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Academic Info
Academic Info – Gateway to qality educational resources. – (Added: 20.11.2002 )

All About College
Finding education sites. – (Added: 08.07.2002 )

AllLearn: Academic Directories
AllLearn: Academic Directories – Guides to high quality resources on the Internet in the academic disciplines – (Added: 20.11.2002 )

In response to questions we’ve received at AskERIC, our network information specialists have compiled over 3000 resources on a variety of educational issues. This collection includes Internet sites, educational organizations, and electronic discussion groups. – (Added: 03.03.2002 )

Awesome Library
Awesome Library – Excellent collection of educational resources. – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

BBC has a service called TV Alert, which although not keyword indexed, does allow broad subject access to TV and radio programmes on the BBC to be delivered to you by email. – (Added: 24.10.2014 )

Biz/Ed – Internet resources. Over 3500 Business and Economic Resources. – (Added: 21.11.2002 )

CIT Information resource Guides
CIT Information resource Guides – Excellent guide for education and technology. – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Classroom Connect
Learning Resources for K12 Educaters and their students. – (Added: 03.03.2002 )

Education Index
Guide to best and useful education-related Education Sites on the Web. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

Education Place
Education Place: Resources for elementary-school teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies Centers, Intervention, Professional Development, searchable activity database, educational games, and textbook support. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

Education World
The Educater’s best friend. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

Educators Network
Teachers Community. – (Added: 03.03.2002 )

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. – (Added: 03.03.2014)

Communities for ESL/EFL Learners & Teachers. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

Executive Education Center
Executive Education Center – Offers hundreds of business programs offered by many of the world’s leading business schools. – (Added: 29.11.2002 )

Searching for education. Museum of science, art, and human perception. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

How Things Work
Searching for education. Searchable list of physics questions is arranged in 19 chapters – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

Humbul Humanities Hub
Humbul Humanities Hub – Aims to be UK higher and further education’s first choice for accessing online humanities resources. – (Added: 21.11.2002 )

Library of Congress
Searching for education. Exhibitions, library services and research tools. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

Loyola University Chicago
Internet resources for educators. – (Added: 05.03.2002 )

Make great training materials.
Training Issues. – (Added: 09.07.2002 )

Net Learn
Training Issues online. Directory of resources for learning about the Internet. – (Added: 09.07.2014 )

Training Issues. NICAR has trained thousands of journalists in the practical skills of finding, prying loose and analyzing electronic information. – (Added: 09.07.2014 )
The most comprehensive and heavily traveled education resource on the Web, brought to you by Peterson’s-the nation’s leading provider of educational content, including college search and selection, test preparation, and lifelong learning. – (Added: 03.03.2014 ) the online resource for educators concerned with the growing problem of Internet plagiarism. – (Added: 17.11.2014 )

Searching for education . 50,000 fascinating articles and collections of scientific theory. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

A search engine just for searching «edu» sites. Over 20 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity. Also has a link for searching government and military web sites. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

Study Web
Searching for education. 17,000 research categories with links to Web resources. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

The Ultimate teachers Resource. – (Added: 03.03.2014 )

The Gateway to Educational Materials
Educational lesson plans, classroom acticities, curriculum materials and other resource repositories for instructors and teachers. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

The Study Abroad Programs is the #1 online resource for study abroad information. Search study abroad programs by: Academic Year/Semester, Summer, Language, Subject, Intern Abroad/Volunteer, High School, Intersession, ESL, TEFL Certificate, Summer Law, and Summer Business, or use our Destination Portals to find country specific information such as currency, maps, weather, and much more. – (Added: 11.03.2014 )

UniGuide Guide to U.S. Universities
Finding education sites. – (Added: 08.07.2002 )
A searchable database of more than 4,500 home pages for universities around the world. – (Added: 11.03.2002 )

Virtual Reference Desk
Searching for education. resources for K-12, includes Ask an Expert where you can get your questions answered on many subjects. – (Added: 11.03.2002 )

Web66: International School Web Site Registry
Finding education sites. – (Added: 08.07.2002 )

World Lecture Hall
Finding education sites. – (Added: 08.07.2002 )

Yahoo Education
Resources Education. – (Added: 03.03.2002 )


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