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AffiliateShop is a service brought to you by Pendulab Pte Ltd. AffiliateShop provides webmasters and sales personnel a convenient and affordable way to create their own affiliate programs. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Fully stocked site with good resources for the small business owner that includes a good glossary of business terms. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Britannica – Marketing
Extensive, though only briefly explained, listing of basic marketing terms and concepts that might be found in a principles of marketing book. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Buying a Business
Useful set of articles for anyone considering a purchase of a small business. Site from Small Business – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Canadian Innovation Centre
Articles, ideas and insights for anyone looking to take an invention to market. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Chamber of Commerce
Searchable database of International Chambers of Commerce. – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

eLab is a corporate sponsored research center at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. Directed by professors Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak, eLab was founded as Project 2000 in 1994 to study the marketing implications of commercializing the World Wide Web. – (Added: 08.02.2002 )

Entrepreneur Magazine
Contains valuable articles and links from a leading small business magazine. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Excellent, highly involved site with a wealth of resources for both starting and running a small business. – (Added: 09.02.2014)

Affiliate Marketing is online marketing that makes it possible for web sites to share traffic on a revenue-sharing basis. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Franchise Handbook
Strongest offering on this site is the searchable directory for locating a franchise operator. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Franchise Resource Center
This site from the International Franchise Association offers a good set of resources including franchise FAQs, guide to buying a franchise and other links and listings. – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

IncyWincy – orovides access to all kinds of other search engines and invisible web resources. – (Added: 25.02.2003 )

International Marketing
Information and Resources from KnowMarketing – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Marketing Dictionary
Alphabetic listing of marketing terms though not searchable. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Marketing Resources
Internet marketing business resources includes all types of information and opportunities to help you start and promote an internet business. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Marketing, Information for Nonprofits, The Evergreen State Society
A list of questions and answers on marketing for nonprofits. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

This site has several nice features but the best are the tutorials that cover a number of basic issues in marketing including branding, positioning, and other things related to the four Ps of marketing. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

The Web site that focuses primarily on marketing education with a growing list of short tutorials on basic marketing issues. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

and other general small business articles. – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

My Affiliate Program
My Affiliate Program™ is a lightning-fast, web-based Affiliate Marketing Tracking,Automation & Management Application that «plugs in» to virtually any website. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Starting your Business – U.S. Small Business Administration
SBA site covering all the basics for starting a business. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Texas Business Advisor-The Marketing Plan
Another site offering a brief explanation of the contents of a marketing plan. – (Added: 09.02.2014 ), a Vcommerce Corporation solution, is a revolutionary new form of e-commerce that empowers anyone to open an online store in just five minutes – for free! – (Added: 09.02.2002 )

Established in June of 1998, as a dynamic Web-based advertising network offering primarily the Cost-Per-Action (CPA) revenue model – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Yahoo! IT Marketplace
White Papers (Marketing) – (Added: 09.02.2002 )


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