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Jan Vig’s Résumé


Over the years, I have acquired considerable experience applying concepts, knowledge and skills gained in a variety of organizational environments.

In general, my experience in working for a diverse range of departments within Siemens AG worldwide has required me to grasp and apply new concepts quickly. Time pressures in commercial environments have often been intense but which I have met successfully and enjoyed the challenge involved.

I am highly motivated to succeed and have applied myself with energy and enthusiasm in any capacity or project that I have been involved in. I work well both in a team or in an individual capacity. Moreover, my work experience within Marketing has sensitized me to the importance of meeting user needs and developed my communication skills, which later were useful in giving presentations to a variety of audiences.




Skills & Experience

I have been told that important personal characteristics are my qualities as a manager and a team and human-oriented person. Further my enthusiasm, result-orientation, creativity, motivation, trustworthiness, service-orientation, diplomacy and problem solution skills. Furthermore my skills in handling different and challenging working tasks and to structure, planning tasks and working processes and to think and work future oriented and strategically.



Skills / knowledge and abilities, which I want to use
Skills & Experience Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Skills & Experience Accelerated Learning
Skills & Experience Research and Intelligence
Information Technology
Selected achievements and results




Skills / knowledge and abilities, which I want to use


I should be abel to use my abilities to take initiative, be pro active, the fact that I am energical and goal oriented and the fact that I am good in working on my own.

  • Use the fact that I have a stayer attitude, perservering, don’t give up and do well in situation where I meet adversity and the fact that I am working systematic and patient.
  • Use my abilities to take responsibility and accomplish what I have decided to do. Use the fact that I enjoy changes, challenges and different working tasks .
  • Use my innovative and creative skills to think and act in a non traditional way.
  • Use the fact that I am a person who see the big picture/trends and connections and do not put a lot of time for the details.
  • Use my abilities in managing people by being a good example. Use the fact that I thrive in a team with people who have visions.
  • Use my team management abilities (coordinator, resource collector, teamworker and creativity).
  • Use my researching skills/ investigate / discover/ getting information/ reading/ collect/ stimulate my curiosity.
  • Use the fact that I am enthusiastic / convincing / /energetic.
  • Use the fact that I am good at create confidential atmosphere / getting people feeling well / talking with people / entertain people.
  • Use my interest in psychology.
  • Use the fact that I thrive with competitions.


Skills & Experience Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

NLP examine and analyse the ingredients of excellent performance, by providing ways of transferring the skills of excellence to others.The essence of NLP could be expressed in the question How is it possible to be outstanding?

Over the years, through various jobs, studing and training I have acquired a working knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).



Skills & Experience Accelerated Learning

Over the years, through various jobs, studing and training I have acquired a working knowledge of accelerated learning, photo reading, mind and memory techniques and studied Tony Buzan’s Book 10 ways to tap into your natural genius.

Skills & Experience Research and Intelligence

Over the years one of my main interests have been searching and researching Internet resources and deep web. I have developed my skills for information Retrival and Brokering.



Information Technology




Strong background in IBM-compatible PC’s and other computers.

Over the years, through various jobs and training I have acquired a working knowledge of the following programs and code:

Graphics Applications Web Applications
Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Adobe Illustrator 7.0 , 8.0
Macromedia Fireworks 4.0
Macromedia Flash 5.0
Microsoft Publisher 2000
Adobe Premier 4.2
Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0
Macromedia Flash 5.0
Macromedia Schockwave
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
Gif Construction Set
Web Palette (Clut216)
Real Audio, -video
Sound Edit Forge
Multimedia Applications Programming Languages
Macromedia Director 8.0
Authorware 4.0
Adobe Premier 4.2
HTML coding


Other application software and IT knowledge


Proficient with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Office 2000 (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point) and Microsoft Project 2000

Familiar with many other applications

Strong knowledge about Internet



Highly skilled in all phases of marketing and especially Strategic Internet Marketing

Highly skilled in Internet marketing intelligence, environmental intelligence, consumer intelligence and competitors intelligence.

E-business /Web Development/Multimedia

Strong knowledge about the Project Management of E-Business/Web Development/Multimedia projects.

Experience, skills and talents include researching, developing, graphics designing, animation, video, audio and production, evaluation and testing.

Strong Knowledge about E-business.


Selected achievements and results

Organized and wrote a book concerning planning and budgeting as an help to educate/train staff.

Successfully employ written and oral communications skills when dealing with all sort of people. Resulted in a change in the attitude and opinion of what kind of help the different departments could get from my departments.

Analyzed and determined need for automation in my departments

Responsible for hardware and software selection

Coordinated installation and fax solution within our network.

Achieved full automation within one year.

Leadership/supervision Experience
A supervisor, held responsible for training, scheduling, directing, and evaluating, the work of skilled employees. Keep areas of responsibility supplied with methods/tools and equipment to ensure the most effective use of manpower and their skills to do as good service as possible.

Hired, trained, directed, and evaluated staff. Responsible for their output and the quality of their work. Maintain moral, motivation and positive employee relations. Solve problems, take corrective action, apply company policy.

Provided direction and supervision for internal consultants. Recruited, interviewed and hired consultants. Conducted annual performance reviews and recommended salary and bonus increases for staff, depending on the results they were achieving.

Marketing/ strategy
Diagnosed, evaluated and analyzed and implemented Future Strategies for the Division Medical Engineering in cooperation with a consultant company. Identified problems, Business analysis, Internal analysis External analysis. Resulted in a more market oriented organization.

Organized and wrote a book concerning strategical planning in teamwork with colleagues as an help in the strategical process in overviewing the competitors and the development on the product and market.

Performed marketing education for 200 Manager/sales persons. Resulted in more customer oriented attitude in the organization.

Personnel-/Organization development
Influenced company management to give new thoughts to organization development. Analyzing the central staffs(Personal department, Education, Communication department, Strategical department/market research and management development department) on the areas – teamwork, cooperation and other factors relevant for organizing for the future.

Influenced company management to think about the possibilities to outsource different services and to think in a more modern and dynamic way. Resulted in a reduction of the staff from 7 to 3 persons.

Influenced company’s management to look over the salary/benefits system ones more by making an analyze. Resulted in a change in the salary structure for the lower management compared with their specialized staff.

Persuaded the organization to give more attention to the save-potensial within the purchasing process. Resulted in hiring an external consultant who found a great potential for savings.

As a manager I have planned long-range, intermediate, and daily activities and projects. Reported on results within the confines of policy, law, budget and deadlines.

Created and composed a future oriented strategic Plan for my departments in teamwork with my staff. Resulted in a more service oriented staff with more focus on risky areas with large potential concerning savings.

Responsible for problem solving, and handling difficult and unusual cases. Able to manage and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.

Identified possibilities to think in a new way concerning pro active thinking in the projects in which we were involved. Resulted in savings and new ways to look at things.

Project management
Organized and arranged marketing seminars for 200 Managers. The aim was to get Siemens A/S more customer oriented and less product oriented.

Managed and coordinated different projects simultaneously in an goal and efficient oriented way.

Organized and planned various bigger management projects/processes. Salary/Benefit system, Project management, Personal Planning System, IT security, which resulted in changing in attitude/ behavior and productivity.


For more information, please see my Electronic Résumé by clicking on a target one section at a time.


Cover letter








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Jan Vig
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