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1Jump. The Ultimate Company Research & Business Information Tool – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

ABI Inform
Commercial database consisting of business and management literature covering hundreds of industries around the world. – (Added: 01.07.2014 )

Burrel’s Information Services
Burrelle’s has kept pace with the information explosion by constantly developing new and innovative monitoring methods. This includes investing in the people, technology and training it takes to stay on top of the seemingly endless stream of new media outlets and new media distribution methods. In the ever-expanding media universe, Burrelle’s provides you with the information you need to do your job effectively. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Chris Olson and Associates
A full-service marketing firm that specializes in promoting the services and products of information service professionals. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Companies House
A late 1995 document («Strategy 2000») painted a vision of a Companies House which had left the paper and microfiche era and offered largely electronic interactions instead. It was possibly a little ahead of its time. Our users were not for the most part then geared up for the transition. – (Added: 17.05.2014)

Europe’s leading online database service, providing access to more than 350 databases with worldwide coverage; part of the Dialog Corporation, a Thomson company. – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Dialog  http://www.proquest.com/
Providing more than 12 terabytes of content from the world’s most authoritative publishers, and the products and tools to search every bit of it with speed and precision. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Disclosure  http://thomsonreuters.com/
The world’s most complete source for market-moving information and analysis covering capital markets, corporate finance, and private equity. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Dow Jones Interactive
Comprehensive business intelligence service, offering breaking news, a publications library for in-depth research on companies, industries and people in the news, company financial reports and market. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Dun and Bradstreet
Business background reports on companies ($20.00 by credit card). – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Edgar Online
EDGAR Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: EDGR) is a leader in the business information industry, specializing in the extraction, packaging and distribution of public company information contained in SEC filings. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, with offices in Maryland and New York City, we provide subscription products, data and services to financial institutions, corporations, law firms and Internet portals worldwide. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Electric Library
eLibrary is a comprehensive digital archive for information seekers of all ages. Users can do business research, use it for homework, get background materials for term papers, find out about both current and historical events, and more, all in one vast database designed for both depth of content and simplicity of interface – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Equifax is the market leader in information management enabling and securing global commerce and consumer financial health through its consumer credit, marketing services, business information and direct to consumer businesses. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

EuropeaninformationNetworkServices (EINS)
European Information Network Services. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Factiva  http://new.dowjones.com/products/factiva/
Provider of Web-based global business information from more than 8,000 sources; producer of Dow Jones Interactive. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

First Call
A Thomson Financial company, providing real-time, commingled equity and fixed income research, corporate news, quantitative, and shareholdings data. – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Offers the individual user easy, basic access to SEC EDGAR filings. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

FT Discovery for the Web
Lexis-Nexis Executive, which replaces FT Discovery, provides a range of information on companies & industries. Search by company name or news. The news option searches a digest of business newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Up to 20 years archive. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

FT Profile
A commercial source for company financials and company information. – (Added: 20.05.2002 )

Gale Group  http://www.cengage.com/search/showresults.do?N=197
Publisher of reference books, CD-ROMs, and Internet-delivered products to serve the information needs of students, businesspeople, and other researchers. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

German Site for databases. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

H.W.Wilson Co
A lot of intersting databases. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Harris InfoOnline
Selectory Online provides immediate access to our database of in-depth, accurate and up-to-date business information, anytime, anywhere. You can search, sort, print, download and hyperlink data about manufacturers, service organizations and hi-tech companies with a yearly or monthly subscription. Or you can pay for just the information you need. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

To establish an International Network Marketing that fulfills our commitments and responsibilities to our Customers, Distributors, Employees, Shareholders, Trading Partners and Society. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Verified business profile information provider, specializing in customized mailing lists. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Ingenta  http://www.publishingtechnology.com/
Fee based article/document locator and delivery service for more than 20,,000 publications dating back to 1988. Journal name, article title, author and date are included in the search. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

insite Pro
InSite Pro is a flat fee business intelligence solution for information professionals. A subscription to the service gives you: – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Well established and Well respected market research publisher. – (Added: 18.10.2014 )

Knowledge Express
Knowledge Express provides business development and competitive intelligence resources – including intellectual property, technology transfer, and corporate partnering opportunities – to organizations involved with science / technology research and new inventions. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Knowx.com provides instant access to comprehensive public record information. All initial searches are FREE except as indicated by the $ sign. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

LexisNexis™ offers products and services for legal, business, academic, and government professionals. – (Added: 04.07.2014 )

Lexis-Nexis Source Locator
Source Locator. – (Added: 04.07.2014 )

LexisNexis™ provides authoritative legal, news, public records and business information; including tax and regulatory publications in online, print or CD-ROM formats – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

MicroPatent http://www.micropat.com/static/index.htm
Free U.S. patent database (abstracts and citations) with inexpensive fulltext available. New fee-based PatentPending service offers early warning system–e-mail alerts from European and Patent Cooperation Treaty applications. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Multex is a global provider of investment information and technology solutions for the financial services industry. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Northern Light
Excellent new low-cost online database vendor serves up high-value publications along with a simultaneous Web search. Business, technical, and general interest periodicals are included at this advanced, yet easy-to-search site. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Business Browser offers intuitive access to comprehensive corporate and industry information, including company profiles, news, SEC filings, business and trade articles, research reports, executive profiles, industry intelligence and financial data. – (Added: 20.05.2014 )

Online Sleuth
Starting or running a business? Inc.com is for the business builder who’s long on work and short on time. We deliver «best of breed» information, products, services, and online tools — aggregated from a variety of sources — for virtually every business or management task. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Profound for the Internet
Profound is the easiest way to get the intelligence you need to develop expertise on just about anything…in minutes. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

(Added: 17.05.2014 )

Questel•Orbit is a service dedicated to Intellectual Property information: patents,scientific and technical (sci-tech) information, trademarks and Internet domain names. – (Added: 17.05.2014)

REUTERS Business Briefing http://www.reuters.com/
Reuters Business Briefing enables you to search Reuters databases to find the news and financial information you want. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

Reuters Business Briefing  http://www.reuters.com/
One of the major commercial online services, containing articles from business and financial publications, market research reports, and newswire stories. Particularly strong in non-English sources. Subscriptions are based on connect-time; subscribers purchase a set number of hours of access. – (Added: 30.06.2014)

Publisher of market research, specifically in the IT area. – (Added: 24.10.2002 )

STN International
STN International connects scientists, engineers and anyone who needs technical information to the world’s most complete and authoritative databases. – (Added: 17.05.2002 )

Database of tabular information dealing with companies, products, markets, and demographics extracted from published articles. TableBase is available directly from the publisher and on the commercial online services such as DataStar, Dialog, and .xls. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

The Dialog Corporation
Subject Content Page. – (Added: 04.07.2014 )

Thomson & Thomsen
Thomson & Thomson is the world leader in trademark and copyright services. We welcome you to our Web site, and invite you to try SAEGIS, our suite of online services for the IP professional. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )

TradeStat Web
Global Trade figures. – (Added: 17.05.2014 )


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