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Beaucoup Search Engines
Beaucoup – Lists more than 1000 search engines and directories. – (Added: 04.01.2014 )

Big Search Engine Index
Big Search Engine Index – list of 910 search engines covering mp3, web, people,news,regions etc. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

An excellent Australian site. – (Added: 02.03.20142 )

BUBL 5:15
BUBL 5:15 – aims to provide at least five relevant web resources for each topic, e.g. life sciences, social sciences, creative arts. – (Added: 02.01.2002 )

C|Net – Categorized collection of engines and directories from the SearchIQ search engine informational site – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

CEO Express
CEO Express – A very well-organised guide to Web-based business information, divided into sections, e.g. stock quotes, newsfeeds, business news, magazines, financial markets, company research and more. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Corporate Information
Corporate Information – A good site for private and public companies as well as economic and business data on countries. – (Added: 02.01.2002 )

Direct Search
Direct Search Gary Price – Links to catalogs and other searchable databases that are available free on the Internet. Includes federal, state and city and ready reference sites. – (Added: 23.12.2014 )

Easy Searcher 2
Easy Searcher 2 – List a compilation of the best search engines available on the Internet. – (Added: 22.11.2014)
Fossick – Is a meta-search tool. In other words, it is a collection of databases, with each database having a hyperlink attached. You can also search several databases simultaneously. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Galaxy – Browse The Internet’s First Searchable Directory. – (Added: 05.01.2014 )

GoGuides – The former Disney portal and web directory – (Added: 29.11.2014 )

Google Web Directory
Search directory for the Internet arranged by topic. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Internet Legal Resources Guide
Internet Legal Resources Guide – A categorised index of 3100 select web sites, with an emphasis on the USA. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Internet Public Library (IPL) Reference Center
Internet Public Library (IPL) – Is a virtual library that provides a good starting point for finding reference works, subject guides, and specialized databases. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Internet Scout Project
Premium selected sites. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
Librarians’ Index to the Internet – Is another virtual library. It is a searchable and browsable collection of Web resources, including subject guides specialized databases, that librarians select and annotate. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

LibrarySpot – Lists quality reference resources, including specialized databases, and provides links to more than 2,500 libraries around the world. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Linksgiving – Its purpose is to create a directory of links to useful web sites by submitting resources. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

Map Net
A map of selected sites. – (Added: 02.03.2002 )

Oingo – Meaning based search. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Pandia – One of the best directory. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Pinakes a subject launchpad
Pinakes – provides links to approximately thirty of the top subject directories on the Web. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Resources for Economists on the Internet
Resources for Economists – This guide lists more than 700 resources on the Internet of interest to economists or students of economics. Almost all resources are described. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Searchability – Guide to specialized Search Engines – (Added: 20.01.2014 )

SearchBug – Offers searches organized by topic, and searching of single or multiple search services. – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

The InvisibleWeb
InvisibleWeb – This is another collection of specialized databases. It’s updated regularly, searchable, and relatively easy to use. – (Added: 02.01.2002 )

The Zeus Collective
There are 856 Zeus Internet Robots in the Collective. 962,350 of the best websites on the net, organized by 79,182 Themes or subjects in 856 vertical-themed link directories. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Thunderstone Website Index SE PÅ FORSIKTIG
Thunderstone Website Index – Search thousands of sites from a continuously updated database – (Added: 22.11.2002 )

Top 10 Links
Top10Links – is a web site that offers the top 10 links to various online resources. Ther two biggest resouces are web sites and news headlines. – (Added: 22.03.2014 )

Voice of the Shuttle
Voice of the Shuttle – The premier web page for the Humanities. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Web Bound, the essential Web resource, is the world’s best selling Web directory in print. You can find your copy of our current issue at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Comp USA, Waldenbooks, B. Dalton, Hastings, Tower, Crown, and thousands of grocery & pharmacy outlets nationwide. Web Bound is also available in Canada and many foreign countries. – (Added: 10.03.2002 )

WebEc – WWW Resources in Economics
WebEc – is a subject listing which points to free information in economics on the WWW. – (Added: 02.01.2002 )

The future of search. Xoron is a search engine driven by a community of paid infomediaries–contributors that are paid insofar as their contributions generate revenues. This is done through a very carefully constructed system called Searchonomics, which ensures that contributors are always working on behalf of end-users. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )

Yahoo – Is one of the most popular and comprehensive directories on the World Wide Web. It is a good place to find subject guides (Yahoo! calls them indices) and specialized databases. – (Added: 02.01.2014 )

Yahoo Indices
Yahoo – Indices. Open Yahoo. Search for indices and you will get Directory Category Matches: Searching the Web > Indices to Web Documents, News and Media > Headline Indices, Financial Quotes > Market Indices, List «indices» results by location and Web Matches. – (Added: 29.11.2014 )

Member generated links. – (Added: 02.03.2014 )


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