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1000 Best and Busiest Sites
Econsultant.com – A searchable directory of the 1,000 most popular sites on the Web, drawn from MediaMetrix and Neilsen measurement data. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

123cam.com – A search engine directory about web cams and live video. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

AlphaSearch – Is an extremely useful directory of «gateway» sites that collect and organize web sites that focus on a particular subject. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Archives of yesterday’s news
NewsTrawler – is a Parallel Search Engine for news on the Internet. Search for articles from the archives of hundreds of online news, magazine and journal sources from around the world. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Computer companies, hardware, software, peripherals.
ZDNet – Computer companies, hardware, software, peripherals. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Computers, etc.
ComputerCrowsNest.com – Magazine and searching. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Currency exchange
OANDA – is a global leader in currency conversion, localization, decision support, transaction services, and forecasting. As a web-based Business-to-Business Applications Service Provider (ASP), OANDA services over 13,000 clients globally. Our offerings cover 164 currencies and are available in 7 languages. OANDA has one of the world’s largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases, and is an early pioneer in the development of proprietary conversion, localization and forecasting tools. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Different from Internet.com
Search.internet.com – For Online Advertisers, Marketers, and E-Commmerce. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Direct Search  http://www.freepint.com/gary/direct.htm
Direct Search Gary Price – Provide access to the search interfaces of resources that are not easily searchable from the major search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Docdel.com (Document Delivery Services)
Docdel.com – Search for services that retrieve publically available documents, including patents, military specs, government reports, journal articles, etc. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Films https://www.yahoo.com/?err=404&err_url=http%3a%2f%2fmovies.yahoo.com%2fshorts%2f
Yahoo – Online Short Films. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Financial-only content
FinanceWise – The first search engine to focus specifically on financial-only content. Unlike other search technologies, FinanceWise doesn’t aim to index the Internet in its entirety, only sites which possess content of interest to the financial world. Every topic, from risk management to syndicated finance and equities is indexed in depth, with the contents of each site evaluated by our editorial staff before sites are allowed into FinanceWise’s search index. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

FindSame – Allows users to search for documents using large pieces of text rather than keywords. It treats your search query as an entire document and returns a list of «documents that contain any fragment of that document that is longer than a certain length. That length is about one line of text.» Alternatively, users can enter the URL of a document and FindSame will return Pages that contain at least a few sentences that appear on that page. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Faqs.org – A search here covers the entire *.answers FAQ database (over 3900 FAQs). – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Gary Price’s List of Lists  http://www.freepint.com/gary/listof.htm
Gary Price List of Lists – extensive directory of Web pages that present information in the form of rankings of different people, organizations, companies, etc.List of Lists – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

‘Geo’ Industry Search Engine
Geocomm – A Comprehensive Search Engine Retrieving content from more than 100,000 pages on the GeoCommunity website and from thousands of hand-picked GIS, Geo-Spatial, Remote Sensing, CAD, and Location-Based Industry Websites. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

GovBot – Developed by The Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) is a search engine which indexes exclusively a great number of mainly US government webpages. A unique resource. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

HitBOX.com – A directory of independent Web sites ranked by traffic, with over 36 categories listed in order of daily unique visitors. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Hot News / Hot Research
Poynter.org – This unique resource compiles an extensive annotated directory of informational sites relating to a single important news story, providing very deep coverage. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

InfiniSource – Has a portal with links to specialized search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Infomine – Might be called an academic search engine, focusing on scholarly resource collections, electronic journals & books, online library card catalogs, and directories of researchers. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Information Outpost
Information Outpost – A free research service where you ask any question you like, and get a personal response within 24 hours. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Internet Oracle
Internet Oracle – Search forms and direct links to hundreds of search engines, from general purpose directories to niche topic indexes. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Librarians’ Index To The Internet
Librarians’ Index To The Internet – This searchable annotated directory of Web resources, maintained by Carole Leita, is organized into «best of,» «directories,» «databases,» and «specific resources.» Each entry also includes linked cross-references, making it a browser’s delight. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Liszt the mailing list directory  http://www.topica.com/
Liszt – Is a searchable directory of more than 84,000 lists. A Liszt search returns names, descriptions and subscription information for mailing lists rather than archived postings. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Mailing list Findmail https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/index.html/info
yahoo Groups – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Mailing list L-Soft
L-Soft – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Mailing list Mailbase
Mailbase – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Mailing list New Lists
New Lists – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Mailing list Onelist
Onelist – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Mailing list Topica
Topica – Locating mailing lists with interesting discussions. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Nationalgeographic – Maps. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Multimedia files Altavista  http://search.yahoo.com/?fr=altavista
Altavista – Multimedia files such as movie scenes, pictures, music clips, concerts, sporting events. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Multimedia files Lycos
Lycos – Multimedia files such as movie scenes, pictures, music clips, concerts, sporting events – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Music (MP3 format).
Lycos – Music. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

