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11.4 The promotion strategy


Intelligence Resource (IR)

Praktisk Intelligence (I)/Business Intelligence (BI)/

OmverdensOvervåking (OO)





Intelligence/Business Intelligence/ OmverdensOvervåking 


Internet Marketing Intelligence

Internett Marketing  

Web utviklingsprossen 

CD/Video utviklingsprossen 

Tips& Triks 


Kunnskapskilden –  Internet Marketing Intelligence

Bench on the pier


Internet Marketing Intelligence



Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions




Chapter 11

Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions 



Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions

11.1 Marketing on the Internet. The marketing mix

11.1.1 Old 5 P’s

11.1.2 New 5 P’s

11.1.3 Issues in Web based marketing

11.2 The sales method

11.3 Internet sales method

11.4 The promotion strategy

11.5 Internet promotion strategy

11.6 Positioning and pricing policy of the services

11.7 Internet positioning and pricing

11.8 Conclusions




The Promotion Strategy


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000


Promotion mix is divided into four major parts: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion (SP) and public relations (PR). Personal selling is interactive communication with the customer, in which the Industry concentrates in order to achieve immediate business relationships. There is a direct connection to achieve and maintain long-run relationships through cultivation of business relationships.

Participation in IT/multimedia fairs or exhibits gives added value to the Industry. By using sales promotion as a promotion tool, the Industry is able to get stronger and quicker responses from the customers.

Public relations highlights the Industry’s status by giving publicity to the Industry. PR, used in a right way, gives the Industry high credibility and expressiveness in its actions. News and stories given in a form of press kits, speeches, seminars, annual reports or sponsorships and read from a newspaper by the customer usually seem more authentic and credible than advertising itself.


The Industry should  advertise in business newspapers, through centers and at trade fairs. The Industry should  target companies/industry’s with the most well known brands. Personal selling will enable the Industry to contact clients directly and increase awareness among potential clients, without immediately and directly alerting potential competitors.


The Industry’s main promotion strategy should be to use their own Web site for promotion activities, and show how personalizing tools are working on their own site.



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