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CIO Knowledge Management Center  http://www.cio.com/
Making the most of intellectual capital. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

CyberAlert Internet Monitoring And Alert Service
CyberAlert Internet Monitoring And Alert Service – Internet monitoring and daily alert service for market intelligence and knowledge management. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

CyberCity Initiative
Index of Knowledge Management Resources with descriptions, papers, case studies and briefs. Sponsored by the city of Grande Prairie, AB, Canada. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Fast Company
Fastcompany – Extends the Fast Company experience to the Web. Specifically, the site serves people’s individual career needs with six custom-built Career Zones. Each Career Zone contains Web-only stories, interactive tools, expert opinions, and valuable connections to help Fast Company readers get ahead in the new economy. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

IBM Knowledge Management
Comprehensive source for Knowledge Management products and services available from IBM and Lotus. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

International Institute of Knowledge Management
A professional body established to promote intangiblemanagement and valuation learning. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

ITtoolbox Knowledge Management
Focusing on business intelligence, knowledge management, data mining, and other aspects of data warehousing.ITtoolbox (dw.ittoolbox.com) – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management
Think tank involve in knowledge management and competitive intelligence research and consulting, including research into knowledge enabling software. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

KM’s Knowledge Management FAQ
This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about knowledge management. In addition, we have provided a glossary section to define some commonly used knowledge management terms. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

KMTool – A global community for knowledge management professionals – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The site is about Knowledge Management! – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

KMWorld Buyer’s Guide
KMWorld Buyer’s Guide showcases vendors offering knowledge management solutions. Selecting a company displays company information, website, products and a reference to news and articles about the company and it’s products. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

KowInc.com is a portal focused on expanding the strategic capabilities of the enterprise. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Associates International
Total Knowledge Management Solutions from the Knowledge Assets Consultancy – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Board
Knowledge Board – The EC Knowledge Management Forum portal – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management @ Knowledge Ability
Knowledge Ability Limited is a privately-owned UK company providing the following services to international clients Working by Wire, Knowledge Management and Networked Learning. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management Alliance
Interactive community of organizations and individuals existing to increase competitive advantage through the use of practical client knowledge. Offers articles, online seminar, books, forum, and other tools. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
Benchmarking Network leads Benchmarking studiesworldwide, provides benchmarking measures and metrics,training in benchmarking, research and implementation insupport of improvement and reengineering efforts in responseto benchmarking study. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledge Management Consortium International Resource Center http://www.kmci.org/
Knowledge Management Consortium International Resource Center – The Practioner’s definitive source for tools, techniques, models and methods within knowledge Management. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledge Management Forum
Knowledge Management Forum – Is a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices collectively called – Knowledge Management. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledge Management Magazine
Knowledge Management issues. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management Magazine
The new digital-only version of Knowledge Management magazine .(www.destinationcrm.com/km/dcrm_km_new_version.asp) – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledge Management News
Knowledge Management News™ is a free email newsletter and information repository focused on the disciplines of Knowledge Management, Content Management, eLearning, and information management. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management Resource Center
Knowledge Management Resource Center – Gateway to the world of Knowledge Management (KM). – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Management Resources Skyrme
Knowledge Management Resources Skyrme – a synopsis and our evaluation of key knowledge management resources, including online resources, books and journals / magazines. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledge Management the University of Texas at Austin
Welcome to the Knowledge Management Server at the Universityof Texas at Austin. We’ve streamlined the site and updatedthe links. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Knowledge Research Institute
Karl Wiig focuses on management of knowledge at the organizational level. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Knowledgepoint Australia
Knowledgepoint Australia – You will find answers to questions and solutions for your pressing knowledge management problems. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Meta Knowledge Management Portal
Meta Knowledge Management Portal – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Nua Knowledge News  http://www.clickz.com/
NuaKnowledgeNews aims to bring you the latest thinking and reports on building knowledge management infrastructures online and how organisations can leverage the information value that the digital age demands. Primarily collated from the Web, the research and news is intended to provide an informative overview of knowledge management practices within an online environment. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

Open Directory Project (DMOZ)
The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )

PWC Knowledge Direct
PricewaterhouseCoopers’ direct connection to People, Knowledge, Worlds. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Special Libraries Association: Selected References on Knowledge Management. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Sveiby Knowledge Management
Original, well designed, authoritative and with an intellectual capital calculator. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The Apple Tree of Knowledge Management
Providing resources for case studies in knowledge management, consultations, news, and educational information.Knowledge Management, Workflow & Organization Learning – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

The Association of Knowledgework
At the Association of Knowledgework, people from every specialty cross professional, geographic, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together. Not just another website, this is a virtual home for those who work with this stuff called knowledge. Join your Community of Practice and connect with the interdisciplinary Community Network. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

Total Knowledge Management
Knowledge mapping, corporate intranets, building a culture of knowledge sharing, information on training workshops and consultancy projects in knowledge management. – (Added: 13.01.2002 )

WWW Virtual Library of Knowledge Management
WWW Virtual Library of Knowledge Management Brint- A compilation of knowledge management articles, forums, analyses, calendar, positions and bibliographies. – (Added: 13.01.2014 )


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