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Business Intelligence Members Forum
Business Intelligence delivers independent, authoritative advice on emerging business trends and practices including CRM, Supply Chain, Data Warehousing, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence, Human Resources and Knowledge Management, presenting its findings in the form of conferences, exhibitions, research, publishing, training courses and web communities. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

CIO Magazine Datawarehousing Resource Center
CIO Magazine has different resourcecener as Knowledge Management, E-Business and Strategy IT and Datawarehouse. Articles and White Papers about Datawarehouse – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Data Management Association
DAMA – the Data Management Association is an international not-for-profit affiliation of local and regional chapters and Members-At-Large around the world consisting of thousands of data resource management professionals. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Data Management Review
Resourcecenter for datawaarehouse, datamining, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management etc. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

Data Mining
Data Mining What is Data Mining? – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Database Trends Magazine
Database Trends and Applications is a monthly magazine devoted to providing solutions to corporate information project teams–IS and line-of-business managers responsible for conceptualizing, specifying, implementing and maintaining large-scale, organization-wide information projects including the full range of enterprise applications. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Datamation Earthweb
News, articles, links and vendor information about datamining and business intelligence and related technologies. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Datawarehousing Online
Datawarehouse Portal. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )
One of the best resources on the Internet for datawarehousing. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

Helping enterprises develop Enterprise Knowledge Portals (EKPs) by applying «best of breed» approaches, methods, models, tools, and templates to the task of producing knowledge from data and information, and integrating diverse knowledge, information and data resources within a portal-based application.White papers concerning Datawarehouse, Datamining and OLAP, but also Knowledge Management. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Enterprise Warehousing Solutions
EWS specializes in assisting global organizations in understanding, building, and leveraging data warehouse, data mart, meta data repository, and customer relationship management investments to attain a competitive business advantage. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine
Intelligent Enterprise is the only magazine dedicated to the strategic business applications that deliver intelligence throughout an organization. Beside covering Datawarehousing the Web Site also cover Business Intelligence, CRM, Knowledge Management, E-Business etc. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

ITtoolbox Portal for Data Warehousing
Portal for Datawarehouse, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and E-Business. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

KD Nuggets
Data Mining, Web Mining & Knowledge Discovery. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

Knowledge Research Institute
Karl Wiig focuses on management of knowledge at the organizational level. He has authored four books and over 40 articles on knowledge management, is co-founder of the International Knowledge Management Network, and has served as keynote speaker on six continents. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

Object Management Group
The Object Management Group (OMG) is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium that produces and maintains computer industry specifications for interoperable enterprise applications. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

SPSS Data Mining Information Page
Background material on data mining from a leading software provider. – (Added: 09.02.2014 )

Here you find guides for CRM, Knowledge Management, Datamining etc. Also links to Magazines with Datawarehousearticles. – (Added: 24.02.2002 )

The Data Mine
The Data Mine was launched in April 1994, to provide information about Data Mining (AKA Knowledge Discovery In Databases? or KDD). The original site was in fixed HTML, later versions allowed updates to be submitted automatically, and this incarnation makes use of the TWiki tool to take this even further. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

The Datawarehousing Information Center
The site’s aim is to help readers learn about data warehousing and decision support (i.e., business intelligence) systems – (Added: 24.02.2014 )

The OLAP Report
This Web site helps you navigate the maze by providing detailed, unbiased and regularly updated information on the OLAP market and OLAP products. Unlike most other sources of OLAP information, this site is not vendor subsidized and does not take advertising. – (Added: 24.02.2014 )


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