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Internet Marketing Intelligence




Kunnskapskilden – Internet Marketing Intelligence
Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM


Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000



Chapter 1 Introduction/overview

Chapter 2 Search Strategy

Chapter 3 One to One Marketing and its environment

Chapter 4 Environmental Scan

Chapter 5 Market analysis

Chapter 6 Competitors Analyses

Chapter 7 SWOT

Chapter 8 Critical Success factors

Chapter 9 Segmentation, Customer analysis and target markets

Chapter 10 Business Objectives and Strategies

Chapter 11 Marketing Mix tactics and Conclusions



Chapter 7



Chapter 7 SWOT

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Strengths

7.2.1 The Benefits of relationship marketing Savings

7.2.2 Precision marketing by Debora Kania. Strenghts of the Industry

7.2.3 Other Strenghts

7.3 Weaknesses

7.3.1 Other Weaknesses

7.4 Opportunities

7.4.2 What opportunities does the World Wide Web offer in reaching customers?

7.4.3 Other Opportunities

7.4.4 Intermediaries in shopping – What does that mean to the marketers?

7.4.6 Still other opportunities

7.4.7 Possibilities

7.5 Threats

7.5.1 Threats to E-Commerce

7.5.2 Other threats

7.5.3 Barriers to selling over the Internet

7.5.4 Advice From Don Peppers

7.5.5 Once we determine that one to one marketing has a sound theoretical foundation, we need to pay attention to the practical issues:

7.5.6 Who is most threatened by the World Wide Web opportunity?

7.5.7 Threats when not handle in the right way






Research Project: Internet Situational Analysis of 1to1 Marketing/CRM  from Jan Vig  at Griffith University , Australia  1999/2000


7.4.1 Advantages of trade on the internet
The advantages that the Internet provides to the inter business or horizontal market may be summarized as a streamlining of transaction turnaround and a means of actively seeking business partners.

To the consumer or «vertical» market the advantages are also manifold:

  1. Medium provides the closest thing to free market competition.
  2. Convenience of shopping from home, school, café…anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  3. Effective removal of geographic and political boundaries allows trade with a remote specialty product supplier as easily as with a large chain or
  4. 24-hour ability to «go shopping» or complete other on-line transactions such as banking, bill-payments and investments.
  5. On-line information allows fast, efficient comparison of services.
  6. Many on-line businesses incur fewer overheads for staffing, warehousing and storage and pass savings on to buyers.
  7. Connecting consumer to wholesaler directly means more savings.




7.4.2 What opportunities does the World Wide Web offer in reaching customers? General


(You = business/industry)

  • You could be in contact with the users who want to hear your message. You are interactive with them. They have chosen you.
  • You reach a global community. People from all over the world could read your information(depends on in which language your information are available)
  • You are accessible 24 hours a day. 7 days a week
  • You could reach a market with high income. Earlier, but also today it is a fact that it is the people with higher education and with better earnings who are online. In the future this will change.
  • You serve a market, which have chosen you among others to compare products/services. Unlike TV Internet is customerdriven. Possible customers read what you have of information about your products/services because they want to know more. Other media could not focus the message in the same way.
  • You make business with the customer when they are ready to buy. The customers are coming to your site when they start the buying process. Either they compare your products with your competitors or they have a wish to buy direct from you.
  • You could make special sales messages, which appeal to different types of customers by using their unique slogans by buying. By using the advantage with hyperlinked information as pictures, sound and video you could create customerdriven sales presentations which influence different senses and appeal to logic, feelings and advantages. Your customer can pick out the sales presentation and information they like.
  • You could appeal to customers who don’t like salespeople who press and manipulate them. The customers can use Internet to find the product they need and order them without being afraid of manipulation from aggressive salespeople.
  • You could get a low priced first ticket. Internet is cheaper than printed material. You have an incomprehensible area to describe and demonstrate the whole of your product lines or services.
  • You have low renting costs compared with a traditional shop or other rents, buying facilities. Internet service providers take relatively low payments compared to others.
  • Internet is a valuable tool to make customer surveys quite cheap. More specific (without too much explanation.)


  1. Market oriented opportunities
  • Reach new markets. Find new customers
  • Reach new markets. Find new geographically markets
  • Reach new markets. Find new segments /steps in the value chain
  • Reach new markets. Develop exports markets


  1. Products and services
  • Your products and services are 24 hours available. 7 days a week
  • Offering new products and services. New business opportunities.
    Example: Strategic Internet marketing consultant
  • Offering new products and services Electronic magazine, newspaper and newsletter
  • Offering new products and services. Electronic Malls
  • Offering new products and services. Virtual exhibitions
  • Offering new products and services. Establishing or maintain brand names


  1. Innovation
  • Observation concerning competitors/ new patents
  • Fast decision making by the help of a new communication culture
  • Better opportunity to get the customers actively to participate with the development of the products and services
  • Better opportunity to get the suppliers actively to participate with the development of the products and services
  • Extended enterprise. You see all partners as an integrated part of your organization. Key Word Extranet
  • Virtual workrooms. Teamwork. Developers from all over the world work together and have immediately access to the same information.


