6.6 Peppers & Rogers Group


Intelligence Resource (IR)

Praktisk Intelligence (I)/Business Intelligence (BI)/

OmverdensOvervåking (OO)





Intelligence/Business Intelligence/ OmverdensOvervåking 


Internet Marketing Intelligence

Internett Marketing  

Web utviklingsprossen 

CD/Video utviklingsprossen 

Tips& Triks 



Kunnskapskilden –  Internet Marketing Intelligence

Bench on the pier


Internet Marketing Intelligence




Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 6

Competitors Analysis



Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

6.1 General

6.2 Competitors Information Sources

6.2.1 Information supplied by the competitors, knowingly or unknowingly

6.2.2 Trade Sources

6.2.3 Published Sources

6.2.4 Other Sources of Information

6.3 Decision

6.4 The Industry

6.4.1 Overview through Hoovers

6.4.2 Internet & Intranet Software & Services Accrue Software, Inc.

6.4.3 Telemarketing, Call Centers & Other Direct Marketing – Companies mentioned

6.5 Providers of Customer Solution in Scandinavia

6.5.1 Million Handshakes AS

6.5.2 StroedeRalton

6.6 Peppers & Rogers Group

6.6.1 Search trough Search engines

6.6.2 Search on the Web site of Peppers and Rogers Group Inc.

6.6.3 Searching and spying for company information

6.6.4 Searching newsgroups or mailing lists

6.6.5 Testing how Rogers And Peppers group Web site is evaluated

6.7 One to One marketing keywords

6.8 Search trough different search engines for different keywords

6.9 Other Competitive Resources




Peppers & Rogers Group


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000


6.6.1 Search trough Search engines

See also chapter 6.8 for further results by other keywords and Appendix on the Zip disk for more details.


Search Engine Keyword Result(Hits)
AltaVista – http://www.altavista.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 194 pages found.
HotBot – http://www.hotbot.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 87 Matches
Northern Light – http://www.northernlight.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 1,099 items
Google- http://www.google.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 2106 matches
Infoseek – http://infoseek.go.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 339 results
Excite  – http://www.excite.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group” 341 hits
Lycos – http://www.lycos.com/ “Peppers and Rogers Group”  
AskJeeves – http://www.askjeeves.com “Peppers and Rogers Group”  
Yahoo (Directory)– http://www.yahoo.com “permission marketing” Found 0 categories and 2 sites


6.6.2 Search on the Web site of Peppers and Rogers Group Inc.


Here it is a lot of information about the group as partners, 1to1 articles, discussions, plans, services etc. Here we also see how they are expanding through the world. The site Map



  • Login
  • Jobs
  • Privacy Pledge
  • Link Exchange
  • Free Offers
  • Contact Us



  • Search Events
  • Add Events


Products and service directory

  • Search By Category
  • Add Your Company


1to1 aricles·        INSIDE1to1·        The State of 1to1 Online·        News and Information  Partners·        BroadVision, Inc.·        Chordiant Software, Inc.·        E.piphany·        MessageMedia

·        Pivotal Software


1to1 Tools & Ideas

  • Four Steps to Implementing 1to1
  • 60 Second Overviews
  • Discussion Forums
  • Success Stories
  • Downloads
  • Books
  • Consultants Outside The U.S.
  • Checkpoint Tool
  • Multimedia



1to1 services·        Speaking·        Training·        Consulting  The 1to1 Fieldbook·        Overview  Staff

We could see a short description of each person.


European Office

Tim Beadle

Dominique Beaulieu

Nicole Berx

Theodore Box

Andreas Cohen

Albert Fradera

Katharina Gregor

Tanya Pein

Luis Segadaes

Robert Van Oosten


David Kohar


President  Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 Europe

Shirley Gibbons has 15 years of experience as a marketing professional, from strategy to tactics, on a

European and worldwide stage with a number of blue chip and smaller organisations. Shirley has previously worked with British Telecom in the UK, Digital Equipment Corporation and Unisys in Europe, and IBM worldwide.


As the President for Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 Europe, Shirley specialises in helping organisations re-evaluate their marketing strategy and tactics by utilising the principles of one-to-one marketing. Shirley has a broad and deep view of the differences and similarities between markets and practices and how to effect change.


Shirley has written marketing strategies to launch new products, extended the life of established products, recruited and invigorated channels and changed the practices of organisations as they go to market. She has the ability to understand the complex dynamics of markets and identify the real issues to address in the most timely and cost effective way.


