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A Business Researcher’s Interests
Brint – A Business Researcher’s Interests is a growing knowledge map of contemporary business, management and information technology issues accessible through a metaindex of twenty topical sections. It provides access to full-text papers, magazines and journals, case studies, tools, and other key resources on some of the hottest issues of interest to both business and technology professionals. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

A business resource directory – Contains business resource directory information necessary to start, plan, manage and organize any business. Small business information, business planning and business start-up information can be found in this comprehensive business resource directory. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

All-biz – Do you have a small business you’re trying to grow? Or maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur with a vision? – (Added: 07.01.2002 )
AssociationCentral – Portal and search engine specializes in association-related info, products and services. Read news, and link to groups, societies and unions. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

Benchmarking Exchange
Benchmarking Exchange (TBE) – Is the only on-line resource dedicated to the practice of benchmarking, reengineering, process improvement, and quality improvement. Over 750 member organizations worldwide. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau – Access business and consumer alerts, charity reports, membership lists as well as online complaint forms. Includes U.S. and Canada. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

BizAdvantage – Brainwave has become BizAdvantage. We have streamlined our site to help you better access the information you need. BizAdvantage is a pay-as-you-go resource for business information such as company profiles, credit reports, market research, and more! The Business Information Resource for Company, Industry and Market Research. – (Added: 09.01.2002 )

Business Forecasting Connection
Business Forecasting Connection – Information about business forecasting research and practice. Answers to frequently asked questions, guides to journals, conferences and organizations. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Business Glossary
Business Glossary – The Washington Post – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

Business Resource Center
Business Resource Center – Welcome to Khera Communications’ Business Resource Center (formerly Small Business Help Center). This Center was created to help businesses get useful information to help them grow. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Company Sleuth
Company Sleuth – Free, Legal, Inside Information – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Consumers Union
Consumers Union – Independent, nonprofit testing and information organization serving only consumers.» Publisher of «Consumer Reports – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

Corporate Information
Corporate Information – Search over 300,000 company profiles worldwide – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

CorporateInformation – Search this database of company reports, SEC filings, and independent research and analysis and link to related resources for company research. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

Dow Jones Investor Network
Dow Jones Investor Network (DJIN) – With daily schedules, video archives and product information. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Down Jones Business Directory
Down Jones Business Directory – Reviews business websites. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

Earth Link
Earth Link – Whether you’re establishing a Web presence for your company, looking for mobile connectivity, or revolutionizing e-commerce, EarthLink has the solutions. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Economist Group
Economist Group – United Kingdom offers analysis and forecasts of the political, economic, and business environment in more than 180 countries. Access to the public areas of their web siterequires a free registration. Their full-text publications, databases and other information are accessible by subscription only. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Emarketer – Statistics. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

Emerging Markets Companion
Emerging Markets Companion – Is another window into the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. – (Added: 12.01.2014 ) – Business resource directory. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

European Business Centre
European Business Centre – The Web proves difficult to navigate when one wants to find European sites in languages other than English. Europe represents 23% of Web content (worldwide), although most sites are not listed in search engines because of the language problem. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

European Union
European Union – Has a Market Access Sectoral and Trade Barriers Database covering over 50 countries worldwide, in 26 sectors, and 13 divisions of measurement. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Franchise Handbook
Franchise Handbook – The online version of the most complete directory of franchises. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Government Contractor Resource Center
Government Contractor Resource Center – You have reached the premier information source for the Government Contracting industry. Find products and suppliers, read current headlines, and keep up with the latest information in your professional community through these featured resources. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Hoover’s Online
Hoover – Delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

International Business Practices
International Business Practices – Is full text of a U.S. Department of Commerce reference work that provides overviews of import regulations, free trade zones, foreign investment policy, intellectual property rights, tax laws and more in 117 countries. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

International Business Resources
International Business Resources – A comprehensive index for International Business Resources on the WWW. Continuously updated. Provided by Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at Michigan State University. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Investorguide – Guide to investing on the web – (Added: 07.01.2014 )
MyBusiness – Business directory allows people to customize and track headlines for any industry and company. Check out the stock-market indexes. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )

Net Profit Center
Net Profit Center – A site designed for business executives in the Asia Pacific region. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Web site with currency conversion tools; historical exchange rates; and related currency, foreign exchange, and travel information. – (Added: 28.06.2014 ) – In recent years, technology has revolutionized and reinvented the way we work – and of all the new enabling technology, the Internet has been the most recent and radical. focuses and harnesses the potential of the Internet for the workworld. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Pricewaterhouse Coopers – In a business environment where success increasingly requires the rapid application of knowledge to address complex issues, PricewaterhouseCoopers has brought together 140,000 of the best minds in the world to help our clients succeed. Our job is channeling knowledge and value through six lines of service and twenty-two industry specialized practices. Because we are global, we are local, there to serve you wherever you are. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )
ProfessionalCity – Aims to be a one-stop-shop for professionals on the Web, offering business-related categories, searchable databases and research for a fee. – (Added: 07.01.2002 )
SearchEBusiness – A search engine providing IT professionals with e-business news and tips. Visit the career center and find an online event. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

Statistical Resources on the Web
Statistical Resources on the Web. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

The Syndicate
The Syndicate – Is filled with links to stock exchanges and financial information around the world. Besides the usual United States links, you’ll find links to countries like Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and countries in Latin America. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Trade Show Central
Trade Show Central – Is a large searchable database of international trade shows. Market research reports from Frost & Sullivan are available through Data- Star. It produces over 250 market reports each year, in 20 industrial sectors. These reports cover results of face-to-face interviews with manufacturers, buyers and trade association executives, supplemented by a search and summary of secondary sources. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )

Transport Web
Transport Web – Is an information service for the international transportation industry. – (Added: 12.01.2014 )

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce – World’s largest business federation. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

World Trade Search
World Trade Search – Extensive online database of Asian, American, and European companies. – (Added: 07.01.2014 )

ZDNet Company Finder
ZDNet Company Finder – Searchable database of information about technology companies, including contact information, website links, product lists, news, technical help, and shopping. – (Added: 12.01.2002 )


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