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The Orient Business Express has more than 850,000 Asian company listings. CrossRoads is a collection of business links to Asia, searchable by country or category (business, culture, news and government). – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Asia & Pacific Banking & Finance
Asia & Pacific Banking & Finance – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia & Pacific Chambers of Commerce
Asia & Pacific Chambers of Commerce – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Asia & Pacific Stock Exchanges
Asia & Pacific Stock Exchanges. – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia in the World Economy
This site from Harvard University offers the best sites for all the Asian countries. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Asia Pacific Management Forum
Asia & Pacific News – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia/Pacific Internet Resources
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia & Pacific Company Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Asia-Links – links the world to Asia by providing high-tech content and services to all Asian countries, including China and U.S.A. – (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Asian Business Daily
Asian Links of Interest site from Orient magazine: extensive collection of business links, E-Zines, magazines, newspapers, and assorted other links of interest. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

Asian Business Watch
Whether your exporting to the asian market or simply want to keep up to date on what’s happening over there this is the site for you. It has everything from economic reports, market overviews and links to countless governemtn agencies. – (Added: 10.02.2002 )

Asian Connection
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Asian Development Bank
Financial institution based in the Philippines and consisting of fifty-nine member countries, with the mission of extending loans to encourage economic and social development in Asia, and to provide technical assistance and development policies. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia-Pacific Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Asia-Pacific.com Data Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.214 )

Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Asia & Pacific News – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Austrade Online http://www.austrade.gov.au/
Australian directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Australian Business
Australian directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Australian Commonwealth Government Entry Point http://www.austrade.gov.au/
Australian directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Business Administration Resources
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

The site for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China Chamber of International Commerce includes information on agencies that promote and facilitate trade with China, a guide to doing business in China, demographic and statistical information, and related information. – (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy
This organization collects statistics and data on all aspects of the economy of India. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

The China External Trade Development Council . – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Chinamarket.com — locate and source China manufacturers, suppliers and customers. – (Added: 18.11.2014 )

ChinaOnline – the information network for China. – (Added: 18.11.2014 )

Asia & Pacific Company Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Commerce Resources
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Countries of Asia
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Doing Business in Japan
Information and newsletters about doing business in Japan. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

East & Southeast Asia
Directory of Internet Resources – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

East Asia Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Economics Resources
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

EuroSeek Asia
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

EuroSeek Oceania
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Government Information Office
Republic of China . Government Information Office. – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Hong Kong Exchange
Web site for the Hong Kong stock exchange. Includes text of financial filings and press releases of listed companies as well as links to other investment-related sites. – (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hong Kong directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

News and Information resources for Asia. – (Added: 28.05.2002 )

IR Asia
Web site focused on investor relations information. About 2,500 companies pay to have their investor-related information hosted on the site; it includes press releases, annual reports, analyst reports, prospectuses, stock quotes, and companies’ presentations to analysts. – (Added: 28.06.2014 )

J Guide
Web directory of Japanese information resources, developed by the Stanford University U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center. – (Added: 28.06.2002 )

Japan Economic Foundation
Japanese trade and industry information. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )

Japan Information Resources http://www.austrade.gov.au/
Directory of Japan resources published by Stanford University. – (Added: 28.05.2014 )


Asia & Pacific Company Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

NikkeiNet Interactive
Asia & Pacific News – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

ScoutAsia your Link to Asian Market. – (Added: 18.11.2002 )

Search engine Watch
Asia & Pacific Search Engines – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

South Asia Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Southeast Asia Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Statistics Resources
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

The All Asia Links
Asia & Pacific Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

The China Business Review
Asia & Pacific News – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

The China Business Review
The China Business Review – (Added: 18.11.2014 )

The Nanyang Technological University Library
WWW Sites and Information Gateways in Asia – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

WebSite URLs of Japanese Companies
Asia & Pacific Company Directory – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

WebSite URLs of Japanese Companies
Japanese Companies. – (Added: 05.07.2014 )

World Trade Data Base
Asia & Pacific Company Directory – (Added: 05.07.2002 )

Yahoo Yellow Pages
Asian & Pacific Yellow Pages – (Added: 05.07.2014 )


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