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Jan Vig’s Résumé

Generally about Search Strategy
I use the following meta resources
1. I define the research question or problem
2. I define some keywords, I am thinking synonyms
3. I use Copernic (Meta) to get an overview
4. I use different sources
4.1 The encyclopedias
5. I use guides, subjects trees and distributed subject trees
5.1 Guides
5.2 Subject Trees
5.3 Distributed subject Trees
6. I use some of the search engines more goal oriented
6.1 Individual Search Engines
6.2 Meta Search Engines /Combinations
6.3 Search Engine Collections

7. I also seek newgroups and mailing lists




Generally about Search Strategy 

General things to be aware of by building up the personal intelligence system.

When I build up my personal Intelligence system I have to be careful, because of all the resources out on the Web. Therefore I found it most valuable to start my personal intelligence system in the way that I describe the strategy which I am using.

After searching a lot on the Internet I have been very carefully with which the sources I choose.
It is a lot of valuable sources, which are collected from either Librarians or Information professional and these sources I have found best to use.

To be effective in searching on the Internet you have to have a simple method. You have to have a strategy, otherwise you will loose yourself in all the information available on the Internet.

Out of my experience I only use certain starting points, some subjects three, two till three search engines and I use Google Group (earlier and Liszt. I am using deep Web Resources.

My method is quite simple I go to the known and quality proved sources first.


I am using different sources:

  • Information sought by me
  • Information sent to me
  • Information assembled to me
  • Information archived by me
  • Information archived by others




Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia i 1999/2000


  1. I define the research question or problem
  2. I define some keywords ,I am thinking synonyms
  3. I use Copernic (Meta) to get an overview.
    I find indications on interesting sites. I write down the sources, but I do not go into the articles to read . Sometimes I also choose two/three general search engines in addition to get the overview.
  4. Then I think about which sources are natural to look into: Newspaper, magazines. News archive, databases, special communities, references, libraries etc.
  5. Then I use guides and subjects threes
  6. I use some of the search engines more goal oriented
  7. I also seek newgroups and mailing lists



5.  Guides and subjects threes



The encyclopedias





Guides: Two till five of these:





Subject Trees





Distributed subject TreesThis is collection of “trailblazer” pages
(collections, guides, index, indices, meta , subject-guide, subject index pages etc)


6.  Search engines used more goal oriented




Individual Search Engines

  • AltaVista very large database of Web sites and Usenet newsgroups with advanced Boolean and field search
  • HotBot very large database with easy form-based Boolean, field, and media search options; includes its channel content with the results for searches on broad or popular terms; clusters results by presenting one hit per site
  • Northern Light results are organized into concept or location folders; Special Collection articles available for a small fee
  • Google ranks pages by the number of links from pages ranked high by the service; offers the option to view sites quickly if they are in the service’s cache
  • Infoseek ccurate search engine of Web sites, Usenet newsgroups, Reuters news, and companies with field search options; clusters results by presenting one hit per site; offers recommended and/or reviewed Web sites for certain topics.
  • Excite large, current database with concept searching available to focus results; includes its channel content with results for searches on broad or popular terms
  • Lycos small database offering the bonus of proximity searching and the option to control factors in the relevancy ranking of results





Meta Search Engines /Combinations

  • Cyber411 search a large number of search engines and directories with the option to perform full Boolean and proximity searches
  • Metacrawler/Inference Find retrieve results in relevancy ranked order; useful power search available with a template of search options
  • ProFusion chooses the best three engines for your query based on user responses to previous search results; also offers the option to choose the fastest three engines
  • Savvy Search (L) offers retrieval by a choice of topics and document types and a user-friendly template for building a search; choose «Integrate results» to remove duplicates
  • (L) provides the user with direct access to hundreds of search engines. The engines are organized into over 25 subject categories, allowing the user to narrow a search





Search Engine Collections

(Retrieve Results From Each Site Separately (comprehensive results)




7. I also seek newgroups and mailing lists



  • – – search postings to thousands of Usenet newsgroups; free registration is available for special services including discussion forums, spam-free e-mail accounts, and e-mail alerts about postings on topics (threads) of my choice
  • Reference.com Usenet and mailing list postings are searchable with advanced search options; can also store queries and receive results via e-mail
  • The Liszt Directory of E-mail Discussion Groups Liszt one of the largest directories of email discussion groups. It features fast, searchable access to information on more than 60,000 listserv, majordomo, listproc, and independently-managed mailing lists.



Personal intelligence Resources


7.1 Information sought by me

7.2   Information sent to me



Personal resources


Professional resources


Technology and the Web


Newsfeed/mailing lists



7.3 Information Assembled to me






Professional resources



Web Marketing E-Zines


7.4 Information archived by me


  • My bookmark(not available here)


7.5 Information archived by others





For more information, please see my Electronic Résumé by clicking on a target one section at a time.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at



Hvis du har noen spørsmål eller ønsker å vite mer om Intelligence Resource kan du bruke kontaktmulighetene nedenfor:


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Jan Vig
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