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Ad Juggler – Data Mining & Tracking
Order or download a copy of this utility designed to aid in keeping track of banner ad click-through rates and statistics. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Ad Server Solutions – Data Mining & Tracking
Freehold, New Jersey, company offers rotating software for targeted, online advertising such as pop-up ads, banners, and gateway pages. Get real-time reporting. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Agile Software, the leader in Product Chain Management, delivers solutions that enable companies to work with their customers and suppliers to efficiently build better, more profitable products faster, and at less cost. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Since its founding in 1996, Ariba has remained at the forefront of the Internet evolution, providing easy-to-implement, robust online commerce solutions for proven cost savings and return on investment. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Astra – Data Mining & Tracking
Offers automated tools for testing Web site performance and monitoring traffic. Browse a FAQ and download a brochure. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Ban Man Pro – Data Mining & Tracking
Learn about this banner-rotation and management software designed to accurately track impressions and click-through rates. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Blaze software
Formely Neuron Data. Offer Web personlaization and self service. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Business Objects – BusinessMiner – Data Mining & Tracking
Enterprise software is designed for data mining by business users. Download a tutorial. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Baan http://www.infor.com/product_summary/erp/ln/
ERP – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Caesius Software – WebQL – Data Mining & Tracking
Software allows for data extractions into usable formats, competitive analysis, market research and online tracking of any kind. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Front End for telecom vustomer care and sales. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Commerce One
Commerce One® is the Business Internet Company. Our software, services, and global supplier network give buying organizations visibility and control over inter-enterprise sourcing and procurement processes. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

E.piphany – Data Mining & Tracking
Get details on a software system that offers Web-based customer-relationship analytic solutions. Learn about customization and personalization. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Internet Electronic Commerce. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Eudaptics – Data Mining & Tracking
Visual data-mining software enables customer-behavior modeling. Read about products, services and support. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

FileNet http://www.infor.com/product_summary/erp/ln/
Document Imaging, Workflow. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Global NetWatch – Data Mining & Tracking
Company checks the viability of e-commerce Web site addresses, and keeps pertinent records for its clients. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

E-Commerce Solutions offers complete front and back end technology to do business on the web. Specializing in Shopping carts systems and customized programming to distinguish your e-business from the rest. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

i2 provides software and services that help customers achieve measurable value through improvements in coordination and collaboration. Through the methodology of Dynamic Value Chain Management (DVCM), i2 delivers innovative solutions that increase efficiency and velocity, both within the enterprise and across all of its suppliers, partners and customers. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Ebusiness packages. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Order entry and tracking. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Implementation of eProcurement. – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Catalogue and Order entry. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

E Commerce with integrated Content Management. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

InterWorld Corporation delivers industry-leading enterprise commerce software solutions to help companies connect and collaborate with their customers, suppliers and business partners no matter where they are or what technologies they employ. InterWorld enables businesses to address the risks associated with licensing, implementing and maintaining e-commerce software and offers the lowest total cost of ownership for businesses in industries ranging from retail, manufacturing and distribution to telecommunications and transportation. – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

ERP. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Domino Merchant.Online shop for medium to large providers. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Network services. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Manugistics http://www.jda.com/
Manugistics Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: MANU) pioneered the powerful new business discipline of Enterprise Profit OptimizationTM (EPO), which helps companies drive profitable growth through the simultaneous optimization of supply-side and demand-side business processes. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Mercantec SoftCart
Mercantec, Inc. ® is a leading global provider of products and services that enable Internet commerce – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Frontage. HTML editor for publishing Web Sites. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

NetGenesis – Data Mining & Tracking
Learn about NetAnalysis, software for evaluating customer data gathered online. Take a virtual tour of its features. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Fusion. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

NetValue – Data Mining & Tracking
Offers dynamic tools to measure Web, email, chat, audio, video, game, ICQ and FTP activity. Download product profiles and read press releases. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Open Market has been acquired by divine, inc. Together, our service offerings focus on collaboration, interaction, and content management technologies that extend businesses systems beyond the edge of the enterprise. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Ordertainment. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

ERP – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Personify – Data Mining & Tracking
Offers marketing and customer-tracking software to Internet business clients. Browse product options, consulting services and corporate details. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

ERP – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Satmetrix Systems – Data Mining & Tracking
Company develops real-time software to monitor customer responses and loyalty. Read about the market overview or sign up for the newsletter. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

SmartCard E-commerce solutions. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Touch Clarity – Data Mining & Tracking
UK-based software company describes its application, Intelligent Personalization. Read the product overview to learn about its technology. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

WebMiner – Data Mining & Tracking
Provides demographic and data mining services to help you understand your Web visitors. Call or email for additional information. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Website Garage – Data Mining & Tracking
Integrated validation services includes features for dead link checking, indexing ratings, and recommendations for meta tags. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Website Reporter – Data Mining & Tracking
Easy to understand Web site statistics. Call or email for additional information. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

WebTrends – Data Mining & Tracking
Developers of Log Analyzer – server log and firewall analysis, site monitoring and management software. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )


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