In addition to delivering a wide variety of courses on marketing, channel marketing and related topics, undertaking consultancy assignments and change management projects, Shirley extends her own knowledge through formal and informal training and education.


Spying on the staff of Peppers and Rogers Group: Don Peppers and Martha Rogers:






See also chapter 6.5 Using RankThis as tools to look at the ranking





Alta Vista
Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comThe requested site was not found in the top 200 listings
Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comListing Status:  FoundRanking:  11) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to12) Re: [IMAFDI] Individualisierung im Web – 1to1 Marketing -> VORSICHT!!!3) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 – 1to1 Tools and Ideas4) One To One Fieldbook; The Complete Toolkit For Implementing A 1TO1 MarketingProgram

5) Customer-Driven Marketing

6) One to One Marketing – Customer Valuation

7) [IMAFDI] gesucht: definitionen

8) Books on Relationship Marketing



10) The Deep End- Pool Electronic Commerce Features Index

Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comThe requested site was not found in the top 200 listings
Web Crawler
Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comThe requested site was not found in the top 200 listings
Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comThe requested site was not found in the top 200 listing
Snap Searched Keyphrase:  «1to1 marketing»Ranked URL:  http://www.1to1.comThe requested site was not found in the top 200 listings
Hotbot Searched Keyphrase:  1to1 marketingRanked URL:  http://www.1to1.comListing Status:  FoundRanking:  31) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 – Marketplace1to199%   http://search.marketplace1to1.com/MktPlace/index.cfm?Profile=Front2) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to198%   http://www.marketing1to1.com/3) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 – 1to1 Services

98%   http://www.1to1.com/services/

4) abe Link Marketing Australia’s Premier Internet Advertising Agency

98%   http://www.abe.com.au/

5) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 – Contact

98%   http://www.rogerspeppers.com/contact/

6) Peppers and Rogers Group / 1to1 Executive Search

98%   http://www.1to1search.com/


Infoseek Searched Keyphrase:  1to1 marketingRanked URL:  http://www.1to1.comListing Status:  FoundRanking:  21) Books about one-to-one Web marketing 1to1 marketing and relationship marketing. 2) Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 – Pioneer Seminar and AwardsProgram3) Article: January 1999, DM Review Magazine4) Speakers Platform: Don Peppers, Speaker On: Marketing, Sales, Management, Customer Service, …5) Press Room – IMAA Announces Dr. Martha Rogers

6) 1to1 Media Serivces

7) Peppers and Rogers Group / 1to1 Executive Search – The PRG Difference

8) definitive systems ltd., Ihre Business Solution Partner für personalisierte Intra-,Extra- …

9) Tumbleweed Delivers IME Personalize

10) The Best of Inside 1to1 Part V – bankinfo.com


Planet search Searched Keyphrase:  1to1 marketingRanked URL:  http://www.1to1.comListing Status:  FoundRanking:  2929)Marketing1to1 – INSIDE1to1 – September 25, 1997
Go To The requested site was not found in the top 40 listingsNote: Goto.com will only return 40 top sites.



The conclusion could be that they haven’t done enough efforts to get a high ranking at the most  search engine. But if we look at the keywords they have placed in the <META NAME> we see that they haven’t used “1to1 marketing, but either 1to1 or marketing. If we have used that we would perhaps have got better ranking results in some of the Search engines.


META NAME=»description» CONTENT=»Peppers and Rogers Group / Marketing 1to1 is a customer relationship management consulting firm, based upon the popular books THE ONE TO ONE FUTURE, ENTERPRISE ONE TO ONE and THE ONE TO ONE FIELDBOOK by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers Ph.d, that specializes in one-to-one marketing.»>


<META NAME=»keywords» CONTENT=»1to1,marketing,don peppers,martha rogers,bob dorf,one to one,business,relationship,management,customization,lifetime,customer,value,enterprise,business,directory,training,speaking,consulting,speaking engagements,retention,differentiate,peppers and rogers group,future,fieldbook,loyalty,customer relationship management,CRM,crm,customer information management,contact management,customer service automation,client relationship management»> Finding other information through Competitive Intelligence

Tips from business owners

A CEO’s Secret Weapon: Competitive Intelligence


Knowing how to price your product or service competitively is a challenge. Since there aren’t published, uniform price lists for most industries, Ron MacSpadyen is discovering new business opportunities.