My Virtual Reference Desk
My Virtual Reference Desk – One of the earliest trailblazer sites on the web, designed to work on three levels: quick, studied and deep. Maintained by Bob Drudge, father of the well-known Internet gadfly, Matt Drudge. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

MyFirstBillion – Is an interesting, somewhat offbeat but very useful Information Technology–business «vortal» (vertical portal). – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Non-Profit Organizations
Idealist.org – Action Without Borders is a global network of individuals and organizations working to build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Action Without Borders is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. Its work is guided by the common desire of its members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

pdf documents
Adobe – Searching pdf formats. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Postal codes
grcdi.nl – Postal codes around the world. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Ringworld – More than 45,000 webrings are included in this directory of Web sites who voluntarily create linked «rings» or «chains» to other sites with similar topics. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Sample sounds and sound effects.
Findsounds.com – Sample sounds and sound effects. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Scientific information Scirus
Scirus – Scientific information. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Scientific information.
Isinet.com – Scientific information. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Guide – Provides a directory of thousands of specialty search engines, daily news about search engines and the search engine industry, and information on using search engines to market your web site. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Searchable Bibliographies & Major Library Catalogs
Gary Price – Direct links to hundreds of bibliographic resources, many of which are invisible to search engines. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

SearchIQ – Search engine rankings and reviews, tutorials, and links to numerous search sites on the Web. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Smartbooks.com – Want to read about the Web? Brief reviews of Internet-related books, organized into 35 categories. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Software – shareware and public domai Tucows
Tucows – Software – shareware and public domain. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Sourcebank – Programming resources on the internet, source code for Java, C, C++, research papers and online magazine articles. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Speech and Transcript Center  http://www.freepint.com/gary/speech.htm
Gary Price – A huge directory of links to a wide range of recorded speeches and transcripts, from politicians, businessmen, and other famous people. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Starting Page https://www.startpage.com/
Starting Page – Is designed to be a fast loading start page to the top 2,000 sites on the Web, including easy access to all major search engines and directories. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

StreamSearch.com – is a specialized global search engine for audio and video on the web. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

The Library of Congress Online Catalog
The Library of Congress – The catalog contains approximately 12 million records representing books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music, sound recordings, and visual materials. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

The Searcher’s Road Less Travelled
Teleport.com – Annotated links describing new and overlooked search engines, scored with a popularity rating that shows how many external pages link to the site. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

The Virtual Technical Reports Center
Lib.umd.edu – Links to institutions that provide either full-text reports, or searchable extended abstracts of their technical reports on the Web. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Theinfo.com – Search specialized topics, such as news, movies, and recipes, or compare prices and availability at online stores. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Today’s news
Newsindex.com – Today’s news. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

U.K. Public Record Office Online Catalogue
U.K. Public Record Office Online Catalogue – A database of over 8 million document references from the Public Record Office of the National Library of Britain. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

W3engine – Is a search engine’s search engine. It helps you find search engine sites; meta search sites; index directories; specialty engines; yellow pages; and more. You can also locate search engines by country. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Web searches
Web searches – In addition, searches in million of articles from 5,400 premium sources, such as books, magazines, databases, and newswires not available elsewhere. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

WebData.com – Access to specialized online databases. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

Webgator – gives you the tools to be a virtual private investigator with comprehensive links to investigative resources on the Web. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )

WebPlaces.com Clip art, icons, background images, animations, sound clips
WebPlaces.com – Clip art, icons, background images, animations, sound clips . – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

WhoWhere – Features telephone listings, email addresses, personal home pages, and business URLs. Also listings for U.S. Government employees, Internet phones, more. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

YBLost.com – A valuable collection of links to a variety of specialized search resources, particularrly strong for public records, government information, and people search tools. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

ZipFind – Find the population, density, and zip codes within the given radius of a zip code. – (Added: 03.01.2002 )


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