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A wide range of articles that explain electronic commerce and electronic markets. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

Application Servers
With server-side scripting it is possible to make a Web server do a lot more than just deliver Web pages. However if you need to build complex Web-based applications you’ll probably need a specialized Application server. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )
A global resource guide and discussions focusing on B2B e-commerce and emerging eMarketplaces. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Beginners Guide to E-Commerce
An excellent short introduction to E-Commerce. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

Build an On-Line Business
A high quality and comprehensive guide to planning and building an on-line business from Microsoft. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

CIO’s Electronic Commerce Research Center
Offers articles, resources and other useful material. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

CNET Spotlight on e-commerce
Good series of articles and links dealing with the technical aspects of setting up e-commerce. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Database Servers
Database servers are at the back-end of most medium and large E-Commerce projects. Whether you have millions of dollars to spend, or are looking for some freeware, you’ll find a solution is this list. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

EC-EDI page of DoD
The US government is into EC/EDI in a big way. Check out this huge site from the DOD Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

eCommerce Guidebook
A step-by-step guide to the process of becoming E-Commerce enabled. An excellent introduction to the subject. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )
In this case the name is NOT the address since this is really part of Mecklermedia’s site. Even so this is an excellent resource for learning about e-commerce including lots of articles and current news section, product information, industry events and much more. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

EDI Tutorial
What is this EDI thing anyway? Find out here. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

David Siegel’s new consulting group, Futurize Now – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

How to Succeed in E-Commerce
how to avoid failing. Hints, tips, ideas and advice from – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

IBM E-Commerce Assistant
Offers a service that helps companies find strengths and weakness in their in their electronic marketing efforts on the Web. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )

Roger Clarke’s Electronic Commerce
Includes numerous links to all aspects of EC. – (Added: 27.01.2014 )
Contains monthly articles and links that oriented to the e-commerce novice. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

The Electronic Commerce Resource Center Program
Information on government funded offices to help US businesses establish EC capabilities. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Web Servers
Electronic Commerce relies on the Web. The Web relies on Web servers to serve up the pages. It follows that the Web server is probably the most critical component of an E-commerce system. Would you know how to select the best Web server for your requirements? How much should you pay for the software? – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

A leading provider of enterprise solutions for the management, analysis, and reporting of Internet based systems. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

Wilson’s Electronic Commerce Research Room
Extensive list of links to e-commerce articles. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )

ZDNet – E-Business
Articles, resources, tips and e-commerce classes from leading computer industry publisher. – (Added: 27.01.2002 )


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