  • Search for Web sites of companies in your industry. They are an excellent resource if you dig. For example, pricing information may be labeled «products and services.»
  • Explore industry newsletters for pertinent information on trends and benchmark growth statistics.
  • Investigate trade and industry associations for details on legislation which could affect competitive environments.
  • Exporters should explore organizations like the UN and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). They’ll help you understand the environment you’re selling into and the likelihood of your product selling there.
  • There are a wide range of on-line business tools such as currency and tariff rate converters which are helpful when selling to international clients.
  • Finally, track whether your competitors are embracing a specific technology so you can decide whether it’s cost-effective for your business to adopt it too.


Be A Fly On The Competition’s Wall


In the June edition we highlighted a price-comparison Web site called PriceSCAN. Sites like this and CompareNet provide wonderful opportunities to see how your price stacks up against the competition. You can also investigate having your product/service listed so clients can find you more easily.


6.6.3 Searching and spying for company information


How do I look up someone’s phone number, street address, or e-mail address?There are several «white pages» Web sites that list contact information for millions of people. Check out Bigfoot ( http://www.bigfoot.com ) or the Four11 Directory Services (http://www.four11.com/ ). For finding an e-mail address, don’t forget the most obvious method: calling the person and asking for it! How do I find financial information about a company?The definitive site for finding company financials is the SEC’s EDGAR database. We should also check the Department of Commerce Web site.


How do I find out about a particular company?

Hoover’s Online (http://www.hoovers.com ) has an excellent search resource for company profiles and BigYellow provides an Internet «yellow pages» you can use to find businesses (http://s18.bigyellow.com/ ). Another technique is to check out the Web site for the particular company. You can also contact the company and request an annual report, or even call and pose as a customer! Internet Resources for Company Information


Better Business Bureauhttp://www.bbb.orgBusiness Reports include time in business, complaint history, and information obtained through special Bureau investigations. Charity Reports include information on the group’s background, current programs, governing body, fund-raising practices, tax-exempt status, and finances. See also The Metropolitan New York Better Business Bureau. 
The BigBookhttp://www.bigbook.comSearch for 11 million companies by name, location, type of business, or combinations. Name, address, telephone number and business type given. Includes a detailed map, with a zoom-in feature to the city block level. 

Big Yellow

http://s16.bigyellow.comFind over 16.5 million businesses across the USA via online yellow pages. 

Companies Online

http://www.companiesonline.comAllows users to search for companies by name, location, or industry. Provides phone number, ownership structure, ticker symbol, and link to company home page. 

CorpTech Directory of Technology Companies

http://www.corptech.comProvides descriptive information on over 40,000 U.S. high technology companies, including many small, privately-owned computer software and hardware firms, and many biotechnology firms. Also provides Company’s Internet address and links to stock prices and charts, SEC files and news headlines. 

Crain’s New York

http://www.crainsny.comA plethora of information and statistics on New York business and economy. 

Dun & Bradstreet

http://www.dnb.comIncludes News & Views and Business Trends section containing recent articles, press releases and survey results. One can also search millions of U.S. companies and receive Business Background Reports for a fee. 


http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htmFrom the EDGAR Database you can retrieve SEC filings (including 10K’s, 10Q’s, Annual Reports and Prospectuses) for approximately 3,500 U.S. public corporations. Made available through the EDGAR development project at the NYU Stern School of Business. 

Fortune Magazine

Contains many Links to Fortune lists organized by country, indsutry and company.Fortune 500 list  Fortune Global 500 list



Hoover’s Online

http://www.hoovers.comContains the Corporate Directory which can be searched by Ticker Symbol, Company Name, Location, Industry and/or Sales. This database profiles publicly listed U.S. company’s traded on the three major stock exchanges and more than 1,200 of America’s largest private companies. This site also has many links to other useful resources. 


http://networth.galt.com/www/home/equity/irrrProvides stock quotes as well as book reviews, articles, and information on investing. In the News section at the site, users can read the latest news about favorite companies by entering the ticker symbol. 


http://www.pcquote.comProvides real-time stock quotes. 

SalesLeads USA

http://www.abii.comYou can look up any business in the U.S. and get its address and phone number! Search for businesses or people by name with American DirectoryAssistance or search by type of business with American Yellow Pages. 


http://www.streetlink.comLatest quarterly reports from many public companies, also includes press releases. 

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

http://www.thomasregister.comDirectory of American manufacturers. 

