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Ariadne is aimed at librarians and information science professionals in academic libraries. It describes and evaluates sources and services available on the Internet, and of potential use, to librarians and information professionals. – (Added: 17.11.2014 )

BUBL Links
BUBL Link – selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas and one of these is Library and Information Sciences. – (Added: 12.11.2002 )

BUBL Mailing lists
BUBL Mailing lists is a general listing of library discussion lists – (Added: 17.11.2002 )

Business Information Alert
Newsletter for business researchers, featuring articles on research techniques and industry trends, product and book reviews, and information on industry conferences. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

English-language business librarians’ email discussion group. Very active list, with a wide variety of subscribers. To subscribe, send email to LISTSERV @LISTSERV.BOISESTATE.EDU, with the text • subscribe buslib-l your-first-name your-last-name. To subscribe, send email to: In message body type: Subscribe buslib-l firstname lastname – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

Calvin The Hekman Digital Library
Calvin The Hekman Digital Library – A metasite of metasites. – (Added: 03.01.2014 )

Canadian information by subject
An extensive subject tree with links to Canadian sites. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

CARRIE A Full text Electronic Library. – (Added: 18.05.2002 )

Charleston Advisor
Quarterly publication for library professionals. Each issue has extensive reviews of information products and services as well as articles on information management and current trends. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

CILIP is the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, a new professional body formed following the unification of the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS) and The Library Association (LA). – (Added: 24.10.2014 )

Cornell University Library
Cornell University Library – Excellent tutorial for searching and researching. – (Added: 25.02.20143 )

CyberSkeptic’s Guide to Internet Research. BiblioData
Eight-page newsletter written for the experienced Internet researcher. Each issue includes a review of a Web site, comparisons of similar Web products, discussions of search techniques and tools, and brief industry announcements. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

EContent. Online Inc
Monthly magazine focused on the electronic content industry, from the perspectives of the producers, aggregators, and purchasers. Emphasis is on the digital content industry itself rather than on search techniques. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

Electric Library
Search for full text magazine and newspaper articles, and radio and tv transcripts.. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Full text Internet Library. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Free Pint
Resources for information professionals with discussions groups. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Gabriel – Gateway to Europe’s National Libraries
Gabriel – Gateway to Europe’s National Libraries – This is now available in a new and totally revised format. – (Added: 23.11.2014 )

Governments on the World Wide Web
Governments on the World Wide Web. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )

Ian Tilsed Library and related resources page.
Ian Tilsed Library and related resources page. – (Added: 13.11.2014 )

Info & Communication at MMU
The info & Communication at MMU has developed a strong international reputation for excellent in teaching research. Links to a lot of valuable resources online. – (Added: 12.11.2014 )

This is a virtual library built for university students, faculty, and researchers. It allows multiple database searching of more than 16.000 academic resources. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Information Advisor
Find/SVP, New York, NY, monthly – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Information Outlook
Special Libraries Association, Washington DC, monthly – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Information Today
Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, monthly. – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

This fee based service allows subscribers to download summaries and full texts of articles in thousands of publications from around the world. – (Added: 11.07.2002 )

Internet Resources Newsletter
The free, monthly newsletter for academics, students, engineers, scientists and social scientists. – (Added: 24.09.2014 )

We’ve replaced our Research-It! and Find-It! pages with better tools. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

This is a worldwide directory of library homepages and friends of Library pages. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Librarians’ Index to the Internet
A searchable, annotated subject directory of Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA)
Scholarly information clearinghouse covering the library and information science field. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Library Journal
American Library Association, Washington DC, monthly – (Added: 02.07.2014)

Library News Daily
Library News Daily – The latest on databases, conferences, services, software and vendors. – (Added: 30.11.2014 )

Library of Congress: Internet training information
Library resource – (Added: 09.07.2014 )

Library Resource List
Hundreds of sources carefully selected. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Finding library sites. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )

Lycos Directory Library resources
Lycos Directory – Libraries – (Added: 22.11.2014 )

Neat New Stuff
Weekly reviews of new sites and developments by «librarian without walls» Marylaine Block. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

News portal. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )

Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ – (Added: 02.07.2002 )

Pinakes portal is developed by the Heriot-Watt University library is named after the catalogue developed by Callimachus for the Library of Alexandria. It provides links to the major subject gateways. There is an alphabetical listing and a subject classified listing. There is no searching facility but it is a comprehensive listing including LIS portals. – (Added: 17.11.2014)

Political Resources on the Net
Political Resources on the Net. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )

Price’s List of Lists
Clearinghouse for lists of information on the Internet, including rankings of people, organizations, and companies. Compiled by Gary Price. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Project Gutenberg
Books Worldwide. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )
Finding quick facts and more in depth research. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Repositories of Primary Sources
Special Collections and Archieves. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Resource Discovery Network
Resource Discovery Network is a valuable Portal to a wide range of subject portals for the UK learning and research communities – (Added: 17.11.2002 )

School Libraries on the Web
Finding library sites. – (Added: 08.07.2014 )

Information Today, Inc., Medford, NJ, 10x/year – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Sears List of Subject Headings
Authoritative listing of subject headings for cataloging materials in libraries. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
An international association of «special librarians»-primarily those in corporations, associations, and government agencies, as distinct from public or school libraries. Primarily U.S. and Canadian membership, with some non-North American regional groups as well. – (Added: 30.06.2014 )

Tales from the Terminal Room
RBA – Free, monthly electronic newsletter. – (Added: 30.11.2014 )

The Internet Public Library
The first online library. Collections of links to online resources. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)
MEL offers reference section and a well organized set of subject links. – (Added: 10.07.2002 )

The Scout Report
Weekly news of Internet resources; professional librarians and subject matter experts select, research, and annotate each resource. – (Added: 02.07.2014 )

University of Michigan
Ddocument Center. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )

Virtual Library
Catalog with links to quality web sites on particular topics. – (Added: 11.07.2014 )

Library Catalogues on the World Wide Web. – (Added: 18.05.2014 )


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