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Buckman Laboratories
Buckman Laboratories has been one of the classic case studies in knowledge management, and the company has set up the Knowledge Nurture site to provide a very practical resource on knowledge management. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

Business Research Interests (BRINT).
A well respected resource site for researchers covering among other areas also Knowledge Management. The Premier Knowledge Management Portal and Global Virtual Community of Practice for the New World of Business. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Craig Marion’s Knowledge Management
Lists associations, articles, events etc., and gives a short summary. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Gene Bellinger Knowledge Management
The Gene Bellinger Knowledge Management web site contains a rather personal selection of articles, many by Gene himself. There are also useful lists of KM software suppliers and consultancies. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

IBM Knowledge and Content Management
Offers products and consulting services to focus on ways of sharing and storing the knowledge of individuals. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Index of Links to Knowledge Management Websites.
Cyber City Initiative . Index of Links to Knowledge Management Websites. Learning Organizations and E-Learning. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Information Technology Services
From The Brookings Institution: A Roundtable Discussion Knowledge and the New Organization – Managing in the Knowledge Economy. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Karl and Elizabeth Wiig Knowledge Research
Fucusing on management of knowledge at the organization level. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

Another good all-round site for Knowledge Management. KMetaSite offers all those interested in Knowledge Management a single entry point to the universe of information regarding this field. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Business
A community of leading knowledge-based organizations dedicated to networking, benchmarking and sharing best knowledge practices. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Management
Enterprises are realising how important it is to «know what they know» and be able to make maximum use of the knowledge. Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI). – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Management
What is this activity called knowledge management, and why is it so important to each and every one of us? – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Management
BizDegree.comSM The Web Portal for Business Student Resources. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Management Forum
The Knowledge Management Forum is a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices collectively called – Knowledge Management. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Knowledge Management Information Resource Center
Provides resources and news to industry professionals. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Joe Katzman’s list of resources. Knowledge Management Pages. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Lotus Knowledge Management
Lotus Knowledge Management home page. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Semantic Web
Yahoo. Semantic Web. – (Added: 11.02.2002 )

Simpler Work
Changing how we work in the information age. Simplicity, complexity in work design are driven by knowledge management, knowledge work, communication, learning, organizational change, transformation. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Smith Weaver Smith
Knowledge Management Resources. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

Sveiby Knowledge Management
Sveiby conduct research in, create tools for and advise organisations on how to create commercial value from knowledge-based assets. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has a number of special interest groups, and this is the site of the Knowledge Management. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

The KM Resource Centre
The gateway to the world of Knowledge Management. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )

The Knowledge Management Center
The Knowledge Management Center provides links to other KM sites,articles, books and events. Of particular value is a useful sectionon case studies, and a list of 25 companies that have been involved. with KM initiatives. – (Added: 26.10.2002 )

Total Knowledge Management
Knowledge mapping, corporate intranets, building a culture of knowledge sharing, information on training workshops and consultancy projects in knowledge management. – (Added: 16.03.2002 )


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