Wall Street Research Net

Type in the company name or stock symbol and WSRN
will retrieve links to their home page, current stock quote, stock
graph, SEC filings, press releases, company news, Yahoo
company profile, and more. Companieonline.com




Search Result: Your query produced no results Search Criteria: Peppers  and Rogers Group URL: http://www.1to1.com Peppers and Rogers Group Classifies Top 25 Web Sites That Build Customer Loyalty


Story Filed: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 11:58 AM EST


Financial Services Sites Distinguished as Most Sophisticated Among Eight Industry Categories

The financial services sector as a whole has developed Web sites that strengthen and deepen customer relationships better than any other industry, according to a research report released today by the marketing consulting firm, Peppers and Rogers Group. The second issue of The State of One to One Online establishes the 25 most effective Web sites that build customer loyalty, using criteria established by visionary marketers Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph. D., co-authors of The One to One Future and three other books.


According to The State of One to One Online, the 25 top 1to1 Web sites are:

  1. Amazon.com
  2. American Airlines
  3. Biztravel
  4. Charles Schwab
  5. Dell
  6. DLJ Direct
  7. E*trade
  8. Federal Express
  9. Works.com
  10. Godiva
  11. Hallmark
  12. Lycos
  13. Netscape
  14. Peapod
  15. PlanetRx
  16. Preview Travel
  17. Realtor.com
  18. S&P Personal Wealth
  19. Snap
  20. Streamline
  21. Gap Inc.
  22. Value America
  23. Wall Street Journal
  24. Weather.com
  25. 9. Garden.com.



Overall, Financial Services sites (e.g., S&P Personal Wealth) scored highest using 1to1 marketing principles that provide customers with easy to use financial information and customizable tools that manage personal portfolios. Other industries surveyed in The State of One to One Online were sites devoted to: Books/Music/ Video (e.g., Amazon), Community/Calendar (e.g, When), Consumer Goods (e.g., Gap), Consumer/ Business Services (e.g., FedEx), Information Technology (e.g., Dell), Portal/Media (e.g., Wall Street Journal) and Travel/Hospitality (e.g., Biztravel)

While there were many differences in the degree to which different sites and industry categores use 1to1 marketing, each nominated site, in all categories, was judged on how well the Web site identified its customers and prospects; how it differentiated them by need or value; how well the site interacted with its customers; and the site’s ability to customize the information it gets to form the kind of learning relationships that lead to loyalty and customer retention on the Web.

The State of One To One Online is a comprehensive research and analysis project that tracks the development, progress and advancements of new and existing web sites world wide three times a year. More than 150 1to1 Web sites from around the world were reviewed, out of which 65 were singled out for extensive analysis, resulting in the top 25 sites listed above.

For more information contact: Julien Beresford, director of research, Peppers and Rogers Group. 203-316-5121. To read a sample page of the report, http://www.1to1.com/articles/state/sample.html  . For subscription and ordering information, http://www.1to1.com/articles/state/order.html



Peppers and Rogers Group was founded in 1993 by internationally acclaimed authors Don Peppers and Dr. Martha Rogers. Bob Dorf is the firm’s president. It is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, and was named in 1998 to the Inc. 500 list of rapidly expanding private firms. Peppers and Rogers Group provides leadership, consulting, education and research services that help clients re-engineer their sales and marketing processes, resulting in increased customer loyalty, maximized share of customer and improved profit margins.

CONTACT: Kathryn Kavicky

Peppers and Rogers Group


WEB PAGE: http://www.businesswire.com





E-COMMERCE http://www.hoovers.com



Search Results No matches found. Please go back and refine your search. For Don Peppers , for Martha Rogers.


No matches found. Please go back and refine your search. For Peppers and Rogers Group.


For Business Reports I get

From http://www.hoovers.com/cgi-bin/co_search?which=company&query_string=Peppers+and+Rogers+Group&dir_top_id=&Go%21.x=26&Go%21.y=7  a list of matches or not. In our case No matches found. I can go further with

  • Dun & Bradstreet Business Reports . Payment required
  • Experian Business Profiles: Payment Required
  • Harris InfoSource Reports Sorry, no companies match your search.
  • Dow Jones Publications Library: No result Alta Vista

http://www.hoovers.com/search/web_redir?which=1&query=Peppers+and+Rogers+Group+Inc.&x=16&y=10 searching for Peppers and Rogers Group Inc.

