2.1 General things to be aware of by building up the personal intelligence system


Intelligence Resource (IR)

Praktisk Intelligence (I)/Business Intelligence (BI)/

OmverdensOvervåking (OO)





Intelligence/Business Intelligence/ OmverdensOvervåking 


Internet Marketing Intelligence

Internett Marketing  

Web utviklingsprossen 

CD/Video utviklingsprossen 

Tips& Triks 



Kunnskapskilden –  Internet Marketing Intelligence

Bench on the pier


Internet Marketing Intelligence



Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia i 1999



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Search Strategy



Chapter 2 Search Strategy

2.1 General things to be aware of by building up the personal intelligence system

2.2 My search strategy

2.3 . Personal intelligence Resources

2.3.1 Information sought by me

2.3.2 Information sent to me

2.3.3 Information Assembled to me

2.3.4 Information archived by me

2.3.5 Information archived by others

2.4 Primary and secondary Research

2.4.1 Primary market research

2.4.2 Secondary Market Research

2.5 Research Questions



Chapter 2.1

Generally things to be aware of by building up the personal intelligence system


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia i 1999/2000

When I build up my personal Intelligence system I have to be careful, because of all the resources out on the Web. Therefore I found it most valuable to start my personal intelligence system in the way that I describe the strategy which I am using.

After searching a lot on the Internet I have been very carefully with which the sources I choose.
It is a lot of valuable sources, which are collected from either Librarians or Information professional and these sources I have found best to use.
To be effective in searching on the Internet you have to have a simple method. You have to have a strategy, otherwise you will loose yourself in all the information available on the Internet.

In this research project I will out of my experience only use certain starting points, some subjects three, two till three search engines  and use google.groups and Liszt http://www.liszt.com .


My method is quite simple I go to the known and quality proved sources first.


Nevertheless, I find the recommendation of the Internet Marketing Research book very useful and good.


I have tried to use different sources as suggested in the book Internet Marketing Research:

  • Information sought by me
  • Information sent to me( NUA, WilsonWeb, Peppers &Rogers, 1to1Web(Allen))
  • Information Assembled to me
  • Information archived by me
  • Information archived by others




In my case:

I use the following meta resources:Copernic To download from http://www.copernic.com



Finding a needle in a bottle of hay http://ftp.tas.gov.au/simtel.net/presno/bok/10.html

Getting an edge over your competitors http://ftp.tas.gov.au/simtel.net/presno/bok/11.html

Your electronic daily news http://ftp.tas.gov.au/simtel.net/presno/bok/9

Working smarter http://ftp.tas.gov.au/simtel.net/presno/bok/12.html

Yahoo http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/World_Wide_Web/Searching_the_Web/

SearchEngine Watch http://www.searchenginewatch.com



Warning: The largest search engines index less than 1/10th of the web! «Two scientists from the NEC Research Institute in Princeton carried out a study on the Net’s loudest search engines and found that not only do they not index the best part of the Net but they are most likely to index commercial over educational, US over European and popular over relatively unknown,» reported Nua Internet Surveys on July 13th, 1999. http://www.nua.com



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