelse med Masterstudie i Information Technology and Communication Juni 2000.


The E-Retailer Business, the E-Customer,
their Relationship and Interactivity

Table of Contents

Chapter One Introduction to the study

Chapter Two Business in Cyberspace

Chapter Three E- Retailer Commerce

Chapter Four E-Customer, Relationship and Interactivity

Chapter Five A Successful Case study – Amazon.com

Chapter Six The Future, Critical Success Factors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion



Chapter 6

The Future, Critical Sucess Faktors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion 


Chapter Six The Future, Critical Success Factors, E-Business Strategy, Results and Conclusion

6.1 Introduction 185
6.2 Future trends 188
6.3 The critical success factors for E-Business 194
6.4 Developing effective E-Business Strategy 203
6.5 Lessons learned 210
6.5.1 Understanding E-Business 210
6.5.2 Change 210
6.5.3 A ‘complete’ development process 211
6.5.4 Customer satisfaction 211
6.6 Recommendation 212
6.7 Conclusion



Lessons learned




Some generally lessons learned:

  • Clearly identify the business objectives before starting.
  • There is a need for senior business champions that are committed to the project.
  • A skilled project team is essential, one that combines both business and IT.
  • E- Business must be a business-driven, not an IT initiative.
  • Business units must feel ownership but central leadership, coordination and development is important.
  • Plan thoroughly how to integrate E- Business into the existing business system.
  • Understand the legal and security requirements that E- Business brings.
  • Culture and change are more complex than technology to institute.
  • Include key business partners in the initiative.
  • Don’t treat E- Business as just a “front- end”, it will changes the way E-retailers operate.



6.5.1 Understanding E-Business

Setting up an E-Business begins by investigating and gathering background information. From the start, it is important to understand Internet and how to conduct business on the Internet. Further understand the E-Customer for which the E-retailer Web site is intended.

For the E-Retailer, it is important to become familiar with the technology for E-commerce and understand the limitations and constraints in an ever-continuing changing world. It is a challenge for the E-Retailer to keep up with the fast pace of technological developments. It is important for the E-Retailer to learn as much as possible about doing business online before they take the step to open an E-Retailer commerce site.



6.5.2 Change

An E-Retailer Web site is never finished. Changes occur daily and the E-Retailer has to watch up. New partnerships, new models and new competitors are getting into the scene from now where, that is the challenge. The most important thing in this picture is to listen to the E-Customers and get regularly feedback and react to that to avoid to see that their E-Customers are ‘clicking’ away to join the competitors E-Customers. The aim is to get loyal E-Customer and that is only possible to achieve if the E-Retailer is able to achieve great customer satisfaction.


6.5.3 A ‘complete’ development process

The whole development process for an E-retailer Web Business demands to combine a lot of different knowledge and skills together in an E-Business team. The E-Retailer should build an E-Business not only an E-Retailer web site.

By studying the literature it was obvious that few are stressing the point of a complete process in developing an E-Business. The consulting companies as PwC, Anderson Consulting etc. are stressing this point.  E-Retailer should make an E-Business and not only establish an E-Retailer web site.

When developing an E-Retailer web business, it is essential to have a collaborative team involved. For E-Retailers to succeed the necessary team should include know-how within the following areas in addition to the traditional ‘know how’ to build the E-Business.


These are:

  • Online marketer know how
  • Internet consulting know how
  • Customer relationship know how
  • Business intelligence know how
  • Strategic Internet know how



6.5.4 Customer satisfaction

One of the learning from the research is how important a good technology base for mining data in a company is. A lot of companies are collecting data about their customers, but are not using these data efficiently to get loyal and satisfied customers. It is important to remember that the Web is a constrained medium, screens are small, modems are slow and users are technically inexperienced. Further it is important to create good customer experiences that work within the constraints of the web. Another thing is that the web has completely changed the rules of effective marketing. On the web, brand is the experience and the experience is the brand. If customers can’t buy, they won’t buy. The E-Retailer has to make it easy for the customer to give him the money.


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