1. DIRECT HIT – 1to1, the Magazine


URL: http://www.directmag.com/Magazines/Direct/Hit/19990801.htm

Last modified on: 3-Sep-1999 – 11K bytes – in English

[ Translate ]


peppers rogers group inc. – Click here for a list of Internet Keywords related to peppers rogers group inc.

The Result by pressing is the below. Not interesting for us.

Please check the list below for Internet Keywords related to peppers rogers group inc. . Internet Keywords, powered by RealNames, provide an easier way to find web sites using everyday language.

Rogers Group, Inc.

Rogers Group, Inc. – Experts in crushed stone, aggregates, gravel, asphalt

paving, road construction, quarries. Looking up by Dun&Bradstreet


http://dodge.hoovers.telebase.com/cgi-bin/dandb.cgi?FIELD1=Peppers+and+Rogers+Group&FIELD3=CT&P=P0020HX&Q=HOOVERSNOCHG&U=%28IP%29&SERVICE=HOOVERS&R=HOO&x=25&y=5  or direct through http://www,dbn.com

Here I get what I want of financial information about the Peppers and Rogers Group Inc., but I have to pay for it.

Your use of this database is subject to the D&B Terms of Agreement.

Record 1

BIR Business Information Report   $79.00

CSR Credit Scoring Report         $45.00

BBR Business Background Report    $27.00

SER Supplier Evaluation Report    $89.00




(Headquarters location)


Record 2

BIR Business Information Report   $79.00

CSR Credit Scoring Report         $45.00

BBR Business Background Report    $27.00

SER Supplier Evaluation Report    $89.00




(Branch location) Tradecompass

See the samples for more information about the different offerings.



No records were found matching the specified criteria. Inc. Com/500




Now displaying 0-0 of 0 records that matched your request Stat-USA



Economic Releases $2 each

  • General Economic Indicators
  • Housing and Construction
  • Employment
  • Manufacturing and Industry
  • Monetary Statistics
  • Economic Policy


  • Industry Sector Analysis $10 each. I wanted to go here and make some further information to some Industries and competitive information.
  • International Market Insight Reports $2 each
  • Country Commercial Guides $20 each
  • Best Market Reports $10 each
  • Daily Trade Opportunities $1 each Edgar

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/NYU EDGAR Site  http://www.sec.gov/  http://edgar.stern.nyu.edu/

http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm  http://www.sec.gov/edaux/searches.htm
http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm For financial information.

These sites give searchable access to SEC documents and the EDGAR database. EDGAR consists of electronic filings by corporations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The site allows for a full text search of publicly available filings submitted from January 1994 to the present. These filings include financial statements, quarterly and annual reports, press releases, ownership reports, executive compensation, and prospectuses-among many, many others. First-time users will want to look at the Guide to Corporate Filings section to get an understanding of the huge scope of the information stored in this database. Custom search tools are available to extract relevant information. Non-electronic filings,

and filings made prior to 1994, are not available here. The SEC is an independent, nonpartisan, quasijudicial regulatory agency with responsibility for administering the federal securities laws. The commission also regulates firms engaged in the purchase or sale of securities, people who provide investment advice, and investment companies. The SEC site also offers access to additional SEC specific resources, while those on the edge of technology may prefer to use NYU’s Java interface


Peppers and Rogers Group Inc. http://www.sec.gov/edaux/searches.htm  Quick Forms Lookup. Companies that have fewer than 500 investors and less than $10 million in total assets are not required to file annual and quarterly reports with the SEC.

Your query: Peppers and Rogers Group Inc. Your search had 0 hits. Generated at 00:09:14 EDT on October 26, 1999

Conclusion: If the company had been listed I would have found a lot of text files with Information. See for instance by Yahoo. Edgar is a very valuable resource. BizTech Research Library & Searchable Knowledge Map

http://www.brint.com:80/interest.html  BizTech Research Library & Searchable Knowledge Map


