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Alta Vista  http://www.digital.com/
Alta Vista – Comprehensive search. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Archive.org – For older versions of web sites. Descriptive and comparative reports on search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Artist Direct Search
ARTISTdirect – Is the leading online music company that connects music fans directly with their favorite artists worldwide via our online network, «The ARTISTdirect Network.» The Network is designed to provide multi-media music entertainment, news and information, create music communities to facilitate interaction between artists and fans, and provide exclusive music and merchandise direct from the artists themselves. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

c|net Search.com
C|net Search.com – Specialize your search with Search.com channels (from Business & Money to Travel); each channel allows you to select the specialized engines you want to search from. Search.com also offers standard metasearching with the «Start your metasearch» option. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Database America
Database America – Various marketing information – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Direct search  http://www.freepint.com/gary/direct.htm
Direct search Gary Price – Academically-oriented «search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools.» From Gary Price, MLIS, George Washington University. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

EuroSeek – Available since Sept 1996 ; the worlds first truly multilingual search engine. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Google Groups Usenet Discussion Service  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!overview
Google Groups – While often interesting, Usenet Newsgroups are also rife with idle chatter, spam and even outright lunacy. Deja News helps pinpoint discussions you want to read. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

InfoSpace – Various ways to search – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

infoUSA – A lot of infoprmation about US. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Intelliseek Web Search  http://www.nielsen-online.com/intlpage.html
Intelliseek – A «lite» alternative to the The InvisibleWeb. Run a standard web search or specialty search from Intelliseek’s collection of general interest topic channels. Click «Advanced» to refine your web search. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Jobs Guru.com http://www.guru.com/
Guru.com – Find quality candidates with a service that best suits your needs. Find thousands of great job opportunities with top companies. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Jobs IT Jobs http://kresch.com/
Kresch.com – The Informed Netizen’s Choice. Center for free high quality webmaster tools and search engines. IT Jobs. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Jobs Monster.com
Monster.com – Is the leading global online network for careers, connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified career-minded individuals. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Liszt, The mailing list directory  http://www.topica.com/
Liszt – A directory of Internet discussion groups, mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups, and IRC chat channels. Browse the Liszt directory to find a lists that match your interests. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Maps Mapblast  http://www.bing.com/maps/?msnurl=http%253a%252f%252fwww.mapblast.com%253a80%252f&FORM=MSNRDR
MapBlast – Is an award-winning Web site that provides users with the most accurate interactive maps and driving directions, as well as extensive information on services and products near a user’s address or travel route. MapBlast! also provides lodging information and reservation capabilities, traffic reports and local points of interest. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Maps MapQuest
MapQuest – Is the leading consumer Web site and business application for getting people where they need to go – anytime, anywhere. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Music Lycos MP3
Lycos – You can use the search box above to search for music downloads (MP3s) from the internet. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

MusicSearch – The Internet’s Music-Only Search Site. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

People Big Book
Big Book – 16 million U.S. Businesses. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Search Engine Watch  http://internet.com/
Search Engine Watch – Almost everything on search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Shareware.com  http://windows.software.com/
Shareware.com – CNET Networks. Software shareware and freeware. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Software Download.com  http://download.cnet.com/windows/
CNET Net – Software freeware and shareware. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Switchboard – The people and business directory. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Tech Search
TechWeb _ Search for Internet-related full-text articles. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Virtual Search Engines
Virtual Search Engines – Over 800 search engines organized into 45 categories for easy use. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

WorldPages  http://www.yellowbook.com/
WorldPages – TransWestern Publishing was founded in 1980 and since has grown to be the USA’s leading independent telephone directory publisher. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Yahoo Classical search.  http://search.yahoo.com
Yahoo – Searching Yahoo. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Yahoo!’s People Search http://search.yahoo.com/web?fr=people
Yahoo – Searching people Yahoo. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )


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