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Academy of Competitive Intelligence
The Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI Inc.) is a leading training institute in the field of competitive intelligence. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

ASLIB have four ASLIB has courses that cover the theoretical to the practical. – (Added: 15.11.2014 )

AT&T WorldNet KM Reference
The Open Directory is a listing of links and sites recommended by Internet users. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )
Competitive Intelligence focus is organized by Products & Services; Research & Discussion; and Tools & Resources. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Offers knowledge management and new media content solutions. – (Added: 17.03.2002 )

Competitive Intelligence Programs: An Overview – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Canadian Institute of CI
The mandate of the Canadian Institute of Competitive Intelligence is to raise awareness of the techniques, concepts and benefits of CI in Canada, and to advance the professionalism of CI practitioners, through research, advocacy and education. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

CognIT was founded in 1996 and is based in Halden, Norway. We offer products and services related to knowledge management and information services. The company co-operates closely with international research and development and is constantly pushing state-of-the-art in different areas of computing. We have developed an outstanding record of large scale systems development, ranging from intelligent back-office systems to agent based text analysis and search tools. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

David Skyrme Associates
David Skyrme Associates offer a number of half day and 2-3 day workshops. – (Added: 15.11.2014 )

Delphi Group
The Delphi Group is a global advisory firm skilled in the business and technical implications of knowledge-based organizations helping clients to compete in a new age of intellect and knowledge. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Delphi on Knowledge Management
Delphi Group on Knowledge Management, Knowledge Leadership, Corporate Instinct, Smart Companies, Smart Tools, Knowledge Workers, Corporate Intelligence. – (Added: 17.03.2002 )

Economic and Competitive Intelligence
Directory of sites including Economic Espionage, Organizations, Articles, Intellectual Property, Commercial Sites, Conferences. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Offers knowledge management solutions including data networks, intranet & extranet development. – (Added: 17.03.2014 )

Entovation: KM Leaders
What are the characteristics that distinguish organisations who are leaders in knowledge management and those who are less successful or even failing in their knowledge initiatives? – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Fuld & Company
Fuld & Company is an international leader and pioneer in the field of competitive intelligence – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Fuld & Company Internet Intelligence Index
The Internet Intelligence Index is designed to help you gather competitive intelligence information. It contains links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

IBM Knowledge Management
Excellent site on IBM’s approach to KM. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

IDC KM Research Program
Recognizing the exploding knowledge management market, International Data Corporation (IDC) has launched a new research program named Knowledge Management, which will cover both the services and software sides of this market. – (Added: 16.03.2014 )

Kaieteur Institute For Knowledge Management
think tank involve in knowledge management and competitive intelligence research and consulting, including research into knowledge enabling software. – (Added: 17.03.2014 )

Knowledge Management Online
Knowledge Management was conceived in September, 1999. The idea was to create an Information Technology company providing a wide range of affordable technology services including becoming South Dakota’s first Application Service Provider (ASP). – (Added: 17.03.2002 )

KMPG have also been active in the knowledge management arena. recently published their Knowledge Management Research Report 2000 – (Added: 26.10.2014 )

Provides both knowledge management consulting and a unique set of knowledge management systems and intranet tools for Lotus Notes and Domino. – (Added: 17.03.2014 )

Microsearch Corporation
Microsearch builds online document libraries for the web. We can turn your organization’s documents, files, images, and other content into a fully searchable, secure document library. Users can log in and gain access from any Internet connection. – (Added: 17.03.2014 )

PWC Knowledge Direct
PricewaterhouseCoopers’ direct connection to People, Knowledge, Worlds. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

SAS Institute
The world leader in business-intelligence software and services, enabling customers to turn raw data into usable knowledge. – (Added: 22.04.2014 )

TFPL provides information and knowledge management people, skills and solutions to clients across the globe. – (Added: 25.10.2014 )

The Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation
The CBI focuses its research on events in our global economy and the revolutions occurring in a diverse set of disciplines. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

The Gurteen Knowledge WebSite
The Gurteen Knowledge WebSite -Probably one of the best knowledge management resources site – (Added: 18.11.2014 )


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