Company and Industry Information USA

  • Industries Information from Dow Jones
  • The Business Week 50 (1998)
  • Business Week: Best Performers (1997): The Business Week 50
  • The CIO-100
  • Datamation 100
  • Forbes: 49th Annual Report On American Industry (1997)
  • Forbes 500 Annual Directory, April 1997
  • Forbes Four Hundred, 1996
  • Forbes: Top 500 Private Concerns
  • Fortune: America’s Greatest Wealth Creators (November 10, 1997)
  • Fortune: America’s Best and Worst Companies Related report on ‘Where Companies Rank in their Own Industries’
  • Fortune 500
  • NetTax’9X: Powerful free online U.S. tax calculation program and 1040 preparation aid on the Web
  • Fortune Global 500
  • Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000
  • 500: First Interactive Edition
  • InformationWeek 500
  • ITA: Industries Information Country wise industry Information by sector, including USA.
  • Marketing: Biggest and the Best
  • Ad Age’s Power 50
  • Ad Age’s Marketing 100
  • Hoover’s Online Company Profiles & Access to 10,000 Records on Public & Private Companies
  • CompaniesOnline Search An Online Database of US Companies on the Web
  • Company News from Yahoo Alphabetically indexed companies with News, Profiles, and Stock Quotes.
  • Industry News from Yahoo Daily News Headlines with hyperlinked stories categorized by specific Industry groups and subgroups.
  • Investment Opinions & Resources Index of financial information resources: check out for all your needs related to company filings, company analyses, stock & bond prices, etc.
  • Are You Made to Trade?: New Book Explains Electronic Day Trading
  • Infoseek Company Profiles Information on 45,000 leading public and private companies in the U.S. Each listing provides useful contact information, late breaking news, stock quotes and a street map. Some of this information may need subscription.
  • Non Profit Resources Catalogue
  • Diverse Industry and Sector Information
  • CYphon: Lifestyle Resources of the Film and Video Professional
  • Net Linker (By Industry Sector or Engineering Discipline)
  • Cybernet: Chamber of Commerce Covers U.S. Chambers of Commerce, Foreign Chambers of Commerce, Federal and State Government links.
  • Securities Class Action Clearinghouse: Companies Charged with Fraud 

Also see company information under Investment Opinions & Resources. For information on ‘how to’ do company and industry research and access to many other resources, you may check out the following links.

Researching an Industry or a Specific Company Other Industry Research Links from Polson.

Researching Transnational Corporations From Corporate Watch.

How to Find U.S. Company Information http://gopher.nypl.org/research/sibl/company/companyinfo.html

How to Find U.S. Company Information


Science, Industry and Business Library

How to Find U.S. Company Information

  • Introduction: Before you begin
  • Basic Information
  • Company Profiles and Brief Histories
  • Current News and Background Information
  • Financial Information
  • Company Web Sites
  • Internet Resources for Company Information
  • For More Information…



The following is a guide to doing basic research on United States companies. When destinations and call numbers are given for sources, these refer to The Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) of The New York Public Library (directions, hours). However, the principles of research presented in this guide can be applied anywhere; in addition, many of the references are standard business sources – both print and electronic – which can be found in any good business library.

There are also pointers to resources on the Internet for finding company information.


You can either move through this guide sequentially by paging or scrolling down, or go directly to section(s) you are interested in by clicking in the table of contents. Other sources

  1. http://www.wsrn.com/home/companyResearch.html
    Search results for ‘PEPPERS AND ROGERS GROUP INC.’ Nothing!
  2. http://members.home.net/albeej/
    http://www.thebighub.com/ 109 results from page 1. See “ BigHub Peepers and Rogers Group Inc.html” in the Appendix.
  3. http://www.thomasregister.com/ http://www2.thomasregister.com/ss/.114871460/loggedin.cgi?postclick=yes
    Search Criteria “1to1 marketing” We’re sorry, no results were found using your current search criteria. Please try your search again, using a broader search term. For more search tips, please
    refer to our FAQ’s.
    Search Criteria: “ Peppers and Rogers Group Inc.”
    We’re sorry, no results were found using your current search criteria. Please try
    your search again, using a broader search term. For more search tips, please
    refer to our FAQ’s.
  4. http://galaxy.einet.net/galaxy/Business-and-Commerce/Business-General-Resources.html
  5. http://oldsearch.inc.com/search.vts?Action=FilterSearch&Filter=master.filter&ResultTemplate=


Search for:  Peppers and Rogers Group


One-to-One Marketing on the Web

Jun. 12, 1998. Peppers, Don; Rogers, Martha; Kasanoff, Bruce. To make

real use of the Internet, work with the customers you already have

[Collection: Inc. Extra: Online Entrepreneur ]



Feb. 01, 1999. Inc. Staff. A comprehensive guide to companies,

organizations, and individuals featured in the February 1999 issue.

[Collection: Inc. magazine: February, 1999 ]


Inc. 500 Index

Oct. 15, 1998. Inc. Staff. The fastest-growing private companies in

America in 1998, listed alphabetically.

