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Home / Intelligence / Information Industry Directory / – A massive online bookstore. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

America Online (AOL)
America Online – Is one of the largest online service provider with a computer network that remains distinct from the Internet. Patrons have access to a collection of commercial databases, as well as almost complete access to the Internet.American Geological Institute – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

American Stock Exchange
AMEX – US financial stock exchange. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Asia-Pacific Profiles
Asia-Pacific Profiles – Publisher of a set of expensive but detailed country profiles for Asia/Pacific from the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, the Australian National University. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Association of Independent Information Professionals
AIIP _ An international association of owners of information businesses. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Bank of America
Bank of America – Publisher of a print set of country profiles. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

BizMiner – Provides industry trends and benchmarks on over 19,000 business segments and more than 3,000 US locations. Support your business direction with solid industry data. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Bloomberg Business News
Bloomberg – provides an important financial data service including current financial economic and government information for all market sectors. Access is through a subscriber service. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Burwell Enterprises
Burwell Enterprises – Publisher of The Burwell Directory of Information Brokers an important annual directory for locating information brokers. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Business Wire
Business Wire – Is a press release wire, circulating press releases to the media. You can search the Business Wire through most of the push news services and I believe also by its own on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

CNet – Is an Internet firm publishing content and well marketed new ventures on the Internet. I am still a little unclear of its source of income. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts – A database producer. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

CARL – Has an important document delivery service, called Uncover. Their source is a collection of North American Libraries. I believe it is now owned by Knight Ridder. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Clarinet – Is delivers the important newswires through newsgroups. Their system is organized effectively in a selection of clari. newsgroups bundling similar topics together, thus competing closely with the push newswire services. Clarinet is organized by your ISP, and is not available for individual access at this time. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

CompuServe – Interactive Services provides complete and comprehensive products and access for Internet online users at home, in the workplace and around the globe. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Copac – Is the unified access point to the online catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland. Searches of their card catalogues are available free on the Internet.Copyright Clearance Center – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Country Commercial Guide List/ Economic Bulletin Board/ US Commerce Department – Publisher of a series of country profiles created by US embassies in various countries. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Datamonitor – A market research firm. Their site lists the reports and services. They sell these reports to subscribers. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Datastar – Was folded into Knight Ridder several years ago but still retains considerable autonomy. Datastar is a database retailer with a particularly European focus. Their database descriptions can be found at – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

DataTimes – Database Producer of an important newspaper abstract and Index. They also produce their executive Reports and Industry scorecard. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Delphion maintains a patent search service based on the US patents full text. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Derwent Information
Derwent Information – Is the world’s leading patent and scientific information provider and has been helping companies to stay ahead of the competition for over 50 years. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Dialog- Initially part of the Knight Ridder Inc, now part of the Dialog Corporation, is an important database retailer. They publish a monthly newsletter (Chronolog) and have placed their database descriptions online. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Disclosure – Providers of Corporate profiles, a product called Disclosure CorporateSnapshots – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Dow Jones News/Retrieval
Dow Jones – This is an important news database. Dow Jones News/Retrieval Service serves a single multi-database search – very unique and elegant. This includes news and business databases. Also includes the Wall Street Journal. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet – Are publishers of company profiles, credit reporting and market research – (Added: 05.01.2014)

EBSCO Information Services
EBSCO – Is the print publisher of Serial Directory, a giant international directory of Periodicals. EBSCO is also a source of electronic journal subscriptions. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
The Economist Intelligence Unit(EUI) – Publishes an important series of country benchmarks. Their information is also found in the periodical The Economist. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Education Resource Information Center
AccessEric – Coordinates the delivery of ERIC through the Internet. ERIC is an important cornerstone bibliographic database for eduction. and is available free on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Electric Library /
Electric Library – Search access to newspapers, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopeidas and the like. This is a subscription service for about US$10/month or US$60/year. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Encyclopaedia Britanica
Encyclopaedia Britanica – Provides the Encyclopedia through the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Engineering Information
Engineering Information – Engineering Information Inc. is the leader in providing online information, knowledge and support of the highest professional relevance for research and industrial practitioners in applied physical sciences and engineering. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Euromonitor – Is a Market Research firm. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Financial Times Group
Financial Times – The website of The Financial Times, the UK’s leading business newspaper. Also look at their INFO FT Address (database reseller) – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Find/SVP – A Market Research firm with a searchable catalogue online. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

