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Finding Information on the Internet: A TUTORIAL
Lib.berkeley.edu – Overview of popular search tools. – (Added: 22.12.2014)

How to Choose Search Tools You Need.
Lib.berkeley.edu – Types of Search Tools. UC Berkeley – Teaching Library Internet Workshops – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Learned Information
Learned Information – Learned Information Europe Ltd has considerable expertise in the information industry, having spearheaded the promotion of the use and exchange of information electronically for over 25 years. – (Added: 22.12.2001 )

Power Searching 101
Brightplanet.com – Guide to Effective Searching of Internet. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

RBA – Search strategies for the Internet – (Added: 29.11.2014 )

Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Guide – This extensive site is an up-to-the-minute source of news about the search industry, how-to articles for search professionals, and a good searchable directory of engines and search sites. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Search Engine Showdown
Search Engine Showdown – Summarizes, reviews, and compares the search features, scope and performance of search engines, directories, and meta-search sites. Also reviews, strategies, news and commentary. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch – News, guides, explanations & tips – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Searcher – Information Today publishes the print monthly Searcher, and also puts selected content from each issue up on this Web site. There’s something of interest every month, always worth a look. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

SearchTools.com – How to choose and implement a search engine on a web site. Also has information on robots, indexers, search servers, and related topics. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Spider’s Apprentice
Spider’s Apprentice – A good, reasonably thorough tutorial on search engines, how they work, how to plan a search strategy, and brief reviews of popular search sites. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

The Librarians’ Index to the Internet (LII) Sunsite Berkely
The Librarians’ Index Our motto: «Information You Can Trust.» The Librarians’ Index to the Internet (LII) is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 9,000 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. LII is used by both librarians and the general public as a reliable and efficient guide to Internet resources. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Top Internet Searching Resources Reviewed
As chosen and reviewed by Tracy Marks, these are the top ten search engines, directories and libraries on the Internet, and 25 honorable mentions. Choices were made on the basis of (in order of priority): content, ease of use, and design. – (Added: 22.12.2001 )

Traffick – Web portal trends with regular columns, news, comparisons, tools, tutorials, specialized reports, and statistics. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Using Meta Tags
Searchenginewatch – Defining search summaries & keywords. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Web Hound
Web Hound – How to be a web hound. finding what you want on the world wide web. – (Added: 22.12.2001 )

Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting Home / Search & Research
Thelearningsite.net – This series of tutorials addresses a range of search topics. Users who have no prior knowledge of how to locate information on the Web as well as searchers with advanced skills have found the lessons to be helpful. – (Added: 22.12.2014 )

Where to do Research
Where to do Research – – (Added: 25.02.2014 )

Yahoo- Searching the Web
Yahoo – Find links here to hundreds of specialized search engines and directories. – (Added: 22.12.2001 )


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