[Collection: Inc. magazine: Inc. 500, 1998 ]


How to Benchmark Sales-and-Marketing Budgets

Feb. 01, 1999. Greco, Susan. Here’s how to determine the percentage of

gross revenues you should budget for sales and marketing. Includes a look

at what large companies spend and national averages for various industries.

[Collection: Inc. magazine: February, 1999 ]


Taming the Data Beast

Mar. 16, 1999. Inc. Staff. Databases enable a company to follow customer

needs, market trends, suppliers’ prices, costs, and–oh yes, sales patterns.


[Collection: 301 Great Ideas: Selling ]


  1. http://www.bbb.org/ The better Business bureau
    Helping customer and businesses to maintain an ethical marketplace.
    Complain possibilities.Search here for information about complaints on businesses(competitors)




6.6.4 Searching  newsgroups or mailing lists Deja.com http://www.deja.com/

  1. Research string: “one to one marketing” No Matches Your search did not match any articles at all.


  1. Research String : “Peppers and Rogers Group” Discussion Search Results: «Peppers and Rogers Group»
    Top Forums related to Peppers and Rogers Group:
    Get more forums related to Peppers and Rogers Group
    Messages related to Peppers and Rogers Group:  Messages 1-25 of exactly 32 matches
    Conclusions: I don’t see any interesting leads.


  1. Research String: Don Peppers” Discussion Search Results: «Don Peppers»
    Top Forums related to Don Peppers:
    Get more forums related to Don Peppers
    Messages related to Don Peppers: Messages 1-25 of exactly 913 matches
    I tried different strategies, but didn’t got anything interesting.


  1. Discussion Search Results: «Martha Rogers»
    Top Forums related to Martha Rogers:
    Get more forums related to Martha Rogers
    Messages related to Martha Rogers:  Messages 1-25 of exactly 30 matches
    Conclusion : I tried different strategies, but didn’t got anything interesting.

5.     Discussion Search Results:  «1to1 marketing»
Top Forums related to 1to1 marketing:
Get more forums related to 1to1 marketing
Messages related to 1to1 marketing:  Messages 1-19 of exactly 19 matches
Tree of them interesting

·        02/16/99 Re: 1to1 Data Warehouse – Br  comp.databases.olap  Draab

·        03/12/99 Re: 1to1 Data Warehouse – Br  comp.databases.olap  mcqueenpat

·        12/14/98 A description of 1to1  dejanews.comm.torisd. tdapas


  1. Discussion Search Results: «marketing»
    Top Forums related to marketing:
    Messages related to marketing: Messages 1-25 of exactly 34895 matches
    Get more forums related to marketing
    Search Results  «marketing»



  • ***** alt.business
  • ***** alt.business.home
  • ***** alt.business.multi-level
  • *****alt.business.home.pc
  • ****microsoft.public.frontpage.client
  • ****borland.public.delphi.non-technical
  • ****alt.business.misc
  • ***misc.entrepreneurs
  • ***alt.make.money.fast
  • **alt.business.multilevel
  • **alt.make.money
  • **comp.os.vms
  • **comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic
  • **rec.models.rockets
  • **alt.ads
  • **alt.business.international
  • **news.admin.net-abuse.email
  • **rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan
  • **alt.internet.commerce
  • **alt.www.marketing
  • ** alt.biz
  • **alt.computer.consultants.ads
  • **relcom.commerce.chemical
  • **misc.business.marketing.moderated
  • **alt.support.childfree
  • **comp.sys.mac.advocacy
  • broadcast
  • *alt.business.multi-level.exceltel
  • *alt.anything
  • *alt.business.franchise
  • *soc.culture.singapore
  • *alt.biz.misc
  • *autodesk.mcad.marketing
  • *news.admin.net-abuse.sightings
  • *alt.business.import-export
  • *a.business.internet
  • *alt.america.online
  • *alt.business.accountability
  • *alt.music.radiohead

7.     Discussion Search Results:  «competitors intelligence»
Top Forums related to competitors intelligence:
Get more forums related to competitors intelligence
Messages related to competitors intelligence:  Messages 1-25 of exactly 66 matches Liszt.com  http://www.liszt.com/cgi-bin/liszt.cgi?word=marketing&junk=s&an=all

  1. “marketing”
  1. Your search on marketing matched 2 Liszt Select categories:


Business/Marketing (2 lists) | Computers/Internet/Marketing (2 lists)