FirstSearch by OCLC
FirstSearch – Is only available to Libraries on subscription, so works as a database wholesaler. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Forrester Research
Forrester – A Market Research firm with a searchable catalogue online. Forrester focusses on Computer industries. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Freedonia Group
Freedonia Group – A Market Research firm with a searchable catalogue online. Freedonia focusses on industry market research. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

FT Profile/ FT Discovery
FT – A large database retailer of Company, news and market information. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Galaxy – Is the original searchable Internet directory. Our mission is to provide contextually relevant information by integrating state-of-the-art technology with the human touch. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Gale Research
Gale – Publisher of Gale Directory of Databases and a vast collection of other directories. In fact, looking at their publications list, you would think they publish everything. They directories are available in print, on CD-Rom, Diskette, through a number of Database Retailers, and for annual subscription through GaleNet for delivery through the Internet. Libraries shelve many of their directories, though rarely the current ones because of their prohibitive cost. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Google Groups
Google Groups – Provides a free search of their very large usenet news archive. Groups. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

H.W.Wilson Company
H.W.Wilson – Important database producer of a large number of abstract databases. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Hoover Company Profiles
Hoover – Also available on AOL com, this apparently one of the better sources for US company profiles. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Individual – Industry news. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Infomart Dialog (Canada)
Infomart – Is an important Canadian database retailer. Their collection of databases is substantial. Their database descriptions are found at Access Company (IAC) – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

InfoSpace – Behind the scenes, this is a massive internet directory business providing content to many other websites. They produce government directories, restaurant guides, yellow and white pages to stock quotes, and news. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The Investext Group – Provides in-depth business research over the Internet – access to collections of investment research, market research, and trade association research, authored by analysts at over 600 contributing sources. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Kompass International
Kompass – Is a franchise, with each country Kompass directory being centrally organized. Their International website is located at – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Lexis-Nexis – Is an important database retailer, particularly in Legal research (Lexis) and fulltext news (Nexis). This firm now presents database information on specific files (parts of the commercial database). Start with their source list at – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Library of Congress Information Service(LOCIS)
Library of Congress Information Service(LOCIS – Database producer of their library catalogue (LOCIS) and a database of US legislation (THOMAS) both free on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Liszt – maintains a searchable database of newsgroups and of mailing lists. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

National Research Council Canada
NRC – Canada’s premier science and technology research organization, is a leader in scientific and technical research, the diffusion of technology and the dissemination of scientific and technical information. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

News Edge/Web by Desktop data
News Edge – Delivers timely, up-to-the-second news from a worldwide collection of highly respected sources, using the public Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Newsbytes – Is a newswire devoted to reporting news affecting the computer industry. They have a simple description at and subscriptions information at – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Newspage – Delivers news and some periodicals to your email box by matching search terms. It is a service of Individual Inc. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center Inc)
OCLC – Is a large library consortium, a database producer and a research service provider for such things as ArticleFirst, NetFirst and other services. Apparently, OCLC also works as a database retailer for certain gale directories. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

OECD – Publishes in print a set of country profiles – each about 100 pages. They are also an important source for international statistics. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Online magazine
Online – Mission is to provide the infrastructure of the content and e-media industries with the highest quality publications, newsletters, Web sites, conferences, and expositions. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Patent Explorer by Derwent Information
Patent Explorer – Top sites for Patent. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Pathfinder – Is owned by Time Warner. It offers access to newswires and business periodicals available for push delivery or searching through search terms. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

