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A Brief History of the Future
A brief history of the future by John Noughton. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Computer Museum History Center
Find information about the history of computing. The collection spans hardware, software, audio clips, films, documentation, etc. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Professor John M. McCann Fuqua School of Business Duke University. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

DNS: A Short History and a Short Future
How domain names came about, how we got into this trademark mess, and how the Internet might try to handle it in the future – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

EFF’s (Extended) Guide to the Internet
Classic online book from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

ELab, founded as Project 2000 in 1994 and renamed «eLab» in 1999, is a corporate sponsored research effort devoted to the scholarly and rigorous investigation of the marketing implications of commercializing hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs) like the World Wide Web and other emerging electronic environments. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Internet Indicators | Features
The Internet Economy Indicators. The new Economy. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Internet Society (ISOC)
A Brief History of the Internet – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Internet Trends
General Magic is a leading voice infrastructure company that provides enterprise-grade software and supporting voice dialog design and hosting services that enable companies to quickly and efficiently provide anytime, anywhere access to information and services over the telephone.. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Internet Web Text: Index
Large collection of links to numerous Internet references. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Internet2: About Internet2 http://www.pricewatch.com/
Internet2 is a consortium being led by over 180 universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet. Internet2 is recreating the partnership among academia, industry and government that fostered today´s Internet in its infancy. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Net History
NetHistory will give you a feeling for what it was like in the pioneering days of BITNET and the Internet. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Netizens Netbook
The «Netbook»: somewhat technical historical information about the Internet. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative
The National Coordination Office (NCO) for Information Technology Research and Development (ITRD) — formerly the NCO for Computing, Information, and Communications (CIC) – coordinates planning, budget, and assessment activities for Federal IT R&D agenda, which pioneer research in future generations of information technologies such as computing and communications. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

The History of the Internet
Presenting the Internet Timeline, beginners’ guide to the Internet (more than 300 links, organized be topic), stories, opinions, and more. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

The History of the Microprosessor
Intel believes in innovation. And it’s this principle that led Intel to create the world’s first microprocessor back in 1971. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Yahoo! on Internet History. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )


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