  1. Your search matched 10 Liszt Select mailing lists:
  • aesp-net AESP-Net is a forum for energy services, marketing and D
  • aim-digest Asian Internet Marketing Cybercommunity Digest
  • Christian_F_Masse The most profitable marketing and investment strategies
  • cu-sports-marketing «sports marketing»
  • direct-l «DIRECT-L: Issues related to direct marketing and marketing databases»
  • direct-mkt Agricultural Direct Marketing Forum
  • MLM Multi-Level Marketing List
  • RITIM-L Telecommunications and Information Marketing
  • SMC Sales & Marketing Club
    sports_mktg «CU Sports Marketing Club»


III. Your search on marketing matched 188 mailing lists (although Liszt will only show 150):

  1. 1to1 marketing
  2. Your search on 1to1 marketing matched no Liszt Select categories.


  1. Your search matched no Liszt Select mailing lists.


III. Your search on 1to1 marketing matched no mailing lists.


  1. Martha Rogers
  2. Your search on Martha Rogers matched no Liszt Select categories.


  1. Your search matched no Liszt Select mailing lists.


III. Your search on Martha Rogers matched no mailing lists.


  1. Peppers and Rogers Group
  2. Your search on Peppers and Rogers Group matched no Liszt Select categories.


  1. Your search matched no Liszt Select mailing lists.


III. Your search on Peppers and Rogers Group matched no mailing lists.



5.     Don Peppers

  1. Your search on Don Peppers matched no Liszt Select categories.


  1. Your search matched no Liszt Select mailing lists.


III. Your search on Don Peppers matched no mailing lists.




6.6.5 Finding personal information Online

The best sources to find personal information online is through the following Web site:

NAKED IN CYBERSPACE: How To Find Personal Information Online

DIRECTORY OF INTERNET RESOURCES AND LINKS TO SITES Copyright © Carole A. Lane, 1997, Copyright © Online Inc., 1998 http://www.technosearch.com/naked/directory.htm Using Northern Light

Martha Rogers


Found : Through http://www.eaglestalent.com/martha_rogers.html The following


Martha Rogers specializes in thought leadership and stategy in the fast growing fields of interactivity, marketing technology, relationship management, and business development.


Martha Rogers frequently appears on a variety of television and radio programs covering business trends and features, and receives rave reviews speaking to national and international audiences on the future of marketing. A former professor of Telecommunications and Marketing, martha

rogers began her career as copywriter and advertising executive.She is the co-author of The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time.


Martha Rogers is available through Eagles Talent Connection Speakers Bureau. See more details, or book a speech by Martha Rogers .


Martha Rogers (THIS FOR SHOWING WHAT YOU COULD FIND, NOT RELEVANT!!) Number 3 of the list of 101,792 items for: Martha Rogers


Summary:  WYOMING — Martha A. Rogers, 77, of Mankato, Minn., formerly of Wyoming, Ill., died

at 1:40 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 16, 1999, at Waterville Good Samaritan Center in Waterville,

Minn. Born July 16, 1922, in Canton to Oran and Maude Pittman Johns, she married Fred B.

Rogers on July 21, 1940, in Kingston Mines. He died Sept. 6, 1983.


6.6.5 Testing how Rogers And Peppers group Web site is evaluated

Using http://www.siteinspector.com/


Site Inspector Improve your site Inspect your site’s quality Web Page Summary Detailed Report by SiteInspector, Powered by LinkExchangeOverall Rating  4 out of 5(5 best) Reported: 10/25/99 06:44 PDT We’ve just inspected your site and the following is a summary of each diagnostic test that was performed. 

Web Site Test

Results  |  Rating Legend

Browser Compatibility 5

Link Validator 5

Popularity 1

Load Time 3

Submit It! Readiness 5

Spelling 5

HTML Validity 5

Conclusion: The site is not especially popular. I find that strange!


  1. I want to see what I get by 1to1Web.com (Cliff Allen) to compare http://www.1to1Web.comWeb Page Summary Detailed Report by SiteInspector, Powered by LinkExchange
    Overall Rating 4 out of 5 (5 best) Reported: 10/25/99 06:50 PDT

We’ve just inspected your site and the following is a summary of each diagnostic test that was performed. 

Click on any of the tests below to view a detailed report.

Web Site Test Results  |  Rating Legend

  • Browser Compatibility 5
  • Link Validator 5
  • Popularity 1
  • Load Time 5
  • Submit It! Readiness 2
  • Spelling 5
  • HTML Validity 5

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