PIERS – Is a prominent database of movement of goods by sea. This database continues to expand from its core-coverage of US import/exports to include Latin America and others (soon India?). – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Pointcast – This is a news and information delivery service. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Prodigy Communications – a subsidiary of SBC Communications, is one of America’s leading Internet service providers (ISPs) serving the largest number of high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet customers in the United States. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Profound – Information to change the world. Profound is the easiest way to get the intelligence you need to develop expertise on just about anything…in minutes. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Questel/Orbit – is a database retailer with attention to business, scientific and patent databases. Questel/Orbit has some connection to France. Their database descriptions are found at – (Added: 05.01.2014 ) – A source of financial and market information. Celebrated as one of the first sources of free stock market reporting on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

R. R. Bowker
Bowker – The database producer responsible for Books in Print, the index to US books in print. Also the publisher of Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

Reuters – Also maintains an important newswire paticularly focussed on business news. Reuters Global News – available through their Reuters Business Briefing Product. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Scout Report
The Internet Scout Project – Is one of the oldest and most highly regarded Internet resources discovery services introducing new Internet resources. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

Securities Exchange Commission [US]
Securities Exchange Commission – A database producer of EDGAR, an important financial database. Access is free on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

SIFT – Database reseller for company information, market research and news. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

SilverPlatter Information
Silverplatter – Is a prominent commercial database retailer, selling many of their cd-rom based commercial databases primarily through a network of separate sales organizations. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
SCIP – Is the premier online community for knowledge professionals all around the globe. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The (UK) Office for National Statistics
The (UK) Office for National Statistics – ONS is part of National Statistics. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

The Argus Clearinghouse
Argus Clearinghouse – Previously known as the Internet directory stacks, this is a website devoted to listing important Internet guidebooks. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The British Library
British Library – Database Publisher of their catalogue, the British Library Catalogue, free on the Internet, and also an important document delivery service. – (Added: 05.01.2014)

The Dialog Corporation
Dialog – Sold their interest in Information retailing to MAID, which promptly became the Dialog Corporation – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The United Nations (UN)
United Nations (UN) – Important publisher of a wide range of books, several periodicals and a vast collection of Masthead, unbound formal documents. There are a wide collection of entry points to UN information, well presented by the Community Networking article on this topic: – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The US Census Bureau
The US Census Bureau – United States Department of Commerce. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

The Wall Street Journal Online
The Wall Street Journal – Is available for online subscriptions – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Thomas Register Online
ThomasRegister – Is the world’s leading resource for information on industrial products and services. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

Thomsom & Thomson
Thomsom & Thomson – Financial Network’s I/Plus Direct – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)
GPO – Database producer of MOCAT, the Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications free on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.20142 )

UMI – This is a large database producer, creator and publisher of ABI/Inform, Dissertation Abstracts Online, and a collection of other databases. UMI also produces National Newspaper Index (US) and Business Dateline. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

United Press International (UPI)
UPI – Is a prominent international newswire. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

US Patent and Trademark Office
USPTO – Also, is a database producer for US patents full text. Their information is also available on the Internet. – (Added: 05.01.2014 ) – Prepares US economic indicators as time-series, sold through subscription. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

West Publishing
West Publishing – A database retailer dedicated to the legal information. Their online system is called WestLaw – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

World News Connection
World News Connection – The US Government markets a foreign news service, World News Connection, slightly pricy, but boasting brilliant coverage of non-U.S. media sources. There is an extensive array of translated and English-language news and information from distant newspapers, key press agencies & Broadcasters. Costs start at US$25 for 7 days/US$65 for a month for an individual and for a little more, includes alert services. The description is online. – (Added: 05.01.2002 )

Yahoo – Is the largest of this type of Internet directory tree.Information section( of Yahoo AND ( Services section – (Added: 05.01.2014 )


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