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Free Marketing Research Resources. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Aberdeen Group
A research analyst firm providing analysis of the business impact of technology trends as well as information on Internet Advertising – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

AC Nielsen
ACNielsen is the world’s leading provider of market research, information and analysis to the consumer products and services industries – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

ActivMedia Research
ActivMedia Research LLC, a division of ActivMedia, Inc., conducts custom and syndicated research for clients worldwide to guide businesses to profitable online positions. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Premier provider of customer satisfaction and market research using the Internet and Intranets. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Cyber Dialog
Cyber Dialogue is the leading Analytical eCRM provider. We analyze and manage Internet and enterprise customer databases, helping companies increase revenue through improved customer retention, acquisition and cross-sell. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

The source for Internet statistics, market research, demographics and surveys. Find statistics on e-commerce, Internet advertising, and online populations from a variety of sources in one placeResearch – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

The Home of Business Intelligence. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

Since 1971, Dataquest has helped client companies grow by collecting and interpreting critical IT market data, and translating it into actions for success. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

Indispensible resource for executives who want to keep informed and stay ahead of the competition. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Forrester Research
Specializes in researching high tech businesses. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

Frost & Sullivan Web Site
Frost & Sullivan is a customer-focused marketing consulting company with a long history. We have evolved from a company that focused on publishing market reports into a full-service training and consulting company. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

GartnerGroup Interactive
With more than 700 analysts worldwide, Gartner is the premier source of business and technology intelligence. No matter what your challenge or opportunity, Gartner tells you what you need to know and shows you how to stay one step ahead of change. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Greenfield Online
Research firm that provides online survey and focus group services. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )
With over 300 websites worldwide, IDG offers the most extensive online technology content on the Internet. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

International Data Corporation
IDC is the world’s leading provider of technology intelligence, industry analysis, market data, and strategic and tactical guidance to builders, providers and users of information technology. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

Founded in 1998 by two Stanford University professors, Knowledge Networks has built a team numbering in the hundreds that incorporates in-depth marketing, research, and technical expertise. – (Added: 08.02.2014 )

Jupiter Communications
Jupiter Media Metrix is the global leader in market intelligence for the new economy, combining data and analysis to provide businesses with unmatched resources for understanding and profiting from the Internet. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Market Facts
Currently, Market Facts ranks as one of the top ten global custom marketing research companies. In 1998 the company was rated as one of Forbes Magazine’s top 200 best small companies in America, as well as one of the 100 Hot Growth Companies according to Business Week Magazine. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Market Strategies
Market Strategies is a full-service market research and consulting firm. – (Added: 08.02.2014)

Research International
The world’s leading custom market research company. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Simba Information
Simba Information Inc. is widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media industry. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

A site dedicated to Web marketing research. It has a free software SiteSurv for marketing research. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )


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