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Ask Jeeves
As the world’s first Internet Butler, I’m always at your service. I’ve made it my mission to humanize the online experience by making it easy to find the most relevant information, products and services. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Blue Pumpkin
Blue Pumpkin Software was founded in 1996 by a team of personnel forecasting and scheduling experts with advanced degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Stanford University. The team saw the complexity of existing workforce management products and founded Blue Pumpkin to satisfy the need for robust and easy-to-use solutions. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

Brigade is a leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing solutions to Global 1000 corporations. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

ChatSpace Community Server has long been the leading real-time communication tool used on the Internet. The brand contains an array of real-time community and support applications including chat, live events, queued help and instant messaging. Top portals as well as many corporate enterprises rely on it as their primary means of online communication. – (Added: 05.02.2002 )

FaceTime offers value added solutions for businesses desiring to benefit from the identity, presence and real-time communication capabilities provided by the leading Instant Messaging (IM) networks. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

hey inc.
Companies today recognize how critical it is to provide 7×24 sales and service support to their customers through all touch points-whether customers surf their Web site, send e-mail, or pick up the phone. But communicating with customers is only the first step in deploying a successful customer relationship management strategy. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Different Customer service solutions. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

LivePerson is a provider of online sales and customer service solutions. Over 2500 Web sites currently use our solutions to answer customer questions, satisfy customers, build relationships and deliver results. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

MessageMedia (Nasdaq:MESG), a leader in permission-based e-mail marketing and messaging solutions, offers M3Platform, a powerful customer-centric e-messaging platform that fully integrates MessageMedia’s outsourced solutions into a common advanced architecture and UnityMail 5.1, an award-winning licensed software. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

RightNow Technologies is a leading provider of Web-based customer service solutions for the Internet and Intranet environments. For Web-connected organizations, we offer tools to support Web site operations with fully automated, online customer service, plus tools for online surveys, data analysis, and marketing. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )

Provide technology-enabled solutions that allow businesses to offer real-time customer service and support. – (Added: 05.02.2014 )



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