  1. Customer services
  • You can register feedback, analyze and make conclusions
  • You could make a more accurate segmentation.
  • You could go from segment to individual. The rules are made from the individuals.
  • You could build virtual communities
  • You could make better and faster customer support
  • You could make Customer oriented interaction
  • You could teach / coaching your customers
  • You could make individual communication
  • You could maintain the interests of the customers and encourage them to participate actively
  • You could establish interaction, interactivity and real time communication.
  • You could give every customer individual treatment
  • You could build up your long term customers relationship.
  • You could build up a customer database
  • You could make customer surveys.


  1. Promotion
  • Build trustworthiness
  • Improve your company’s image
  • Support other media campaigns
  • Encourage the user to ask for brochures
  • Building relationships with journalists and publishers
  • Distribute information which is changing often


  1. Public relations
  • Building better network with media
  • Letting media have a better chance to reach you. You could establish a Press center.


  1. Advertising
  • You could test the advertisement
  • Test the headlines,
  • Test the banner prices.
  • Measure the response. You could track the customer decision process.
  • You could test why people are not buying.
  • You could integrate sales of advertisement with other media (DM, TV, printed advertisement, postcard etc.)
  • You could get money by selling advertisement space on your site
  • To advertise on Internet is cheaper than by other media


  1. Cost savings , effectiveness and efficiency to the benefit of the customers and your company
  • Reduction of costs. Sale and marketing, product support etc.
  • Faster and cheaper processes
  • Better efficiency


  1. Sale (e-commerce)
  • Generate sales
  • Sale of products and services to both new and old markets
  • Sale of products / services which are difficult to distribute trough traditional channels.


  1. Research
  • Customer research
  • Competitive research
  • Personal research
  • PEST research
  • Take a look on the Log files
  • Market surveys (collecting primary information and secondary information)




7.4.3  Other Opportunities


  • E-commerce is booming
  • Most online users, big market, good infrastructure
  • To be a new intermediaries
  • Organizing of information leads to new market power
  • The uncertaincy of transaction journey leads to market efficiency
  • Markets will do business with other markets
  • Fast technology development
  • Creativity is asked for. New ways to think and act as WWW is new.
  • The customers want convenience, personalization and timeliness
  • Internet is central in a new global wealth economy
  • Location, tax haven
  • Deregulation and liberation of the market will create new opportunities
  • Virtual communities
  • Internet is a easy and cheap communication channel
  • Possible to get higher profit (distribution links disappear) – only before the competition comes?
  • Seven trends have impact on the Industries concept. Chaper 4.6.
  • Cocooning
  • Clanning
  • Small Indulgences
  • Anchoring
  • Down-Aging
  • Vigilante Consumer
  • S.O.S – Save Our Sociaty 




7.4.4 Intermediaries in shopping – What does that mean to the marketers?


  • Internet means that the customer can go direct to the source
    – increased accessibility and better distribution
  • A lot of concrete sales work is transferred to the customer
    – The working process will be more productive
    – Electronic commerce will give valuable promotion and collection of valuable information about the customers
  • Arguments pro that intermediaries disappear
    – Businesses has greater possibility for direct integration with the customers than earlier
    – Internet is a an easy and cheap communication channel to the customers
    – intermediaries means mostly higher prices for the customers
    – Businesses will have a possibility to get higher profit
    – Businesses will give first hand information about the products and services they are offering by themselves – through Web.
    – Businesses can operate against a bigger market – with lower distribution and marketing costs. Internet based distribution reduce the demand for the number of distributor.



7.4.6 Still other opportunities

The Web offers marketers the opportunity to extend commerce into cyberspace, using direct marketing to sell their products directly to the consumer.

The advertising and marketing industries that have grown up with print, radio and television in the past five decades have only just started to shape the Web. As professional marketers study what Web users want, innovative marketing strategies will evolve and make today’s success stories seem small compared to tomorrow’s marketing breakthroughs.


A business prints a variety of documents to help move a prospect through the sales cycle.
Each document has its own purpose and life expectancy.


Each document is crafted to achieve a specific goal.

  • A flyer at a trade show
  • Ad placed in newspapers
  • Direct mail piece
  • Product information
  • Facilities guide



All with the goal to hook up the reader to want more information build a relationship that will culminate in the purchase of a product or service.



The World Wide Web offer:

  • That all these documents, all the steps, all the interaction could be managed online, interactively and untouched by human hands
  • Your prospects could reach into your organization and take the information they want
  • They could educate themselves
  • You could instantly deliver promotional materials to a worldwide, growing online population of self-selected prospects
  • You could place the order, track the shipping, answer the questions, and get the help your customers need online.




7.4.7 Possibilities


Online Customer Care Page

The following list demonstrates the power of the Web as a powerful medium for customer care:
Cusack, Michael,1998, Online Customer Care Page 213 , ISBN 0-87389-383-2


  • Order new features/products
  • Check order status
  • Locate nearest branch or store
  • Access directories
  • Check current bills
  • View previous bills
  • Send/receive e-mail
  • Talk to a “live” agent
  • Change account information
  • Conduct price plan analysis
  • Download software upgrades
  • Participate in online chat forums
  • Create trouble tickets
  • View frequently asked questions
  • Access documentation
  • Interact with IVR functions
  • Download bug fixes and workarounds
  • Configure utilities
  • Access online knowledge base
  • Technical troubleshooting tips
  • Access product training program.




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