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American FactFinder
U.S Census data that can be sliced and diced to provide detailed demographic information – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

UK market research firm. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

A collection of links to recent Internet use, advertising, and e-commerce statistics – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Domain Survey
Network Wizards semi-annual survey of Internet domain names and hosts. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Statistics on ad revenues, usage patterns, geography, market size and growth, user demographics, and e-commerce – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Your source for research intelligence data on European E-business trends, demographics and strategies. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Find/SVP Research
Internet user research from Find/SVP. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

Forrester Research
Focus on business computing and online media. Free registration to access select reports. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Geography of the Internet
Data, maps and analysis on the geographic distribution of Internet domain names by city, region, state, and country. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Global Internet Statistics
An up-to-date chart of the estimated number of people online in each language. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Iconocast eMarketing Intelligence
Trend analysis and insider information on the internet marketing industry. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

International Data Corporation (IDC)
Focuses on business computing. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Internet Indicators
Collection of facts and figures attempts to gauge the Internet’s vital signs. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )
IT overviews, reports, stats and Ranks. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Jupiter Communications
Focused on online media. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

A bi-monthly PDF compilation of statistics, data, forecasts and demographics on the Internet in Belgium and Europe. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Nielsen Media Research – Interactive Services
Press releases and reports of Nielsen’s Internet research. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Information on Website usage, internet access, and advertising data. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

NUA Internet Surveys: Latest Surveys
Searchable database on Internet-usage surveys. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

Parallax Webdesign Internet Facts
Internet use and demographics of those online. – (Added: 18.07.2014 )

PIP | Our Reports
Internet audience studies as reported by the Pew Research Center. The Internet and American Life – (Added: 07.02.2014 )

An up-to-date collection of statistics on Internet users and trends. Web browsers, computers, domains, and visitor data — to name a few – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

The Limitation of Online Demographic Information
Using demographic infomation on the Web to target customers often sounds better than it really is. – (Added: 07.02.2002 )

The Open Market Internet Index
An compilation if Internet facts and figures. – (Added: 18.07.2002 )

Web Server Survey
A survey of web server software usage on computers connected to the Internet. – (Added: 07.02.2014 )


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