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Authentication Certificates
VeriSign digital Trust Service. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

beTRUSTed – PricewaterhouseCoopers
Company offers e-security for networked applications, such as SSL certificates to public key infrastructure, or PKI. Read though industry-specific case studies. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Better Business Bureau
Trust and confidence on the internet. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

EFF – Privacy, Crypto, Digital Signature, & ID Archive
Electronic Frontier Foundation offers access to an archive of files on privacy, cryptography, digital signatures, ID and authentication tools. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Civil liberties group with a mission to protect privacy, free expression, and public access to information in new media. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Electronic Privacy Information Center
Electronic Privacy Information Center – excellent global coverage of data privacy issues, with well-maintained archives and links to other resources – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Quarterly magazine focusing on Identrus PKI provides news and articles related to B2B e-commerce and secure online ordering and payments. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Security news network. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Hewlett-Packard – Financial Transaction Models
Covers requirements for e-commerce, proposals and limitations, as well as financial transaction models. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

How to Detect Cyberfraud
Tips on how to avoid being ripped off on the Net. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

IBM Anti Virus
Anti Virus IBM. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Information Security
Official publication of the Int’l Computer Security Association, offering articles from the current issue, plus archives. Subscription is free. – (Added: 03.02.2014)

Internet Hoax Archive
Hoax Catalog – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Internet Privacy Coalition
Group supports privacy and security on the Internet through making strong encryption available. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Mitre References http://www.mitre.org/
Security Information Resources. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

National Fraud Information Center
Information on fraud of all types. Includes the Internet Fraud Watch. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Netcheck Commerce Bureau
Seeks to increase confidence in online purchasing by providing a forum for lodging consumer complaints. Includes a member directory. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

OpenUniv Resource
AntiVirus Support. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Overview digital signatures
What is a Digital Signature? – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

R.Clarke’s Archive
Security resources Roger Clarke. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Report on International Organizations
Brief outline of the major organizations active in developing public policies that have an impact on e-commerce. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Resources Firewalls
HarrierZeuros Ltd offers an independent approach to technology led solutions enabling its customers to leverage further productivity from their networks and the data stored within them. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Security FAQ’s
Internet FAQ Archives. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

Security Focus
Security focus. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe combines experts from different fields to research secure ecommerce over open networks. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

SET – Secure Electronic Transaction
MasterCard’s guide to the SET standard for online purchasing. Details about electronic transactions and online fraud. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal: When you see the TRUSTe seal, you can be assured that you have full control over the uses of your personal information to protect your privacy – (Added: 03.02.2014 )

VeriSign – About Secure Server Ids https://digitalid.verisign.com/
Company provides ecommerce security solutions and this guide to secure server IDs. Explore answers to FAQs. – (Added: 03.02.2014)

Virus Advisory Bulletins
Security and anti Virus. – (Added: 03.02.2002 )

Visa – Electronic Commerce
Specifications, press releases and a FAQ related to the secure electronic transaction standard for card purchases on open networks. – (Added: 03.02.2014 )


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